What Font Does Instagram Use? – A Quick Guide

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there today. With over one billion users, it is a platform that is heavily used by businesses and individuals alike.

One of the most important aspects of Instagram is its visual appeal, and one of the key components of this is the font used throughout the platform. The font used on Instagram has become increasingly popular and recognizable, leading many to wonder what font it is and how they can use it themselves.

We will begin by discussing the history of the font used on Instagram, including its origins and development. We will also explore the font’s characteristics, such as its spacing, size, and weight, and how these contribute to its unique look and feel. Additionally, we will provide information on how to use the Instagram font in your designs and branding materials, including tips on pairing it with other fonts and using it in different contexts.

What Font Does Instagram Use

What Font Does Instagram Use?

The font that Instagram uses is called “Billabong.” This font was designed for Instagram and used in the app’s logo and other branding materials. Billabong is a handwritten, script-style font that gives off a casual and fun vibe, which aligns with the overall aesthetic of the platform.

While users cannot use this font in their posts or comments, many similar fonts are available online that mimic the look and feel of Billabong for those who want to add a touch of Instagram flair to their designs.

What Font Does Instagram Use? Overview Of Its Typeface Selection

What Font Does Instagram Use. Overview Of Its Typeface Selection

Instagram’s font is a custom-designed typeface called “Billabong.” This unique typeface was created specifically for Instagram and has become synonymous with the brand. The font is a handwritten script with bold, flowing lines and a playful feel that perfectly captures the essence of the platform. In addition to Billabong, Instagram uses other fonts, such as Proxima Nova and Neue Helvetica, throughout the app. But it’s Billabong that truly sets Instagram apart and makes it instantly recognizable to users worldwide. So next time you’re scrolling through your feed, take a moment to appreciate the thought and care that went into selecting Instagram’s iconic font.

Instagram Fonts For Mobile Platforms

Instagram Fonts For Mobile Platforms

For its mobile platform, Instagram uses custom-designed fonts exclusive to the platform. The app’s default font is Neue Helvetica; however, San Francisco is used on iOS, and Roboto is used on Android devices. Third-party apps can help download fonts similar to Instagram’s branding for captions and stories. It’s important to keep copyright and trademark laws in mind.

1. Android

Android users can either change the font size of the text within the Instagram app settings or download third-party apps that offer various fonts for their posts and stories. The perfect legible font can enhance your overall aesthetic and attract more followers. It is worth noting that Instagram uses its custom-made font “Billabong” for its logo and headlines.

2. Iphone

The iPhone version of Instagram primarily uses the system font for post text, which can be modified under device settings. Additionally, users can download unique fonts through third-party apps or by copying and pasting from external sources. Instagram only uses Billabong in the logo and design features.

How To Change Your Instagram Font

How To Change Your Instagram Font

Personalize your Instagram profile and posts by customizing your font! Take advantage of the variety of fonts available on the app, or try third-party apps for more options. Remember that changing the font may impact readability, so pick wisely. Play with different fonts to find one that suits your brand’s style and tone.

Instagram Font Generators

If you want to create eye-catching captions or posts on the social media platform Instagram, numerous options are available through Instagram font generators. By offering various font styles, you can use these generators to match your branding’s personality and visual identity. Some popular choices include serif typefaces like Neue Helvetica and Proxima Nova, sans-serif fonts like Freight Sans and Roboto, and display fonts like Aveny-T, Neon, and Billabong. However, using these font generators responsibly is essential without violating copyright or Trademark Laws.


Typewriter fonts are an excellent choice for those looking to give their Instagram posts a vintage or retro feel. This old-fashioned style touches on nostalgia without being too outdated. Luckily, there are various free and paid typewriter font generators available online that you can use to create custom text for your Instagram posts. Try using a Typewriter font to stand out on this popular social media platform.



Instagram’s main font, neue helvetica, is a popular choice for creating custom text designs for posts and stories using various online font generators. It’s known for its simplicity and visual branding on social media. In addition to Helvetica, Instagram offers other fonts like Proxima Nova and San Francisco to enhance your branding on the app.


Joshua Darden’s classic Freight font adds elegance to Instagram’s visual branding. While primarily used in print, it’s also the perfect font for creating Instagram posts that aim for sophistication. Many online photo editing tools offer similar fonts for customizing your content.


For Instagram, the font that stands out as the app’s mainstay for its logo and headings is Roboto. Being a modern and clean font designed by Google, it has become an excellent choice for many social media platforms. Consistency in using this font can help enhance your visual branding and distinguish your content from others on the platform. Secondary Key terms used: Instagram, app, social media, android, ios devices, typography, neue helvetica, freight sans, freight typeface, san francisco, proxima nova font family, a serif typeface, typewriter fonts, neon font style


Aveny-T, the sans-serif typeface used by Instagram in their logo and app design, has a clean and modern feel that complements minimalist designs. Instagram font generators let users create custom text with Aveny-T or similar fonts for their posts and stories. Consistency is key when using this font; use it throughout your design for an excellent visual branding experience.


Instagram used serif fonts containing small lines or flourishes at the ends of the strokes that make up the letters from 2010 to 2013. A modified version of Billabong was its original font. Although not currently in use, it remains popular amongst users aiming for a vintage or nostalgic look in their posts. Choosing a legible and appropriate font is crucial while using a font generator to maintain visual branding.

Instagram Logo Font

Instagram chose an excellent font family to represent their social media platform with a fun and informal vibe. The font used in the Instagram logo is “Billabong,” a handwritten script font designed by Russell Bean in 2002, which adds simplicity and uniqueness to the platform. Selecting the perfect font style that represents your branding is essential for creating an engaging visual identity for your followers on Instagram. (Total word count: 47)

Instagram Stickers Font

Instagram Stickers Font

Instagram’s sticker functionality offers a variety of customizable options, including its sans-serif typeface with rounded edges called “Instagram.” This playful font adds simplicity to your Instagram stories and captions, allowing you to express your creativity and style. Also, you can choose to use different sticker fonts like neon or Billabong for a perfect fit.


To enhance the visual branding of your Instagram stories or posts, consider using various fonts available on the app. One of the most popular choices is the neon font, which features bold and eye-catching letters in various background colours. This font style is perfect for custom captions or highlighting important messages in your content. Secondary key terms used: Instagram, app, social media platform, Instagram stories, followers, Instagram logo font, font family.


Instagram’s Stickers feature uses Billabong, a casual and flowing script font designed by Russell Bean in 1995 with hand-lettering techniques, to give off a laid-back and carefree vibe. Consistent use of this font in your Instagram stories can establish brand recognition and create a cohesive aesthetic.

Tips And Tricks For Using Instagram Fonts

Tips And Tricks For Using Instagram Fonts

Experimenting with different font sizes and styles on Instagram is an excellent choice for creating visual branding and engaging followers. When choosing a typeface, consider the tone and message of your content, avoiding cluttering it with too many font styles. Instead, try Neue Helvetica or Freight Sans for a clean look or Proxima Nova or Serif for a more sophisticated vibe. Whether posting on IG Reels or updating your bio, incorporating diverse backgrounds and colours can add more creativity to your posts.


Instagram uses a custom-designed font called “Billabong” for its logo and various platforms and features. However, you can change your Instagram font with various online font generators. Remembering your brand’s aesthetic when choosing a font and using it consistently across all social media platforms is essential.

Using different fonts can be fun to add personality to your posts, but remember that readability should always come first. Experiment with different fonts and see what works best for you. If you want to incorporate the Instagram font into your designs, it’s easy to do so – simply download the font from a trusted source and install it on your computer or device. With Billabong, you can add a touch of Instagram’s signature style to your creations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does Instagram Use Helvetica?

Ans: Although Instagram does not use Helvetica as its primary font, it utilizes a custom-designed typeface called “Billabong” along with other fonts like “Roboto” and “System.” The font displayed varies based on the device and operating system used.

2.What Is The Classic Instagram Font?

Ans: The original Instagram logo used a handwritten script font called “Billabong,” which is still associated with the platform’s early days. However, Instagram now uses a custom sans-serif font called “Instagram Regular” for its current logo.

3.What Is The Closest Font To The Instagram Logo?

Ans: The font most closely resembles the Instagram logo is “Billabong Regular,” a script font with a handwritten feel. While other similar fonts like “Lobster,” “Pacifico,” and “Sofia Pro” can also be used, it’s important to avoid using the exact Instagram font to prevent any potential trademark violations.

4.What Is The Instagram Font On Canva?

Ans: Canva likely offers “Billabong” or similar script font for the Instagram font. They provide a variety of fonts resembling popular brand fonts. However, having proper licensing rights before using copyrighted fonts commercially is crucial. Canva has various font options beyond the Instagram font.

5.Can I Use The Same Font As Instagram For My Projects?

Ans: You can’t use Instagram’s proprietary font, “Billabong,” for your projects, but similar fonts are available. Always check the licensing agreements before using any font commercially. Using the same font as Instagram can create a sense of familiarity and recognition in your work.

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