Discover The Most Common Newspaper Font For Print Media

Are you a typography enthusiast or just someone who appreciates the aesthetic appeal of print media? If so, you’re in for a treat. Here we will delve into fonts and explore the common newspaper font used in print media.

From Helvetica to Lobster, we’ll discuss 10 remarkable headline fonts synonymous with the newspaper industry. Whether you’re a graphic designer looking for inspiration or simply curious about the typographic choices made by newspapers, it will provide valuable insights. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and join us on this typographic journey as we unravel the secrets behind the most common newspaper font for print media.

Most Common Newspaper Font

10 Remarkable Headline Fonts Most Common Newspaper Font

10 Remarkable Headline Fonts Most Common Newspaper Font

Regarding selecting headline fonts for print media, there are numerous remarkable options available. Times New Roman is a classic font that offers both readability and familiarity. Arial, on the other hand, provides a clean and modern look for newspaper headlines. Helvetica is another popular newspaper choice for its versatility and legibility.

Garamond, a timeless serif font, gives newspaper headlines a traditional and elegant look. And for attention-grabbing headlines, Franklin Gothic is a bold and condensed font commonly used by newspapers. Follow the below step on the most common newspaper font.


People widely recognize and love Helvetica, the versatile font synonymous with newspapers. Designed in 1957 by Swiss visionaries Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann, this clean and modern font is perfect for captivating headlines and informative subheadings. With its timeless appeal, Helvetica effortlessly commands attention while maintaining legibility. Embraced by diverse newspapers for its adaptability, this iconic typeface continues to dominate the print media landscape.

The Future

The Future font, widely chosen for newspaper headlines, showcases a clean and modern look. Its sans-serif design ensures readability, enabling readers to grasp key messages swiftly. The Future font captures attention in bold or uppercase, making headlines visually striking. This versatile font family finds utility across different newspaper types, from serious news stories to artistic layouts. This font selection balances modernity and readability without beginning with the primary keyword.



An elegant and stylish script font, Lobster is a popular choice for newspaper headlines. With its bold and distinctive letterforms, Lobster grabs attention and adds a touch of sophistication to any headline design. This versatile font suits various topics and styles, from news to entertainment. Despite its stylish appearance, Lobster remains easily readable even at smaller sizes, ensuring that headlines fit within limited space without compromising readability.

Built Titling

Built Titling is a popular font choice for newspaper headlines due to its bold and impactful appearance. Its classic and timeless feel adds credibility to newspaper articles, capturing readers’ attention. One of the key advantages of Built Titling is its high readability, even at smaller sizes, ensuring that headlines are easily legible. This versatility makes it suitable for print and digital media, making it a preferred font among newspaper designers looking to make a strong visual impact.


Kilograph has a bold and eye-catching design, making it a popular font choice for newspaper headlines. With its strong, thick lines, this font ensures easy readability even from a distance. Its modern and sleek appearance makes it suitable for print and digital media, adding versatility to its usage. Kilograph is often preferred to grab readers’ attention and emphasize the significance of the headline. This versatile font can create captivating headlines for various topics, from breaking news to feature stories.



Dailymirror is a commonly used font for newspaper headlines because of its bold and impactful design. This versatile font immediately grabs the reader’s attention and ensures easy readability from a distance. Its clean and legible appearance makes it a popular choice among newspaper designers, adding a classic and timeless look to newspaper articles. From breaking news to feature stories, Dailymirror is the perfect font for conveying important information without compromising on style or professionalism.

Respira Black

Respira Black, a versatile font choice for newspaper headlines, grabs attention with its bold and timeless design. This serif typeface is highly legible, even in smaller sizes, ensuring the readability of newspaper headlines. Its strong presence commands attention, enhancing the importance of the headline.

Respira Black’s compatibility with various design styles makes it suitable for print media projects, such as advertisements and graphic design layouts. With its classic appeal, Respira Black is one of the best font choices for newspaper headlines.

Rozha One

Rozha One, a popular font often used for newspaper headlines, captures attention with its bold and eye-catching design. This versatile font is suitable for various newspapers, incorporating serif typefaces, serif fonts, and typography.

Rozha One is visibly appealing, with a classic and timeless look that suits vintage and logo designs. It enhances readability, particularly for newspaper body text, headlines, and layout. With its professional appearance and clean lines, Rozha One is one of print media’s most common and popular newspaper fonts.


A widely used and eye-catching font, Firecracker is perfect for newspaper headlines. Its bold and impactful design adds visual interest to newspaper pages. This versatile font is a favourite among newspaper designers and can be adapted to different styles. Firecracker, often combined with serif or sans-serif fonts, creates contrast in layout. Versatile font for design projects, it captures attention in advertisements and packaging.

Newspaper Cutboy

Newspaper Cutboy

Newspaper Cutboy is one of the most common newspaper fonts in the print media industry. Its bold and impactful design makes this font perfect for grabbing readers’ attention and giving newspapers a traditional and authoritative feel.

What sets Newspaper Cutboy apart is its versatility, allowing it to adapt to various styles of newspapers, whether a tabloid or a broadsheet. Moreover, this font ensures readability even in smaller sizes, making headlines clear and easy to read. Its popularity among newspaper designers is a testament to its effectiveness.


The most common newspaper fonts are Serif, such as Times New Roman and Georgia. These fonts have clean lines and are easy to read, making them ideal for printed newspapers. When choosing the right font for your newspaper, it is essential to consider the overall message you want to convey and maintain a consistent brand image.

While numerous fonts are available, some are more commonly used in print media. Helvetica, The Future, Lobster, Built Titling, Kilograph, Dailymirror, Respira Black, Rozha One, Firecracker, and Newspaper Cutboy are popular choices for newspaper fonts.

Each font has its own unique features and can create a distinct visual impact on readers. We recommend our comprehensive guide on the most commonly used fonts in newspapers to explore these fonts further and find the perfect one for your newspaper design. This guide has provided detailed information on each font’s style, legibility, and suitability for different types of content.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Is The Font Used In Newspaper Articles?

Ans: The font commonly used in newspaper articles is Times New Roman, although Arial, Helvetica, and Georgia are popular choices. The font size typically ranges from 9 to 12 points. Newspapers may use serif and sans-serif fonts for headlines and body text to add visual interest.

2.What Is The Average Newspaper Font?

Ans: The typical font used in newspapers is a serif, such as Times New Roman or Georgia. Serif fonts are preferred for their readability and legibility, especially in smaller sizes commonly found in print media. While specific font choices may vary, newspapers generally favour serif fonts.

3.What Font Is The New York Times?

Ans: The New York Times uses a custom font called “NYT Cheltenham” for its print media, a serif typeface known for its elegant and classic appearance. Additionally, the newspaper incorporates other typefaces like Helvetica and Franklin Gothic in specific sections.

4.What Font Is The Newspaper Title In Google Docs?

Ans: The default font for newspaper titles in Google Docs is typically “Times New Roman,” but you can select any font that suits your preference. Popular options include “Arial,” “Helvetica,” and “Garamond.” Just make sure the chosen font is legible and complements the overall style of your newspaper design.

5.What Are The Most Popular Newspaper Fonts?

Ans: Some popular newspaper fonts are Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, and Garamond. Serif fonts like Times New Roman are typically used for body text, while sans-serif fonts like Arial and Helvetica are common for headlines.

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