Affiliate Disclosures

FontSaga is a community-driven venture sustained by your support and meticulously crafted by its Founder and author, David Egee.

The processes and systems implemented on this site aim to enhance content while ensuring FontSaga’s continued research. As a digital platform, financial support is crucial for producing videos, creating articles, and nurturing the engagement of the design educators community on social media channels.

To sustain FontSaga, we engage in affiliate relationships with various companies. Unlike sponsorships, these relationships do not influence our typeface reviews and multilingual font recommendations.

How Our Affiliate Relationships Work

Our approach to affiliate marketing is rooted in transparency, acknowledging the prevalent integrity issues in the landscape. Many review sites compromise their integrity by engaging in undisclosed under-the-table deals. FontSaga takes a moral stance to maintain an arm’s length relationship with affiliates, ensuring objectivity and content uninfluenced by monetary considerations.

Our commitment to transparency is detailed on our Editorial Policy page, explaining how we uphold these arm’s length relationships. Typeface design tools reviewed on FontSaga are purchased with our funds, and when we use affiliate links, we may earn a small percentage from the sale.

When executed transparently and with a foundation of trust within the typography community, we firmly believe that affiliate partnerships can be conducted ethically. That’s why we are committed to transparency in our affiliate disclosures.

We do not provide assurances to companies or guarantee coverage even if we are part of their affiliate network. Our Founder, David Egee, asserts that if a font falls short of expectations in digital design, we will share our honest opinion with the community. Companies that are uncomfortable with our commitment to transparency and integrity are not aligned with the values of The FontSaga.

If a company is unwilling to accept our stance, we choose not to partner with them. We prioritize associations with entities that uphold integrity and transparency, reflecting The FontSaga’s principles.

Creative Fabrica Affiliate Disclosure

FontSaga is proud to partner with Creative Fabrica, a leading platform for fonts, graphics, and design resources. As part of our commitment to transparency, we disclose that FontSaga may earn a small percentage from purchases made through affiliate links to Creative Fabrica.

Our relationship with Creative Fabrica does not influence our reviews or recommendations. We objectively assess their products, ensuring our community receives unbiased and honest information.

As a community-driven platform, FontSaga relies on the support of its audience to continue delivering high-quality content and resources. By engaging with affiliate partnerships like Creative Fabrica, we can sustain our operations while upholding our values of integrity and transparency.