Editorial Policy, How We Ensure Quality

At The FontSaga, we focus on consistently achieving three primary goals with all our content.

1. Deliver Expert Insights On Fonts Usage

“After all, suggestions from an in-hand specialist are gold.”

To ensure that FonSaga’s audience is well-informed, we prioritize reviewing fonts and typography tools thoroughly and accurately. Nothing is more transparent than a referral from an in-hand specialist to help designers make informed decisions about the resources they use in their projects. And we keep this in mind when writing every piece of content.

FontSaga’s author, David Egee, a Master in Scripting skills, is a Font specialist who’s built The FontSaga to reflect how he approaches the landscape of font tutorial content and visual impairments. Everything has a grassroots approach built with experiments and integrity.

2. Prioritizing The Intent Of Typeface Users

We’re keeping it real here — we’re tired of the same old media and reviews. How often have you searched for font-related content only to find generic articles with stock images and no real time guidelins of the fonts being used?

You’re not alone if you often feel frustrated by this lack of authenticity in font-related content. This is where the intent of typeface users comes in. For instance, it’s easy to churn out glorified advertorials when you don’t have a community supporting you, and that’s something David noticed happening in other font editorial sites.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard by adopting any typeface user’s first approach. Our content isn’t just about FontSaga and driving more traffic to the site. Instead, it’s about the community we’ve built because when you connect with fellow font enthusiasts, the last thing you want to do is let them down by publishing shallow content just to make a little money.

3. We Have Skin In The Game

Since he was 6-months into creating FontSaga, the author David Egee made a decision that would forever shape the ethos and trajectory of FontSaga. He invested in every font, typeface design tool, and tutorial featured on FontSaga’s website and YouTube channel.

If a review, comparison, or round-up is published, David wants personal experience with the usage. By investing his OWN money in fonts, typeface design tools, and tutorials for himself and his fellow followers, he ensures his evaluation and content remain objective. Let’s be honest. We’re human, and it’s tough to be objective when you are receiving free resources from a website.

Does this cut into profits? Absolutely. However, we’re not solely focused on maximizing profits like many media companies. FontSaga is a grassroots site providing users with information on the tools and techniques to ensure optimal font performance across various platforms, and the Founder/author recognizes that not everything is about maximizing revenue.

This is part of why typographic reviews lack authenticity these days. By running the site leaner and understanding that we don’t need excessive profits to lead fulfilling lives, we can keep the bigger picture in mind — Effective guidelines for the typeface enthusiasts and honest content.

What’s On Typography Reviews

In short, we ensure visitors can find comprehensive reviews, analyses, and evaluations of various aspects related to typography. From font families to typeface designs font creation tools to typography tutorials, each content offers valuable insights and recommendations for font enthusiasts, designers, and typographers alike.

Each review is meticulously crafted to provide detailed information, including usability, aesthetics, functionality, and overall performance of typography-related resources. Whether you’re seeking recommendations for font selection, insights into typeface design tools, or tips on incorporating typography into your design projects, our contents on FontSaga serve as reliable and informative resources for all things typography.

“Designs speak volumes through fonts.”

This is the mindset we take when conceptualizing content quality. Furthermore, our platform goes beyond just reviews and evaluations. We also provide in-depth analyses of trends in typography, interviews with industry experts, and tips for improving your typographic skills.

The FontSaga platform reaches a large audience of users and font developers each month, providing recommendations to meet their needs. We are passionate about calligraphy and aim to provide helpful ideas and advice to readers interested in the art or new to fonts and lettering.

Topics Covered On The Fontsaga

At FontSaga, authenticity is our mantra. We delve deep into subjects where our expertise shines. No faking it – just genuine insights.

  • Font Reviews
  • Typeface Design Tool Reviews
  • Font Editing Software Reviews
  • Tool Comparisons
  • Comparisons of Fonts
  • Typography in Marketing
  • Font Pairing Guides
  • Typeface Trends
  • Font Usage Tutorials
  • Typography Techniques
  • Font News and Updates

As The FontSaga expands, there is a possibility of adding more topics to the list. However, we focus on staying in our niche to avoid contributing to an overcrowded industry.

Types Of Content On The Fontsaga

The author of The FontSaga has a background in personal experiments and expertise. Our Founder firmly believes that you need some personal visionary background to find a website-friendly typeface properly.

For example, suppose you can’t elucidate why and how a font’s x-height and kerning will impact readability and visual appeal across various design projects. In that case, you’re falling short in serving the typography community. Understanding context is essential in delivering valuable content.

  1. Individual Font Reviews: Typeface designs, font families, and unique fonts are thoroughly explored on FontSaga by David Egee.
  2. Font Comparisons: Fonts that share similarities or compete in design principles are frequently compared on FontSaga by David Egee. He crafted each comparison, offering nuanced insights from hands-on experience.
  3. Best Fonts Lists: David Egee ensures that every list on FontSaga features fonts with individual reviews, adding depth and authenticity. He has tested each font personally, offering valuable perspectives.
  4. Design Element Reviews: As the founder of FontSaga, David Egee consistently seeks out and reviews various design elements, ensuring a curated selection for the typography community. His reviews and comparisons guide others in making informed choices.
  5. Typography Tutorials: David Egee, the sole author of FontSaga, provides educational content beyond reviews. He shares insights into typography techniques and usage, enriching the community’s knowledge with his coaching and teaching skills.

What Sets Fontsaga Apart From Competitors?

To be candid, we don’t fixate too much on our “competitors” when crafting our content, but we recognize the challenges of navigating the content landscape, especially as an independent entity.

However, we have considered what makes FontSaga different from other review sites. Three key factors set us apart.

  1. Consumer-Centric Approach: At FontSaga, we’re calligraphy researchers like you. We’re not a content mill churning out reviews for profit. Every font reviewed on our site is experimented out of genuine interest and subjected to thorough studying before publication.
  2. Multimedia Content: Our YouTube videos and studied font samples are our cornerstones. In 2024, be cautious if you encounter a review with generic images. We believe authentic feedback comes from real research, not stock photos.
  3. Community Engagement: We prioritize community over numbers. It’s not about your follower count or website traffic; it’s about the connections we forge and the assistance we provide. David dedicates daily hours to responding to messages and comments, ensuring that every query is addressed. If you’re investing your time in our content, it’s only fair to invest our time in you.

Consistency And Continuous Enhancement

To uphold FontSaga’s commitment to excellence, we’ve developed numerous rating systems and metrics for evaluating fonts. These systems undergo regular updates – approximately every other quarter – aligning with our continuous learning and growth in this field. This ensures uniformity and keeps FontSaga well-informed.

But what defines a high degree of quality? In the past year, we’ve implemented enhancements such as incorporating more visuals into our content, establishing user-friendly methods for comparing script font performance, assembling the Founder’s guidance, and creating expert insights to verify content accuracy.

The pursuit of quality at FontSaga results from valuable lessons learned while establishing and nurturing the founder’s small typography research studio. We aspire that, as we expand, our content remains valuable to you. Your feedback is crucial in our improvement journey, and we encourage you to reach out and share your thoughts. Community engagement is a substantial asset in our ongoing quest for quality, and we welcome your input.