How To Change Your iPhone Text Message Font

As the most popular smartphone in the world, the iPhone boasts an impressive array of features and customization options. However, despite the device’s versatility, one area where users are often left wanting is text message font.

If you’re tired of the default font on your iPhone and want to switch things up, you’re in luck. We’ll walk you through changing your iPhone text message font step-by-step.

You’ll have a unique font style that reflects your taste and style. While the process may seem daunting initially, it’s simple and straightforward. We’ll cover everything from downloading new fonts to installing them on your iPhone, so whether you’re a tech wiz or a beginner, you can follow along easily.

Iphone Text Message Font

6 Easy Ways To Change Your Iphone Text Message Font

6 Easy Ways To Change Your Iphone Text Message Font

Customizing the font in your iPhone text messages allows you to add a personal touch and enhance the visual appeal of your conversations.

With various easy methods, changing the font is both accessible and fun. Changing the font of your iPhone text messages can be a fun way to customize your messaging experience. While there is no built-in feature to change the font directly, there are several workarounds that you can try. Here are six easy ways to change your iPhone text message font:

1: Changing The Font In Settings

Changing The Font In Settings

You can change your iPhone settings to customize the font in your iPhone text messages. Begin by accessing the Settings app on your device. Scroll down until you see the Display & Brightness option, then tap on it. Locate the Text Size setting and adjust the slider to alter the font size specifically for your text messages. Additionally, you can enhance the font style by enabling features such as Bold Text or Larger Accessibility Sizes.

2: Using Third-Party Apps For Custom Fonts

Using Third-Party Apps For Custom Fonts

There are plenty of options when it comes to customizing the font in your iPhone text messages. One popular method is using third-party apps. These apps offer a variety of font styles, including decorative, handwritten, and bold options. By downloading and installing these apps from the App Store, you can easily transform the look of your text messages.

To change the font, simply follow the instructions provided by the app. It may require enabling a keyboard extension or granting access permissions in your iPhone settings. However, it’s important to note that not all messaging platforms support custom fonts. Thus, the recipient may not see the same font unless the app is installed or their device supports custom fonts.

3: Jailbreaking Your Iphone For Font Options

Jailbreaking Your Iphone For Font Options

Unlocking the full potential of your iPhone goes beyond the default font options. By jailbreaking your iPhone, you can break free from Apple’s constraints and delve into various font choices for your text messages.

Jailbreaking allows you to customize your device, unleashing a world of typography possibilities. With various font apps at your fingertips, you have the power to infuse your text messages with a distinct visual flair. Explore fonts beyond Apple’s default selection and make a statement with every word you type. Take charge of your iPhone’s aesthetic and express yourself through custom fonts for a truly personalized messaging experience.

4: Using A Font Keyboard

Using A Font Keyboard

If you want to customize the font of your iPhone text messages, using a font keyboard app is a convenient option. With these apps, which can be found on the App Store, you can easily change the font style of your messages. You only need to download a font keyboard app and enable it in your iPhone settings. Once that’s done, you can access the font keyboard while typing in the Messages app.

Choose the font keyboard, and you’re ready to go. Font keyboard apps offer a wide range of font options, allowing you to find the perfect style for your messages. Whether you want something bold, elegant, or unique, these apps have covered you. They integrate seamlessly with the iPhone’s messaging system, making sending messages in your preferred font easy.

5: Using A Font Conversion Website

When it comes to customizing the font of your iPhone text messages, you can explore the option of using a font conversion website. With font conversion websites, you have the ability to transform the appearance of your text messages by generating a new version of the text with the desired font.

By typing your desired message into a text box and selecting the font you prefer, you can easily generate the new text and copy and paste it into your iPhone’s messaging app. It’s worth noting that this customization only applies to how the text messages appear on your device, not on the recipient’s device.

If you decide to utilize a font conversion website, ensure you are cautious about providing personal information or downloading files from these sites, as there can be associated security risks. Also, take the time to test how the new font appears on various devices before sending messages to others, as some fonts may not be compatible with every operating system.

6: Using A Font Installer App

Using A Font Installer App

Using a font installer app is a convenient way to customize the text message font on your iPhone. These apps allow you to choose from various fonts and easily install them onto your device. To use a font installer app, simply download it from the App Store and follow the instructions to install and activate the desired fonts.

Once installed, you can go to your iPhone’s settings and select the newly installed font as your default text message font. Remember that some font installer apps may require a one-time payment or offer in-app purchases to access premium fonts.

Tips For Finding The Perfect Text Message Font

Tips For Finding The Perfect Text Message Font

Finding the perfect text message font can be a fun and creative way to personalize your iPhone. With a wide range of fonts, you can choose one that matches your style and personality. Choosing a text message font is all about personal preference and expressing yourself. Have fun experimenting with different options until you find the perfect font that adds a touch of flair to your messages. Here are some tips for finding the perfect text message font:

  1. 1. Explore the font options: iPhone offers a variety of built-in fonts that you can choose from. To access these fonts, click Settings, Display & Brightness, and select Text Size. From there, you can scroll through the available fonts and choose one that catches your eye.
  2. Download third-party apps: If the built-in fonts don’t suit your taste, you can explore third-party apps that offer a wider selection of fonts. These apps allow you to download and install different fonts directly onto your iPhone. Simply search for “font apps” in the App Store and read reviews to find a reliable one.
  3. Consider readability: While choosing fancy or decorative fonts is tempting, it’s important to prioritize readability. Ensure the font is clear and easy to read, especially when sending important messages or reading long conversations.
  4. Test it out: Once you’ve found a font that interests you, try using it in different messaging apps to see how it looks in various contexts. This will give you a better idea of whether the font suits everyday use.


Changing the font of your iphone text message font is a simple process that can be easily accomplished by following the steps outlined in this post. While it may seem like minor customization, it can be an effective way to personalize your device and make your text messages stand out.

By taking advantage of the tools and features available on your iPhone, you can enhance your communication and make a statement with your messages. Remember always to use caution when downloading and installing third-party apps and fonts, and enjoy the benefits of customizing your iPhone to fit your unique style and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can You Change The Font On Iphone Text Messages?

Ans: No, changing the font on iPhone text messages is impossible. The system font is the default for iPhone messages. However, you can adjust the text size in your iPhone settings for a larger or smaller appearance. Use emojis, stickers, and text formatting options like bold, italic, or underline to add visual variety.

2.What Font Is Imessage Text?

Ans: The default font for iMessage text on iPhone is San Francisco, a sleek and contemporary font created exclusively for Apple devices. Unfortunately, there is no native option to change the font in iMessage. Nevertheless, you can explore third-party apps or keyboards that provide alternative font choices for your text messages.

3.How Do I Change The Font On My Text Messages?

Ans: You have some control over the appearance of your text messages through settings such as text size and background color. To adjust these settings, go to “Settings” on your iPhone, then tap “Display & Brightness” and select “Text Size” or “Display Accommodations.” From there, you can adjust the appearance of your text messages to suit your preferences.

4.What Font Is The Ios 16?

Ans: Currently, iOS 16 does not offer new font choices for text messages. The default font in the Messages app is San Francisco, and there are no built-in options to change it. However, you can explore third-party messaging apps or keyboard apps that provide font customization features to personalize your iPhone’s text messages.

5.Is It Possible To Change The Font Style For Text Messages On An Iphone?

Ans: No, changing the font style for text messages on an iPhone is impossible. The default font used for text messages on iPhones is San Francisco. However, you can adjust the font size by navigating to Settings > Display & Brightness > Text Size. If you desire a customized appearance for your text messages, consider using third-party messaging apps that provide various font options.

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