What Is Doterra Font? Features, Design & Uses

Doterra Font is a modern serif font inspired by the original design of the Doterra logo. I have used this font to create a bold and contemporary feel for projects such as signage, website headers, corporate cards, and invitations.

Additionally, this font can be used for invitations, stationary, invitations, and branding.

Doterra Font is a great font to use for your project if you are looking for a bold and contemporary feel. The font is modern with its slightly rounded edges which makes it very easy to read.

This font has been used in projects such as signage, website headers, corporate cards, and invitations.

Doterra Font

What Is Doterra Font?

Doterra Font is a simple and clean serif font, with an open feel. Doterra Font features strong baseline construction which makes it easy to read for both large and small text sizes.

If you are looking for a subtle classic point but wanting your brand to stand out this might be the perfect option for your project!

Doserre Elements’ is a free semi-regular typeface based on Doterrain Futura Bold by Font Bureau. It’s an open-type typeface that is part of ‘Doserre Elements’ Collection by Made Type.

Unique and modern style with a clean lined design, perfect for branding or any other creative use driven projects when you want your brand to stand out from the crowd!

Feature of Doterra Font

Doterra Font

The letterform of the typeface based on its origin. This font is modern without compromising on efficiency, and also comes equipped with multilingual support (Latin script). Also in many things has been added or modified:

  • Small caps; uppercase forms are superimposed over lowercase characters. It’s perfect for text within headers in place of capitals letters or other large formatting info., especially when used at larger sizes. You can use it with all Doterra Fonts.
  • 5 number or date formats for addition alongside the numerals and case changes on uppercase letters to match lowercase characters (for example 2/1(in bold, small caps) equals 921 xyzzy);
  • Highlighted Latin alphabet which allows you to easily find these important symbols; in fact, an alternative version of this font is with enlarged Latin alphabet than any other typeface to date.
  • Letter alternates, designed to be as natural and easy recognized as possible; at the same time they will match your language’s standard alphabet (like Italian), with extended set of symbols: a) 3 directional forms for this letter – curly, straight or double b) Paths from all directions that permit you simple recognition in any context (directional symbol is two ‘p’ shapes); c) All dependent lag attires: includes as open ligature ‘ž’ (new form of ‘z’), stylistic deacons, synonyms with old English letters.
  • Transliteration support in 2 versions – the first is for Latin script and contains Latina function built into the font so you can show actual pronunciations of symbols; the second offers suggestions for alternative IPA (“International Phonetic Alphabet” system) to possibly find better representation.

What Font Does Doterra Use

What Font Does Doterra Use?

If you want to change the look of your website or marketing materials, you need to check out Doterra’s font, Arial. This typeface is used by doTerra for all their online resources and is a popular, affordable, and easy-to-read typeface that looks great on any device.

As a bonus, it’s also been legible by people of all ages and backgrounds. So, whether you’re looking to update your website’s design or need some easy-to-use typefaces for your marketing materials, Arial is a great option.

Best Use of Doterra Font

Best Use of Doterra

Here are some of the effective uses of doterra font.

  • For more updated designs, free line and swanky hand-drawn vector illustration that can be used for company logos, websites or prints at desired size with high resolution file format
  • Especially happy designers who are looking to use the font in their web projects as serif fonts increase readability of text on your pages (as also one study showed an increased perceived truthfulness when reading sentences). Then, doterra font is the best choice for your website, because it has a very clear and easy to read letters.
  • For those who want to make the text stand out from the background and make their designs pop, doterra font is the best choice for you. Because of its black and white color scheme, it will look great with any background color you choose.
  • Doterra font can be used in different ways: as quotation, headings or table cell at a time.
  • There is also the possibility of combining icon fonts with doterra font through customization controls built into each OTF file in order to fit any branding requirements or print layout specification you need (among them are drop shadow and inner/outer outline style).
  • You can also mix dotserra font in different layers to create a gradient effect, or combine them all into one layer with similar style, just like wavy bars on the stair case.

Commercial Use of Doterra Font

Commercial Use of Doterra Font

Commercial use of doterra font also has got many benefits in return. For example, you can use it to make product and website designs shine,

As well as store banners or displays and not just logos; the fonts that were taken from the system they are tradable over time and thus highly valued by designers who want their work displayed on a variety of surfaces or media formats.

Commercial uses could be creating an online shop where buyers will purchase products, create a signature which can be printed in an online form, or to create any kind of design.

To do so you have countless possibilities and then the possibility of creating your own business around doterra font is there too.

How’s the quality? The sample preview images show razor sharp edges and fine details that no other text fonts currently available offer. I find them flawless when used on web pages however for long term display/illustration purposes.

Plus, the default font has got different weights, all of which are available for free. You can choose the lightest weight (which is the only one that comes with lowercase letters) or you can select the heavier weight for example.

I prefer to use it in medium and bold form as they are more eye catching and attractive to look at on my website.

Another great thing about doterra font is that it has a small file size so that makes it easily loadable and compatible with most modern well coded web pages.

For example, I was testing its compatibility on google fonts today which is the first look for a visitor who sees my website each time he/she visits it via search engine results. They have to download at least 100KB of font files before they are allowed access.

Using Doterra Font for Blog and Website

Using Doterra Font for Blog and Website

Doterra Font is a font family made with arm letters and the script style. Due to its legibility, it allows designers to create more decorative designs.

It’s available on Google Fonts as well which makes it one of the most accessible fonts on their platform today.

For blog and website use I would recommend pairing Doterra font with Raceways or Open Sans (another Google typeface) for text-heavy design purposes. Doterra as Donation Button Maker on WordPress & BlogSpot Sites.

First thing that came to my mind when running into this is how do I implement Doterra Fonts in another way? You can use it for making the donation button or pop-ups surprise your visitors.

What Fontis Blog

What Fontis Blog:

Doterra is a company that produces essential oils and other natural products. Recently, they’ve become well known for their font, which is used on all of their product packaging and other promotional materials. It’s free to download and use and looks professional on any website.

Plus, it works well in all types of blogs. If you have any issues with the font, don’t hesitate to contact their team for help. They’re available 24/7 and will be happy to help you out. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download Verdana font now.

How to Download and Install Doterra Font in Website

How to Download and Install Doterra Font in Website

  • Make sure that your HTML editor allows to upload fonts from Google Font directory so go to the browser and visit Google’s website. Open this page, sign in or create an account if you don’t have one already.
  • Once there copy all the font files into download folder by clicking on ‘Save as’ button for selecting them then when done click on save button below it (to finish saving Doterra font)
  • Now access your FTP/SFTP website and upload the files in font directory there, my name is Steve Gouveia so mine looks like this http://ftpserver-domain.com:8081/.
  • Start your WordPress Blog or website and go to settings/options page>blog tab>fonts section here you will find all the fonts installed on your blog with their names that look similar to what I wrote above (nm., gemfish etc.).
  • After going through these steps now start up any post editor where a Doterra Font has been added but don’t use it just yet since we need to remove/disable other fonts that are installed on current version of your brand’s webpage.
  • If both the fonts (Doterra & Raceways or Open Sans) have been added you will notice a line in the code was already inserted by WordPress to link up these two different typefaces so now what we want is to delete them and left only Doterra there, follow next steps carefully:  Now that we’ve got rid of all the other fonts we need to remove their line of code and add our own (or use any existing font you like), so access ‘Appearance => Typography’ and here a new tab called “Fonts” will open up where I’ve added my Doterra Font:
  • Some CSS codes have been inserted that look something like # h1{text-align: center; font-family: ‘doterra’, sans-serif; color: #000; zoom: 2;}
  • These codes, that looks like # h1{text-align: left; font-family: ‘doterra’, sans-serif! important;}
  • Once you complete doing this make sure you add one more line after font-family “Doterra” and after a double slash >> insert font: ‘terrapin’, sans-serif; and then download the fonts.zip file from DATERA listing HERE. Extract it to your computer’s desktop for better viewing, this will be an enormous zip file including many files but don’t worry because you’ll need no more than ~100MB of storage so never run out of space
  • Now you can use the fonts section and all your typography or design code is now done correctly, have fun! If you’ve made a mistake in any of these steps try to find it again and restore WordPress back to the point where this stopped working. With careful search through these codes your site’s structure should have changed thus making it possible for WordPress to properly use our Doterra Font instead of Raceways or Open Sans fonts.

Find Any Font From Any Image

Find Any Font From Any Image

Finding the right font for your project can be a daunting task. That’s where Doterra comes in! The font finder on the website makes it easy to locate any font used in logos, headlines, or other text. Not only that, but the site has a vast selection of typefaces that are not currently available in the regular fonts library.

If you can’t find the font you’re looking for online, give the font finder a try! It allows you to search for fonts from any image. So, no matter what you need a font for, Doterra has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. Can I Use Doterra Font On My Blog Or Website?

Yes, you can use the font on your blog or website. Unfortunately, if you wish to make a custom button for entry into a giveaway by users of that blog post or web page then this tutorial is not capable of doing so because we just have fonts stolen from DATERA as computer code only and cannot create anything new LOL!!!

2. Can I Normalize My Text With Doterra?

The answer to this question is yes and no. We cannot normalize your text using doterra font because the dots could get stuck between each other in certain case, however it can be done on photoshop if you wish so!

3. How Do I Use It?

Follow these steps to add doterra font into your document: First, open Microsoft PowerPoint or the word processor you wish to use. Then go through this tutorial in order and follow along with each step carefully!

One of our readers has submitted a comment regarding using dotters OpenType Fonts under Visual Studio 2005 as opposed to previous versions.

This information may be beneficial for those who are interested in learning how they can connect Dotterer.

4. Is Doterra Font Look Nice?

The fonts are very small even though they were designed to be used with a wide array of computers. doterra font belongs to the TrueType family and is composed by 9pts (Points)

While its pixel size is 1/10th of inch or 2mm width in pixels when set on any software such as Microsoft PowerPoint where point sizes typically vary between 7-11 points per inch at 72dpi setting.

5. Can I Use Doterra Font In MS Word?

Doterra fonts are not meant for MS Word. They can be used on PowerPoint, but we do not recommend it because the TrueType file is small and so requires more memory to display smoothly when you print a document

Which means larger page size in printed documents that take more time to generate due to the increased number of dots (9pts points x 6 lines per mm = 56mm).


Doterra font is a typeface which you can use to display fonts in your web design projects. doterra font is available for free and can be used with any version of Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe Creative Suite software.

But it is important to note that the fonts are not available for use in HTML.

For example, if you want to include a font in your blog post or web page, you will need to copy and paste the code into your text editor (such as Microsoft Word) and then save the file.

You can also download a font pack which includes all of the files needed to display doterra font on your website or blog.

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