About David Egee, Author Of FontSaga

David Egee is the Founder and Author of Fontsaga, a vibrant and engaging blog site dedicated to all things related to fonts and typography.

The FontSaga platform allows visitors to explore articles and resources on font design and usage. The author is a graduate and master’s alumnus of California State University, Los Angeles, specializing in computer application usage and graphic design. He has expertise in calligraphy that he has incorporated into his digital type design work.

He has accumulated much information on calligraphy, communication design, graphic design, letter forms, typeface font design, and typography for visitors to explore at The FontSaga. His expertise in typography is awe-inspiring.

A Word From The Author, David Egee

As an expert in calligraphy and lettering, I am often asked how I developed my passion for this art form. My journey into the captivating world of typography began at California State University, Los Angeles, where I pursued a degree in graphic design with a specialized focus on typography.

Within the dynamic atmosphere of academia, my passion for fonts and letterforms blossomed, setting the stage for a fulfilling career driven by creativity and innovation. In 2021, I embarked on a new chapter in my typographic odyssey by founding FontSaga, a blog site dedicated to exploring fonts and typography.

Over the years, my journey took me through a labyrinth of font development and editing tools, from FontLab5 Studio to Glyphs, FontForge, and beyond. With each tool, I gained more profound insights into the intricacies of font design, mastering the art of shaping letters and imbuing them with character and personality.

A Word From The Author, David Egee

In the context of my passion for typography, I’ve published content on over 400 fonts here in FontSaga. On top of my research on letter font usage and typeface design, I’ve maintained a small studio for calligraphy and lettering for over 12 years.

As with reviewing fonts similar to coding, I take an approach to developing type design work for fellow designers & enthusiasts to learn and grow. And I am now concentrating on the digital type.

My Promise To You, The Readers

On my site (The FontSaga), I ensure every review is thorough, informative, and engaging. Maintaining a wide range of font repositories and building marketing communication fonts became second nature as I embraced the challenge of delivering fonts that meet both standard and unique formats.

From fixing bugs to launching new features, I worked tirelessly to ensure that fonts worked effectively across web, print, and interactive media. My goal is to inspire creativity, spark curiosity, and foster a deeper appreciation for the art of lettering and calligraphy.

Whether you’re looking for tips on font selection advice on typeface pairing or want to explore the diverse world of typography, Font Saga is your go-to destination. My goal is to create visually stunning and functional typefaces and educate and inspire fellow typography enthusiasts to embrace the power of typography in their projects.

Therefore, I build YouTube videos on tutorial blogs to accompany the content and to highlight how exactly I’m providing deeper insights into the intricacies of font design, mastering the art of shaping letters and imbuing them with character and personality.

David Egee’s Educational Background

I’ve been in the font and typeface review space for quite some time now. From starting a quite tumultuous and stressful career to landing as the Author at The FontSaga, it’s been a ride.

2012/2013 | Becoming A Fonts Specialist

My background in graphics design career dates back to late 2012 and early 2013. Therefore, I fostered a small studio for calligraphy and lettering for my personal project research by the end of 2013. I’ve started as a freelancer lettering artist myself and I almost always create a lettering in vector, ensuring scalability and flexibility in my designs.

This attention to detail and dedication to craftsmanship have been instrumental in shaping my career as a calligraphy and lettering expert. My experiences equipped me with the expertise to develop processes, manage projects, and ensure timely completion.

2014 | Graduating And Pursuing A Full-Time Job

Graduating And Pursuing A Full-Time Job

I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design specializing in Typography at California State University, Los Angeles. During my educational journey, proficiency in design software like InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator was integral to my studies.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Creative Director and the book design team at the California School of Arts and Sciences to ensure accurate typographic rendering of their academic content in both print and digital formats. Additionally, I cultivated skills in text design and writing specifications and the ability to mentor and collaborate effectively within diverse organizational settings.

2016 | Earning My Masters, Training, And Starting At Scripting Skills

Earning My Masters, Training, And Starting At Scripting Skills

2016 was a big year, and many life milestones were met. I finished my Masters in Typography and Type Design, further solidifying my expertise in the field. I also underwent training in calligraphy and lettering techniques, honing my skills to a professional level.

In my Master’s program, I made a point to learn more about reading and interpreting studies and research to better contextualize this type of info into the content I was writing and publishing.

Outside of improving my research reading skills, I took an emphasis on a font engineer/coder program with my Master’s. This opened my eyes to a wide range of different typeface ideologies, which has been amazing for helping simplify complex topics within my content.

2020 Into 2021 | Launching The FontSaga

I left the designation of Fonts Specialist at the California School of Arts and Sciences in August 2020 to pursue my ventures and eventually start The FontSaga in 2021. I decided to launch The FontSaga, a platform dedicated to providing in-depth font reviews, tutorials, and resources for typography enthusiasts.

Since starting The FontSaga, I’ve continued to expand my knowledge of strength and conditioning and have taken multiple certifications to further my education.

For example, Scripting skills, particularly in Python, became a powerful tool in my arsenal, enabling me to streamline workflows and enhance font development processes. Command line editing tools such as AFDKO, TTX Fonts Tools, and client-specific Font Tool Suites became second nature as I worked tirelessly to optimize font performance across various marketing media.

I embraced the challenge of working with non-Latin and complex scripts, ensuring that fonts resonated with an international audience. Armed with technical prowess and an unwavering commitment to excellence, I navigated the intricacies of source management systems, adhering to Mac Software Engineering protocols and font security standards.

Stats In The Industry

  • 2,500+ Published Articles On font and typeface Reviews
  • 400+ Published YouTube Videos About font and typeface Reviews
  • 100+ Clients Trained Both In-Person and Remote
  • 3 Competitive Awards Received For Font Design and Development
  • Spoke At 2 New Jersey Design Conferences About Font Development