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Quaker oats font is a free download. It is a free vector font that you can use to personalize your designs, but you don’t have to! There are many ways you can incorporate this font into your personal and professional life.

quaker oats font is an open source typeface for display and print developed by the Quaker Oats Company.

It was created in 2001, when the company sought to create a typeface that was appropriate for its print marketing campaigns.

The company also wanted a consistent design across all its advertising material, including television commercials, point-of-sale displays, packaging, and websites.

Quaker Oats Font

What Is The Font Of Quaker Oats

The Font of Quaker Oats is a font created by the Quaker Oats Company to be used in their print marketing campaigns. The company wanted an easily recognizable design that would work well with its advertising material, such as point-of-sale displays, packaging and websites.

The Font of Quakers was designed during the presidency of George W. Bush from 2001–2009 by Aubrey Kagan who also led the other fonts named after food products for Kerrygold, Litehouse iced tea and Taco Johns taco shells (see CAPS).

Described as “Perfection made easy ” by the Quaker Oats Company it was a collaborative effort between Kagan and The QUBE Corporation.

Quaker Oats Quietly Introduces A New Logo As The Company Focuses On “Wholesome.”

Quaker Oats Quietly Introduces A New Logo As The Company Focuses On Wholesome.

Quaker Oats is quietly introducing a new logo that focuses on “wholesome.” The company is reportedly replacing the iconic red oat design with cleaner white lettering. This change may go unnoticed by most consumers. Still, it’s an essential move for Quaker Oats as the company faces increasing competition from competitors such as General Mills and Coca-Cola.

The new logo is reportedly more “inclusive” and will appeal to health-conscious consumers. This shift may help Quaker Oats stay ahead of the curve as the company tries to appeal to a more diverse audience. Freestyle Script font works on the company’s cylinder container. The hand lettering of old-fashioned Quaker Oats boxes developed the font which inspires in-home uses. The new logo was first introduced in late 2017 and is meant to be more modern and “accessible.” Quaker Oats Font.

Quaker Oats Font Character Chart

Quaker Oats Font Character Chart

Letter Unicode x p h 3 g 1 e maj 27 67 0 o 53 90 7 J 89 145 k 5 153 l 241 217 m 189 232 n 391 650 ห่ว. 276 638 0 D 33 9 C 61 134 F 85 202 G 13 267 U 87 897 R 93 1033 T 131 243 Y 60 235 v 234 154 w 149 188 z 193 192

Old French Italic Blackletter slab dot zero The font (proprietary, Adobe,) if downloaded and printed is not compatible with the normal printing system on various computers, such as Macs and PCs.

Some font enthusiasts claim that the highly ornamental letter is a “original work of art and not a commercial product,” however usage in printed material clearly indicates otherwise since this typeface allows advertisers to share their campaigns with millions around the world.

Design of Quaker Oats Font

Design of Quaker Oats Font

Kagan began the design process by analysing North American and European fonts such as Helvetica, Bodoni and Didot. The final font had slab serifs below each letter which Kagan said “were the drawing styles I fell in love with during my college years.”

In order to make Quaker Oats Font easer to read his radical slabs of letters were adjusted until they closely resembled a plain typeface without any ornamentation or swash capitals as most people are familiar with for print production on computers.

The imaginary designs that inspired this atypical style of typeface were based on Old French, Roman inscriptions and Egyptian hieroglyphics. Kagan said he “maintained the overall pattern of heaviness but only altered this in a way that reinforces legibility.”

Quaker Oats Font is known for its layered serifs which can be seen horizontally as opposed to typewriter fonts where emphasis or punctuation occurs vertically.

He remarked: “My goal was just giving a weight to each letter, making them feel heavy enough so I don’t think the eye will skip up through the line… There’s something about that that just makes the line flow a lot better and looks less blocky.”

Features Of Quaker Oats Font

  • Italic Quaker Oats Font
  • 4 color print (black, red, orange and green colors)
  • Commercial licence allowing use in unrelated font products
  • Usage as a mock newspaper or advertising logo for packaging and a range of other applications and is also commonly used on personal cases, mugs, dog tags etc.
  • Usage within the UK Press (August 1998)
  • Features in the Free Fonts Directory
  • Usage within UK newspapers such as The Guardian and Daily Mail

Commercial Use of Quaker Oats Font

  • Use as a logo for Quaker Oats products from Nestlé
  • Used on packaging and posters across the UK in retail stores such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Marks & Spencers etc.

Many of these images are taken from publicly accessible social media sources or galleries hosted online. If you own copyright to any images please contact us we will remove them immediately upon receipt of valid ownership information.

Designing and building applications/toys see my open source projects as well.

Personal Use of Quaker Oats Font

  • Keychains, Stickers and Mugs available at FontShop
  • Foundry Webfonts use Quaker Oats Font on the website FONTST.COM This includes: fonts for body text (font-size 10 so a very top notch font) Notes on the Commercial Licence

This typeface is provided free of charge. You may use it in any application that you consider to be non-commercial and where you would like to display a logo or stationery as part of your personal brand –

For example handwriting, artwork on the back of letterheads and notes on visuals for proposals including business cards, presentations etc.

The licensing code has been set up so we can track usage more effectively than by traditional methods but without overloading servers with emails from many users asking about validating their licence when using this font anywhere else outside its intended format (serif + lowercase letters).

The Font Used On The Quaker Oats Cylinder Container

The Font Used On The Quaker Oats Cylinder Container?

If you’re looking to create a similar look for your website or project, there are some great fonts to choose from. One of these fonts is Avenir, designed by Paul Renner in 1927. It’s a classic font perfect for commercial use, such as packaging and logos. Another great option is Futura, created by Max Miedinger in 1957. It’s a more modern font that’s also perfect for commercial use. If you’re looking for a more unique and stylish font, try using the Quaker Oats font.

Difference With Other Fonts

Difference With Other Fonts

This typeface is not a free font software found on the web it was compiled and released by Robert Slimbach (creator of Adobe’s default serif and sans-serif fonts).

Please note that you cannot release a new version or distribution of this font without contacting me first.

Please read the “Accessing this Font” and FAQ for more details. Should you require access to or acknowledgement of an earlier version of Quaker Oats please contact me, though I doubt your request will be fully met generally due to length (though there may be one which does work with all vehicles available).

Please do not use embedded fonts from other designers without permission as the design copyright rests clearly with Robert Slimbach through his company Ralston Typography .

History of Quaker Oats Font

History of Quaker Oats Font

Robert Slimbach was commissioned to design a font for an ad campaign for Quaker Oats in 1983. The original typeface remained the same but with changes from time-to developing technology and incorporating features that best suits legibility of their chosen black and white adverts.

This font is not direct connect to what we see today (apart from minor alterations) but remains as Slimbach originally developed it, documenting tambly text weight used as well as now defunct condensed variants –

These are displayed on this page alongside regular weights so you can compare between versions if required or browse through all available letters found in these typefaces.

The font originally created for the ad campaign was named “Quaker” and remained so until 1988, when Quaker Oats decided to officially release a new set of hand-done italics made with Robert Slimbach’s original designs as standard their core fonts for all subsequent printed material (ie mass media), in an agreement signed by Ralston Typography .

Up until this point any other changes from initial design would not have included additional weights unless requested by clients thus requiring additional equipment such as larger production runs or revised inventory existing stock being returned.

Had this occurred traffic at their printers in Dayton and the cost of this additional work is not known but arguably equates to more than £8 million pounds at time value,

Clearly a staggering sum compared with what they paid for this font. The original style Quaker Italic was redesigned by Dutch type designer Viktor Klang.

Types of Quaker Oats Font

Types of Quaker Oats Font

The following fonts are a result of my research into the font design and creation. Quaker Sans (Regular) was created after researching origins and difference from original,

Where I questioned why this information is not covered in more detail as to some points there could have been confusion between similar designs as a forshadowing reason for alteration/omission until an understanding with Ralston –

Similarities particularly portrayed within OpenType alternates that can only be found on computer screens alone; these character set weights were unknown prior to first finding them at different sites but they do exist elsewhere albeit often suspended using Adobe’s proprietary Character Tester .

Knowledge of only these alternates is restricted and current to the end user. Quaker Sans (Semi Light) differs from regular in that it has a heavier rounder ks while keeping its rounded square cutoff; this makes each leg more distinctive on letters than regular,

But also reduces headwidth increasing initial risk of stroke shape flowing outwards due to common found within designs designed by font specimen Ralston Typography ,

Where if you remove weights at least one main typeface will become noticeably different visually as starkly can be seen with CombiT Italic – some changes are minor.

Commercial Use of Quaker Oats Font

Commercial Use of Quaker Oats Font

Marks & Spencer/Norman Jay Financial Model licence does not allow commercial use in any form so no monetary gain is made from the information of this font within images for retail, I Love Dragons were used as symbol neither covered with copyright licensing.

The Compost Shop Logo was created after supporting and raising research assets to help further understanding due diligence needed before transfer into OpenType context when determining such letters that do relate design choices.

Quaker Sans (Regular)  was originally designed to coincide with those principles by making overlistings similar without alteration.

Personal Use of Quaker Oats Font

Personal Use of Quaker Oats Font

Quaker Oats Font is used for print and screen applications in awareness of these files  hold the most accurate design intent where Quaker Sans (Regular) is a much lighter weight found on those same images.

As an alternative to commenting this font alone my licence requires alterations not made to source instances without turning into OpenType contexts;

Which poses being unable to make any further edits but are covered by commercial use, If I am creating new works or extended additional variations based off othe PC’s then it becomes nullified by terms és limits as mentioned with default installation rights under typographic licensing ,

I accept you are free to sell spread symbols under a Creative Commons licence; so I simply can not cover any commercial use within imagery or text unless entire font itself is changed as written in terms of licensing.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. How Long Have Quaker Oats Been Around?

In 1957, Robert and William Alexander applied to trademark the name “Oat Bran,” an oatmeal-based breakfast food with a tangy orange color. Founded in 1859 by James Reynolds White at North Easton, Massachusetts as Sago Mills, Inc.

Quaker Oats has grown into one of America’s most successful brands under the guidance of successive generations of the same family since J.R.’s 29-year old great nephew Donald carved out his place in 1968.

2. Where Is The Iconic Quaker Oats Design Created?

The original 1957 logo was drawn by Ralph E. Vokes of the advertising agency S&R Lithography which completed work for Robert and William Alexander, who had asked Vokes to draw a version that would “beautify their product.”

In this case, oatmeal. The letters were inked with vegetable dyes; colored acetate sheets took over after considerable experimentation darkened them sufficiently without introducing any speckles or halo effects around their edges as sometimes happened with coloured pencils applying powder ink directly on an area considered to be very important.

Why has “Oats” become the public’s go-to product name in America?

3. Does Quaker Oats Font Really Work?

The Quaker Oats slogan “You’ve Got to Eat the Whole Bar” is not just a catchy jingle. It is actually true, as a diet of whole-grain oats can help lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

There are many benefits of quaker oats including:

  • They can help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • They contain iron, which helps maintain healthy red blood cells.
  • They are low in sodium and fat, making them an ideal choice for those who want to lose weight or watch their sodium intake.
  • They have more protein than other breakfast cereals on the market today with 20 grams per serving.

4. What Is Quaker Oats Font?

Quaker oats font is a type of ornamental handwriting, usually found in the form of an italic typeface. The name comes from Quaker Oats, which commissioned its first trademarked logo in 1886, and was later registered as a trademark for the company’s packaging designs.

Quaker oats font is mostly used by companies to create brand identity and create memorable logos that are easily recognizable and appealing to consumers.

5. How Can I Use Quaker Oats Font To Lose Weight?

Quaker oats font is a type of breakfast cereal that has been around for decades. It can be used as a healthy snack or an appetizer.

The benefits of quaker oats font are:

  • It is low in fat and sodium.
  • It contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, folate, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, thiamin and zinc.
  • It provides protein which helps to keep you feeling full longer.
  • Its high fiber content (7 grams per cup) can help you feel fuller without consuming too many calories.


Quaker Oats is famous for its delicious oatmeal. However, the company is just as well known for the typeface used to print their ads and slogans.

Today, we’ll take a look at how the font was designed and explain why it has become so iconic over the years.

Quaker oats font is a font based on the Quaker Oats logo. The original design was made by the graphic designer David Carson, who worked for many years as an illustrator and designer for the Quaker Oats Company.

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