Apple Font Download – Meaning, Uses, Types And Advantages

A new font for your Mac or iPhone! Now, you can download and install a bold new type Apple Font Download from Apple’s official App Store.

The free Fonts app allows you to browse fonts, preview them on the screen, and choose one to install. You can even see how the font looks on other popular iOS apps like Pages, Numbers, Mail, and Keynote.

Apple Font Download

List Of Apple Font Download

List Of Apple Font Download

Apple Font Download is a convenient and easy way to enhance your design projects with the sleek and modern typography that Apple is known for. Whether you’re creating a website, designing a logo, or working on a print project, having access to the official Apple fonts can elevate your work to the next level.

With a wide range of font styles available, you can find the perfect typeface to match your aesthetic and bring your vision to life. The Apple Font Download is simple to install and use, making it accessible for designers of all skill levels. So why settle for ordinary fonts when you can have the iconic Apple typography at your fingertips? Upgrade your design game today with the Apple Font Download.

SF Pro

SF Pro

Size: Medium

Style: Modern, Serifed Script with Open descender and italics. Requires SF Pro to be installed on your Mac for proper rendering (included). Black-letter is available in various weights and styles; SF Regular/SF Bold are provided here as well as higher-quality versions without the default capital ‘A’.

SF Compact

Size: Large

Style: Modern, Serifed Script with Open descender and italics. Unlike SF Pro, the capitals ‘A’ in SF Compact contain only lowercase letters (no small caps). Very nice on screen or printed; available at various weights and styles including some interesting ligatures.

SF Regular/SF Bold are provided here as well as higher-quality versions without the default capital ‘A’. Fonts> SF Compact font>SF Regular/SF Bold

SF Mono

Size: Light

Style: Modern, Serifed Script with Open descender and italics. Shorter alternative to SF Tactile Romain  with similar characteristics at extreme lightness options available;

A nice option for users of low resolution displays or networking scenarios that affect the width on screen. Fonts> SF Compact font>SF Regular/SF Bold Stronger alternatives may be found in this Etsy shop .

SF Arabic

Size: Light

Style: Arabic, Al Masereh of Kufic with small caps and reverse video display. Also provides separate glyphs for small capitals ‘A’ without the default capital ‘A’; useful for those who wish to substitute a large round version in cases where confusion would occur.

The typeface includes two formats (a bold heading option is available under font substitution): Reg/Bd  and Bd/Reg Font s> SF Compact font>SF Regular/SF Bold Strongster alternatives may be found in this Etsy shop . All versions of these fonts were designed for screen use and distribute antialiasing support.

New York

New York

Size: Light

Style: Avant Garde, an experimental and extremely beautiful font that utilizes a range of special effects including rotating ‘T’ ligatures. Superb on screen or printed; also available as Kufi with small caps  and similar alternatives are provided in this Etsy shop . To find more examples you can visit my blog post here .

How To Download Apple fonts

How To Download Apple fonts

Apple fonts are included in all versions of Font Book, and can be accessed from your Finder by selecting “Font > Receive New font”  from the menu. An updated version of this software is available on OSX at: Click here to download Font Book

Step 1: First, click on the file you downloaded above.

Step 2: After that a menu will pop up allowing you to install or remove Font Book with no matter of your browser version and operating system (OSX 10.6+). However this is not available for Windows users so I don’t know if anyone has found any way to download Apple fonts in windows 32/64 bit.

So better try first Mac only as that is much useful. In size of 11pt, the font looks pretty heavy especially for its minimalistic design. To get it work in Windows we need to install a converter font like IFFont 2 or Unifont which supports Windows and Mac OS X:

On Mac , open Font Book application (launch Applications -> Utilities folder) And choose “Receive New Font” item on menu bar.

Step 3: After that click Install button then click OK button and wait for the message “Congratulations! Converter installed successfully, fonts are now on your system.” if you have succeeded.

Step 4: And then hold down Command key + I (for Mac).

Step 5: After that choose Font Book > Receive New font from menu bar -> select which type of font is required (if unifont was already converted before this step try to click install again) or click here to download wine (windows emulator) free to get import fonts and the following tutorial.

Step 6: You will see a window like this coming up in which you have scroll down until you find your font name or other information that shows what kind of font it is I’ve done some poking around but didn’t really come across any good source for Windows conversions

Which shows 64 glyphs/characters, even on modern multiple language Mac layouts but nevertheless there are plenty of resources on the Internet showing how to use a converter font or finding per made sets.

Other Uses Does This Type Of Font Have Besides Being Used As An Apple Computer Font

This font was designed for use in Mac computers and that is why it works with Windows. However, there are other types of fonts that work great on PC’s like the very popular Segoe UI typeface found by Typisto. The current version seems to be missing some characters when used as a replacement or alternate but you can get any old versions online which eases this issue

If you want to try and make content look better on your PC, especially if you have a older computer that doesn’t support the current version and it is missing these particular characters. I am also aware there are many other fonts used for Mac computers such as Lucida Console which looks very nice on Windows.

I’ve connected both of these to be able to use in this tutorial but still want to know what works best when comparing them myself since I can try out font names just by clicking OK after selecting a font from my computer that actually changes the designated Windows characters into Mac compatible ones.

Fonts like Arial and Helvetica are popular widely used fonts found on computers all over the world, although they aren’t technically Apple inspired typefaces

Because of how simple they may look when compared to Lucida Console or Segoe UI so using them would only really make your content worse than before. I’m not going to say avoid these but do keep in mind the next font I’m about to show you.

This is one of my favorite fonts and was used by Apple on a lot of it’s typefaces which does make this compatible with Windows but only if you have an older version that supports Lucida Console because it will only look best when set up exactly how they intended.

The good thing however, other than finding pre-made sets online as well, is there are plenty found here at competency’s website that go with both Arial and Lucida Console .

So once you have the correct font name from the three I showed above, simply copy and paste it into your Photoshop text toolbox along with their colors in order to edit them easily if needed.

Once again using my Mac OS X Mavericks or Snow Leopard 11.0 computer , there are so many fonts available on this operating system which admittedly keep me quite excited about how fun it is to edit my own typefaces here.

I personally love the “Typekit” fonts out of this collection, you’ve got characters that look exactly how they are supposed to which results in so many different options depending upon what font your computer uses and where you live.

What Bold Font Is The Best?

What bold font is the best

It’s okay if you have your own opinion on what are the best fonts for design purposes, but keep in mind not all typefaces work well together.

When it comes to creating a nice looking image with good contrast and readable text that is easy on the eyes of viewers, I highly recommend Lucida Grande as my very favorite. It isn’t some font that only looks great when enlarged in size either so don’t get discouraged after trying it in different sizes.

What Is The Font Used On Apple Earbuds?

What is the font used on Apple earbuds

Since 1990, the font Apple has used on their earbud headphones is Helvetica Neue. But back then they looked different than they do now and always carried that appearance regardless of color options or anything else Because it just wasn’t necessary at all to make them not look consistent in color with other things around since no one would be wearing these particular headphones for long.

Somewhere along the way during some point after I don’t really know when exactly , this specific font was deemed “Apple-is” enough to include inside their singular packaging.

What Is The Cleanest Font To Use For Branding?

What is the cleanest font to use for branding

I would have to say on this topic, the font I like best specifically for branding is named “Katie Stapleton” which came from a company called that sells various fonts such as Irish Slate and Pinnacle Bold among others for whatever purpose you may want them for .

It’s very clean looking in design as well because it doesn’t contain unnecessary characters or anything that doesn’t need to go there , So every single letter of this font has a purpose and there’s no need to modify or search around for extra room because it will just take up unnecessary air which is entirely useless .

I recognize that this typeface may not be the best for some of your needs but when it comes down to clean, easy on the eyes branding fonts at least in my opinion , this one is probably pretty good especially if you are on a budget.

What Fonts Should I Avoid?

What fonts should I avoid

To call what should be avoided “anything that I’m going to use” is entirely a lie of course and way too vague but there are definitely some fonts out there that you will not want in any typeface within your branding.

If it’s anything to do with more than just capitalisation or spacing, then the old rule still stands—you don’t need all those extra up to down letters created by unnecessary characters such as & , ƒ, ā and ſ.

These characters serve no purpose other than to make a font look more complicated or help it stand out from the crowd , both which are not good ideas to happen .

Do Companies Get Sued For Using Fonts Illegally?

Do companies get sued for using fonts illegally

Although you might be thinking “where have I heard this before?” in regards to illegal fonts being used, let me give some background information on why companies get sued over digital signage and what should happen when it happens.

Since the 1970s as a result of having found ways to circumvent copy protection , piracy has only gotten worse with illegals such as groups taking advantage of unauthorised font files from free sources .

In recent times however law enforcement agencies are catching up and making logins for illegal fonts easier to track . Reports from 2012 show that Italian prosecutors are handing out heavy fines against companies like Adobe , Auto-desk and Corel in particular when their employees illegally use these pirated font files on company computers .

Install Fonts For All Network Users:

There are a few different ways to install fonts on your computer, but the easiest way is to use the Apple’s FontBook app. FontBook is a free app that you can download from the App Store. Once you have it installed, all you have to do is open it up and hit the “Install New Font” button. 

FontBook will then walk you through the different options for installing fonts on your machine.


You can choose whether or not to install them for all network users, just specific users, or just certain applications. You can also specify which font formats (TrueType and Type1) you want to use. Once you have installed your fonts, they will be available for use in any application that needs them.

How To Disable And Remove Fonts On A Mac:

If you’re looking to remove a font from your Mac, there are a few different ways you can do it. 

The first and most common way is to disable the font. To do this, go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Text & Web page > Input methods > and uncheck the box next to the font you want to disable. 


If you want to remove a font from an entire document, you can use the “Convert All” command in Pages or Keynote. This will convert all of the text in your document into its default typeface (typically Times New Roman or Arial), which means that it will remove the fonts. Finally, if you only want to remove a specific font from a particular document, you can use the “Remove Font” command in Pages or Keynote. This will take all of the text in that document and replace it with the default typeface, which will then remove the specified font.

If you’re looking to remove a font from your Mac, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open the Fonts folder on your Mac.
  2. Right-click on the font file and select “Remove Font.” 
  3. If there is any liked file or folder with the font, it will also be removed.

 Installing New Fonts On Your Mac Using Font Book:

To install a new font on your Mac, first open Font Book (by going to Applications > Utilities > Font Book). You can select the fonts you want to install and click the Install button. This will take you to the Install Fonts dialog window, where you can enter the location of the font file. You can also choose whether you want to use the system’s default fonts or your custom fonts. After clicking OK, you’ll install the font, which will be available for use in any application supporting text formatting.


Apple has changed the way we consume music, create art, and communicate with friends. Its technology has also inspired an entire industry of developers who use its code to build their own apps. While the Cupertino-based company is often credited for making the most successful operating system in history, it’s one of many that have changed our lives.

We’ll take a look at some of these major tech companies and how they’ve influenced us over the years. I hope now you know Apple Font Download.


What Is The Font Used By Apple?

The font used by Apple is called San Francisco. Jonathan Ive designed and debuted it in 2010 as the company’s new corporate typeface. The goal of this font was to give its products a contemporary, refined look that would set it apart from other technology brands on the market at the time.

Since then, many other companies, including Facebook and Google, have adopted San Francisco. Its popularity is for its versatility and minimalistic design, making it perfect for use in print media and online platforms.

There are currently over 100 million websites that use San Francisco as their main font choice, so if you’re looking for a modern but versatile style option, San Francisco should be among your top picks.

Are Apple Fonts Free?

While Apple fonts are not free, they are still a valuable resource for users. Fonts can be downloaded and used with the font software installed on any Mac computer. In addition, you can access the fonts found in the App Store through this same software.

Font rights vary from country to country, so it is essential to check before downloading a font if it is unavailable in your region or if you plan on using it commercially. Additionally, some fonts may require payment if you wish to use them commercially.

What Font Is Closest To Apple?

According to Google Trends, the font closest to Apple in terms of popularity is in Georgia. The original Macintosh computer first used this font in 1984 and is popular among other companies and designers. While Arial may be more commonly associated with Apple products today, Georgia remains a popular choice for many iPhone users.

How Do You Download Apple Fonts On Windows?

One way to download Apple fonts on Windows is to use the Font Book application. You can find this program in the Accessories section of your Start menu. Once you have opened Font Book, click “Add” and select “Fonts from a Package.” Next, browse to the folder where you downloaded the font files and pick them. Finally, click on “Install.”

Another option is to convert an existing font file into a format that Windows will recognize. You can do this by opening Adobe Acrobat Reader and creating a PDF document with the desired font embedded inside it. Once you’ve created the document, open it in Acrobat Reader and go to File -> Save As.

Then choose Microsoft Word (* .doc) as your destination type. When finished, close all open instances of Expert Reader before attempting installation on Windows 10 or 8/8.1 machines running any version of Office 2016 or earlier applications (Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, etc.).

How Do I Install A Font?

Installing a font is easy. Just download the desired font file and unzip it or open it in a text editor like Notepad. Next, locate the .ttf or .otf file extension and drag and drop it into your Fonts folder (usually found at C:WindowsFonts).

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