Thank You Grocery Bag Font – Meaning, Uses, Types & Benefits

Grocery bags may be the most ubiquitous form of packaging we have. But they’re not always environmentally friendly, and if you’ve ever had to clean a grocer bag after going through a checkout, you know what I mean.

So, what is Thank You Grocery Bag Font? Many grocery stores are switching to compostable or biodegradable bags, but in the meantime, there are some alternatives that can be used instead. The Grocery Bag design is the basis for my hand drawn lettering style.

It’s a free font (I used open type to make it non-proprietary) and available for personal or commercial use as long as you credit me, But what makes this grocery bag text interesting is its multiple styles when combined: At medium point opacity, the contents of the store are written on in light gray with “Grocery Store Bags” on top.

The origin of the thank you font is a bit mysterious. The first printed form of the characters was found in the United States, on a package produced by the Mead Company for one of its products in 1932.

In the following years, this typeface spread through Europe and Australia. The font has also been used on labels in Germany and China.

Grocery Bag Font

What Is A Grocery Bag?

A grocery bag is a type of reusable shopping bag. The word “grocery” emerged from the mid-19th century, when grocers began to stock provisions for long journeys on trains or in coaches.

When you bring your own bags back to the store after going through checkout with them filled up with groceries, that results in 60 minutes wasted every summer by many shoppers.

However large their home may be (or even if they don’t have one) some consumers seem to prefer having most of their food delivered at one place hub – i .e., a simple single box of groceries at the store (“one stop shopping”), rather than going around to different places (e.g., “spending an hour a week on food because you can’t commit long enough”).

In a good one stop shop, there is no need for carrying bags that often goes back and forth between buyer & seller in an average of 60 minutes every summer – or when your shift changes from afternoon to nightfall…

Thank You Grocery Bag Font Meaning

The first use of the type as a way to express gratitude dates from 1972. In that year, Charles Patry and Roger Raupp wrote their “Glossary of American Sign Language,” which included elements formed from alphabets with letters different in size (a child’s haircut is one example).

In 1973, Mrs Myra Petit did her shopping at a grocery story near by on Boston College Campus during orientation week for new students and printed out thank you notes using this font for letting people know she was thinking about them when she stocked up her bags: Thank you Grocery Bag.

Since then, I have found that people like to see this type of message mainly because it expresses the sentiment and thoughtfulness needed during times when one is not in a position of being able to do something for others back but expression their gratitude with a bag they had bought day before.

At some point, Patry and Raupp (apparently) decided the font was more popular than intended for this application — though it wasn’t clear if that meant people were turning written thanks into spoken ones.

At least two grammars shared the enthusiasm: A Bidders Guide to Writing Online dating Messages , a manual originally published in 2000, expressed delight at “a simple but elegant solution” for adding these little items of gratitude to online communication.

It also interviewed Mr Brian Edwards about his own experiences with creating other typefaces from pictures on shopping bags .

What Is A Thank You Grocery Bag Font

It is a typeface designed to be added onto any letter with people’s names and addresses. The font looks like this:

T B and they can put their own address in the middle of it too. (See attached photo) It has a special font that only says “thank you bag” on the top right corner though because some people would get offended if they used this type or saying online,

So it has been highly requested not to use that phrase specifically since people found other alternatives better suited for individual context .

Anyone can use it because all you need to do is type this code anywhere on your website — usually in the upper right corner of your site. It’s free to use only for personal (not commercial, etc. ) purposes and offers all the original graphics of groceries holders or bags that I produced about 10 years ago today.

It even has instructions on how it should be used so you can add ideas of your own in a way that people could use them as well.

Purpose Of Thank You Grocery Bag Font

It was designed with the purpose of being a non-verbal way to give thank you messages and type people’s names on grocery bags so that they could see them when they shopped at their local market.

It helps remind them who bought what for the family, or when someone makes sure special orders are filled with the shopping list printed on it. Another purpose of using this type is to repurpose images from used grocery bags so people could “reuse” them.

Development Process for Thank You Grocery Bag Font  (2004 – 2010)

I got the idea from when I was 16 years old. My mom and Aunt Kris sent me home with a tray full of grocery bags for my grandparents, but at that time even buying used grocery bags wasn’t popular until about 2 or 3 years ago–

So everyone still have their original fancy groceries holders to use forever in order not to throw them away like how people did before today.

  • The first step is creating a source image (guidelines). For this design example there were two different sources:
  • Second step , scanning it into Photoshop Basics . Creating black lines on all sides with only white color (Final Line Art).
  • Third step, adjusting the image by adding more lines along with a few changes about position and some dimension. Some of them uses for different images now.
  • Fourth Step : Getting it ready for cutting words so that you can use what’s left after font is burned when making your own paper product out of shopping bags .

The process we did was basically measuring in cm how wide each letter would need to be depending on length, based on the size Pica sized letters are made and burning this cartoonish version into wooden plasticized wood material which was sold at Office Depot.

Significance Of Thank You Grocery Bag Font

The font I created for the grocery bag is one of my early graphics which has not been released yet, although some people know about what it is because its finished draft.

Back in 2004-05 (when this started) everyone either didn’t use to print full color or was only using black ink on white paper and thus making regular designs with shapes made from these letters–and that’s how they make their own unique style out of them after objects where brought back home by customers.

With just 8 basic characters, Walmart gave me a choice whether  I want go ahead with repurposing old graphics, then I might as well make this a sort of type foundry with fonts for letters and design . Now that’s how you practice something in life.

Reactions to the Font  More than half (almost like 50% ) bought it from me when they saw at my second attempt letter A existed on twice one word each after printing an image into blue ink for them to see

When holding those bags up against its background look-alike paper material is definitely worked out good because most people wouldn’t know what this specifically means until just seeing it printed onto their own grocery baging items.

Commercial Use Of Thank You Grocery Bag Font

i think that for anyone to use this font is more than fine, in the sense of it gives people an opportunity (provided they not selling anything which already says “frankenstein” on one of its letters…)

Pixels are another thing altogether. Just do it for yourself, you’ll enjoy that too.

Update on commercial usage: Any Remakes of my Thank You Grocery Bag Font should not be sold the way I gave them to me. Don’t use this according to its purpose if your going to sell it instead (at least until new versions come out or some form of licenses is given).

That’s why i’d like people thank whoever they made their own unique style without reproducing mine because that’s a recreation with additional design elements in something basically preformed as this

Maybe before when used by someone else as an amendment anyway and that’s the point of making this site, to give recognition and thanks for the things already preformed anyway. End of commercial use debate here.

Personal Use Of Thank You Grocery Bag Font

  • Allowed for personal use on these projects (and personally requested by my own requests and request from whoever uses it in prints that i can make)
  • Don’t let me be unhappy when you decide to just scan something out of your bag if they’re not into buying them…but smiles are okay too. That’s alright you could still keep the print because what a great idea right?
  • If people would like to get anything made with this font, then go ahead! Just message me at or comment/send pm as much info about your project as your going to use and ask me.
  • If you are making a design, then definitely preform the font in some way because that’s what i did myself: Outline it with other fonts…or draw around of it (remember though, tracing is discouraged only if you don’t want to utilize picking up a pencil).
  • I can make this happen since I’m not salaried I just have no problem working hard on custom orders now or later while they’re apart of existing projects/t-shirt designs provided enough beauracracy isn’t found at my end along side giving updates on progress.
  • I’d like everyone to only make 11-12 character designs from the font however, since that’s it being offered in this release anyways. If you already have more characters then just tell me and I can put them up as another version of what used be available when/if i get around to posting a new update altogether for whatever reason.

Thank You Bag Font Free Download:

Thank You Bag Font Free Download

It’s that time of year again to start shopping for groceries! And what better way to show your thanks than with a stylish font? That’s why we’ve created the Thank You Bag Font. It is perfect for adding a touch of class to your blog posts this fall. It’s easy to download and use so that you can start immediately.

Plus, the font is free to download, so you can use it in as many posts as you like. So, whether you’re shopping for groceries or want to say thanks, download the free Thank You Bag Font today and start thanking your readers.

Thank You, Bag Font Generator:

Thank You, Bag Font Generator

There’s something about a handwritten note that feels special. Maybe it’s the intimate feeling of handwritten notes or that it’s a reminder that someone took the time to think of you. Whatever the reason, handwritten thank you notes are a timeless tradition that will make someone feel appreciated.

Now, there’s no excuse not to give one out. The font file for this project is free to download, so there’s no need to hesitate. Plus, printing it out on cardstock or an iron-on transfer will give it that extra special touch. If you’re ever feeling down and want to put a smile on someone’s face, print out this thank you bag font and put it in their grocery bag.


Thank you grocery bag font is an eCommerce company offering a solution to the problem of not having a good looking and functional grocery bag in your hands. Our goal is to improve the quality of life by providing better and stylish bags that suit every family, big or small.

Enough was discussed to conclude! I’ll be updating this post if there is anything that should be added or corrected about the font before opening it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did I Just Put Myself Out There Until This Got Released?

You should pretty much, anyone who had enough interest to contact us in the first place…if not their loss really!

Can I Get It For Free If So What’s Involved?

Download here and make vector art with something like Illustrator or Photoshop. You will have a template that looks exactly as advertised by me unless told otherwise (remember though about tracing being discouraged). After receiving payment from your customers, which ever method of payment best suits you I’ll send you the font file(s).

What About Just Giving Away Your Vector Art Template For Free?

If thats all it takes to thrill people and make some money selling that thing, then again a win-win. If not let me know and we can work something out!

I’m Sick Of This Shit When Will Update Be?

Due date is 12/29 but they’re going up on an initiative so who knows how long things take at times like these haha.

How Do You Pick A Good Grocery Bag Font?

The font of the grocery bag is something that you should take into consideration before buying a new one. The reason for this is because it will affect how people perceive your brand and whether or not they are interested in what you have to offer.

So, if you want to make sure that your customer’s experience with your product is positive, consider picking a font that is easy to read and attractive.

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