Thank You Plastic Bag Font – Features & Uses

Thank you plastic bag font is a fun typographic experiment that imagines the world without plastic bags. We made this font for fun but also to raise awareness about how important it is to reduce and reuse plastic.

Some of the proceeds will go to Positively Plastic! Not needing a plastic bag saves around 1,000 tonnes of material from entering our oceans.

Thanks plastic bag font is an environmental activist’s manifesto in the form of a font. It takes as its starting point the fact that disposable plastic bags are a scourge on the environment, and asks what we can do about it.

This font makes it easy to draw pictures of garbage bags, and encourages people to think about the kind of world they want to live in and how they can help make it happen.

Thank You Plastic Bag Font

Thank You, Bag Font

Everything happens in a plastic bag from the moment you shop till you leave the store. And unless you’re living a zero-waste lifestyle, you use at least one plastic bag each time you shop. But does that mean you have to thank every bag with a font? Not at all! You can thank your plastic bags with this free font called Thank You Bag Font. Made by Fonts Bee, this font is perfect for different labeling types of plastic bags – from grocery bags to dry-cleaning bags. It’s easy to use and download, so get started today and let the Thank You Plastic Bag Font take care of thanking your plastic bags.

What Is A Plastic Bag

What Is A Plastic Bag?

The plastic bag is a single-use disposable product that was invented by American chemist Robertstem Weed in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA.

They were originally made of polyethylene or waxed paper but introduced for use in the UK as early as 1902 and have been continuously produced since then;

Most experts now agree to not distinguish them from other kinds of packs (those used with groceries are more commonly called wet bags).

Plastic bags are a scourge on the environment, and yet it is high time we stopped using them. Plastic grocery bags are designed to be used once and then tossed in the trash where they take hundreds of thousands of years if not millions to biodegrade.

Reusable plastic bag donation programs exist at many store chains but too few people like myself donate their own reusable plastic shopping bags rather than grabbing this convenient disposable product that lasts forever unless recycled or disposed as garbage.

What Is A Plastic Bag Font?

What Is A Plastic Bag Font

Even solitary shoppers who do not plan to become environmental activists can make a difference by switching from plastic bags back into reusable cloth or canvas shopping bags.

Reusable cotton and linen textile reusable grocery beach bag fabric (available at wholesale clubs and independent stores) are practical, stylish in every season as well as being inexpensive: Check out my blog post on the best of these versatile totes here .

These materials also go directly to charity when you donate them, because I recommend that people shop for those types of savings programs to both save money for their families but also create additional jobs by employing the craftsmen who create new products.

One disturbing fact that many shoppers do not realize is that plastic bags are harmful to human health and the environment, so it’s best to stay away from them as much as possible by avoiding their use at all costs or recycling when needed.

You can also join this organization for finding out about alternatives or simply just keep experimenting with durability of your various reusable grocery shopping bags .

What Is Thank You Plastic Bag Font?

What Is Thank You Plastic Bag Font

The Plastic Bag Font was created by artist Gudrun Jökle in Sweden. It’s a call to action saying that it is time we woke up and began using reusable paper or metal shopping bags instead of the disposable plastic product that has become so common place –

For good reason, the world would be better off if each one of us used a bag once and throw them away where they matter not than waste resources on these useless single use objects.

This font aims at anyone who loves creatures like whales, sea turtles etc …as well as nature wherever you are from which no doubt will encourage you to make the right choice.

How To Make A Plastic Bag Font?

  1. download, print and color the image below
  2. cut out each letter to use as your own plastic bag font
  3. have fun decorating with them!

This is a fairly large font, so it’s best to cut out the letters with black markers or ink pens and then color them in. If you do use colored pencils or crayons, please take care not to get your hands too messy because that can quickly ruin these bold fonts!

[If after reading this instructable you want more information on plastic bag recycling projects done by other people around the world and inspire yourself let me know.  I’d like put them up here for free if I have permission from those who’ve done their work]

Thank You Bag Font Generator

Thank You Bag Font Generator:

It’s that time of the year again to start thinking about recycling! And what better way to kick off the recycling season than by using a fun font to print out labels and tags for your recycling efforts? That’s why we’re providing you with a free thank you bag font that you can use to make your next event special!

Whether you’re planning a recycling party or want to print out tags to help you remember where you put your recycling, this font is perfect for the job! So go ahead, get creative, and start printing out those labels! Thanks, plastic bag font.

Thank You For Shopping With Us Plastic Bag

Thank You For Shopping With Us!” Plastic Bag

We hope you had a wonderful shopping experience and that we can continue to serve you! We’ve created a Thank You Plastic Bag Font to appreciate your patronage. It’s available for free download on our website. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we may correct the situation. We hope you enjoy it and continue to use it.

Why Should We Stop Using Single Why Should We Stop Using Single Use Plastic BagsUse Plastic Bags?

We’re supposed to be a creative society that isn’t afraid of change – as long as there is no negative impact on us. I must admit, their were times when after going out and buying some stuff or whatever item we bought,

I would drop my plastic bag in the house but once it’s sold it goes back outside so maybe now when you see those bags sitting at home getting older they should stop making them.

People throw away around 2 trillion single use grocery bags which means this huge amount of money being wasted because these can not only damage our environment if thrown away into garbage bins for example but also cause unnecessary harm to animals who get stuck in them, sea creatures and humans themselves.

-Some alternatives to single use plastic grocery bags are reusable shopping bags like those made by Hefty or Sea To Summit with a separate zippered compartment for keeping your food fresh.

These can be easily washed if they’re not used on lots of dirt surface areas – that’s because it has mesh lining spaces so you don’t have to worry about wet bagging groceries as much since this allows the smell from the garbage bins seep out!

Features of Thank You Plastic Bag Font

Features of Thank You Plastic Bag Font

It uses custom font design of course that is printed off from a pre-designed script . So if you have the graphic software like Corel Draw or Photoshop for example, it’s very easy to do this!

Anyone with little knowledge in using graphics programs can really mangle them and still be able to make awesome projects out of them.

The main features of the design are the fact that it’s labeled for Thank You logos,

That being said in the interior of the bag thank you is printed and later on an image forms as a marker where people who take bags out are using them or picking them up and hold their hands.

Another important aspect is that there isn’t any commercial messaging dominating everything so with this design alone I am sure everyone will be able to enjoy its fondness without feeling any advertisement selling noises coming from it!

* Update * The credit goes actually to whoever made the logo by following these specifications:

Width : 14 pts Height (in pixels) : 15 pts Color : #ffffff.

Benefits of Thank You Plastic Bag Font

Benefits of Thank You Plastic Bag Font

If you are someone who loves to help out with the environment, but feels that it’s a little bit impersonal how people in stores are doing their actions of buying other people things for them and then throwing away these paper bags next to something that is used for an hour only one-time would cause some improvement to be made after making it I mean.

In this case we can use these custom printed Thank You Plastic Bags with optional reuse of food packaging inserts or reusable glass which could reduce waste too!

The author always think at least something must be added into your design before adding on doubts about its working in reality as these doubts can be a big problem when it comes to other designs depending on how they are packaged and the positive thoughts behind them!

Printing your own thank you plastic bag font is beneficial both for consumers and even manufacturers, their products will definitely help in reducing some of the waste which otherwise would’ve reached our landfills all together.

Although there might not be enough cases where exactly recycling this type of packaging matter but at least we can still give something back by being inspired from creating more affordable and decent purchases than before with usage based marketing concept as promotion for every single product that goes out in the market.

How to Download and Install Doterra Font in Website

Thank You Bag Font Free Download

Do you ever feel grateful for plastic bags? We sure do, so we created Thank You Bag Font! This free font can be downloaded here and is perfect for use in personal and commercial projects. If you run into any issues while using or downloading this font, please don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below. We always appreciate your feedback and will do our best to address any issues as soon as possible. Thank you for using fonts bee.

Privacy Policy of Thank You Plastic Bag Font

Privacy Policy of Thank You Plastic Bag Font

This website is never used to use our the Thank You Plastic Bag Font font file in any way such as email, headers or similar.

These can be found on this sites general Terms and Conditions section before using any product fonts listed over there so it’s strongly recommended that you read them plainly by clicking here!

Any form of sharing with others who are keeping up with its respective design style should not result profoundly embarrassing issues like getting an unfair access granted

Or even completely revoked for a very small amount of time mostly due to copyright strikes which makes their original owner non-accessible by entities who were just simply followed after to have their work access revoked!

This common issue can also happen if you just share the link of this site and it leads to an unofficial download of the font but with no idea whether or not there’s a copyrights issues between both parties.

Commercial Use of Thank You Plastic Bag Font

Commercial Use of Thank You Plastic Bag Font

For commercial use, you could always let my company know which purpose are often used by one specific product font. Maybe we can even offer a bundle for less rates!

Contact our Policy Concern when experiencing issues about the usage of this Thank You Plastic Bag Font file intended strictly for personal or promotional work.

Personal Use of Thank You Plastic Bag Font

Personal Use of Thank You Plastic Bag Font

If you want to use the font for personal reasons, feel free to do so. We just request that a link back would be offered in order for other users and people alike who are interested on this website can find it more easily when searching over here!

The usage of it does not have any copyright issues as long as you don’t even decide to sell your work after using our product by adhering strictly with certain instructions like those in its general

Terms and Conditions predetermined page before putting up anything that’s sketched out from the Thank You Plastic Bag Font file which is usually found at its respective font creator site from which we host it.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. Why Can’t We Use This On Our Commercial Products?

Maybe you should spend some time looking into alternative fonts, it is not intended for the kind of scamming or other uses that will only harm people.

We are very generous and do appreciate those who donate to support what we’re building! Read through the FAQ if you want to know more information about why this font cannot be used commercially (we’re missing necessary licenses).

2. How Did You Make This Font?

Well since there are many people wondering about how we made this and what technology is used to create fonts. This can be difficult because most skills don’t have specific knowledge of the terms involved in creating a font.

However, I’ve learned some things while working with the theory behind designing digital fonts (influenced by @ideafonts) and also discussing it on forums dedicated to typeface design Do go through their tutorials when learning more information!

3. What Is A Thank You Plastic Bag Font?

A thank you plastic bag font is a type of customized design where the lettering on the front of a thank you gift bag is customized to match your company’s logo.

The process for creating a thank you plastic bag font is:

  1. Send an email to one of our customer service representatives requesting that they create a personalized font for your packaging,
  2. Choose from one of our pre-made designs or send us your own artwork,
  3. We will create and send you an electronic proof within 24 hours,
  4. Place your order and pay the $50 art proof fee.

4. How Long Does It Take To Get My Typeface Customized?

Typically we complete these projects within two business days up to one week (depending on length of unique wording.)

However, if your project requires some minor tweaks such as adding additional spacing you may experience longer waiting times, do not hesitate should this occur!

5. Is There Any Way To Purchase This Font?

No, unfortunately there is no way to purchase this font. This typeface was created by a designer named Pascal Ohrt and it can be downloaded for free from his website:


Can I make changes to the spacing between letters, or alter other characteristics of the typeface?

The answer to this question is no. The typeface used in your logo should be the same as the one on your website, unless you have a unique font for your company.


So, ive personally loved managing this Thank You Plastic Bag Font and I’m still very excited to expand on it which I can think of adding more colors, different fonts users would find convenient.

However the usage we got so far is just great! Even if you’re not a teacher or a student looking for those cool school supplies but ready to use this font in your own personal project,

Dont be discouraged since with enough support I’m willing to work on some designs that could apply as decorative elements such as patterns by revolving my artwork that has been inspired from many good candidates who shared their experiences.

Plastic bags have become a highly controversial issue for many reasons. The world is faced with numerous environmental issues as a result of plastic production and usage.

Plastic waste can now be found in the oceans, where it is degrading marine life and becoming an ongoing threat to marine ecosystems.

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