How To Change Font Awesome Icon Color

Font Awesome is one of the most popular icon libraries available today. It provides a vast collection of scalable vector icons that can be customized to suit any design need.

However, one of the most common challenges designers face is changing the color of Font Awesome icons. Changing these icons’ color can be tricky, especially for beginners. But fear not; we will walk you through the steps to change the Font Awesome icon color.

You can achieve customization of the color of Font Awesome icons in two ways. The first is CSS, and the second is Font Awesome’s built-in styling classes. We will cover both methods in detail, providing simple and easy-to-follow steps. You will also learn how to use the Font Awesome icon color generator to create custom icon colors that match your brand or design aesthetics.

How To Change Font Awesome Icon Color

What Is Font Awesome Icon?

How To Change Font Awesome Icon Color

Font Awesome Icon is a popular icon toolkit that allows developers and designers to add scalable vector icons to their projects easily. With over 5,500 icons in its library, Font Awesome provides users with a wide range of options.

These icons can be customized with CSS to match a website or application’s style and color scheme. You can easily use the toolkit by copying and pasting simple HTML code snippets directly into your project. Whether looking for social media icons, navigation symbols, or decorative elements, Font Awesome has something for everyone.

7 Easy Tips To Change Font Awesome Icon Color

7 Easy Tips To Change Font Awesome Icon Color

Changing the color of Font Awesome icons can be a simple way to add customization and personalization to your website or project. Here are 7 easy tips to change Font Awesome icon colors:

  1. Use CSS to change the color of the icon.
  2. Use inline styles to change the color of the icon.
  3. Use a predefined color class with Font Awesome icons.
  4. Style the icons using pseudo-elements like before or after.
  5. Use a text editor or code editor with find and replace functionality to replace the original color with your desired color.
  6. Use a CSS preprocessor like Sass or Less to create variables for different colors and apply them to your Font Awesome icons.
  7. Finally, you can use a tool like IcoMoon, which allows you to customize and download your version of Font Awesome icons in any color you like. With these tips, you can easily change the color of your Font Awesome icons and make them stand out on your website or project.

Using Css To Change Font Awesome Icon Color

You can use CSS code to modify the color of Font Awesome icons on your website. Please start by selecting the desired icon using its class name and then targeting it with CSS. Change the color property to alter the icon’s appearance. To add more style to your heroes, try experimenting with different CSS properties like opacity and text-shadow. Additionally, you can create unique tones and effects using pseudo-elements like: before or after.

Adding Font Awesome Icon To Html

Incorporating Font Awesome icons into your website’s HTML is an effortless process. Begin by including the Font Awesome library in your HTML file. After that, please select your preferred icon from the extensive Font Awesome icon list and append its appropriate class name to any HTML element where you want it displayed.

Lastly, modify the color of your Font Awesome icon using CSS properties like background color, font size, or custom CSS code. Play around with different colors and styles through inline or external stylesheet code until you achieve a satisfying design.

Font Awesome Icon Width And Height

Font Awesome Icon Width And Height

Customizing Font Awesome Icons with CSS code allows for quickly modifying their appearance. By selecting an icon’s class name and targeting it with CSS properties such as ‘width’ and ‘height,’ you can easily change the size of the icon while maintaining its aspect ratio.

Additionally, you can modify the “color” attribute to change the icon’s color without any issues or distorting its appearance. With additional custom CSS code snippets, such as hover animations and background colors, you can create unique design elements with Font Awesome icons.

Font Awesome Icon As Svg

Font Awesome Icon As Svg

Customizing Font Awesome icons are easy with CSS. The “color” property modification in CSS code or inline styles for the Font Awesome icon color change is included. Pseudo-elements allow adding hover effects and animations to this amazing icon library.

SVGs provide even more flexibility in customization by having fill and stroke colors. The Font Awesome documentation provides extensive help on how to work with elements such as background color or font size through online customizers or including additional CSS/stylesheet aligning icons efficiently.

Using Font Awesome With Bootstrap

Using Font Awesome With Bootstrap

To add visually appealing icons to your website using Bootstrap and Font Awesome, it’s crucial to consider the aspect ratio when changing the size. You can customize the color of font-awesome icons by applying a custom class or using CSS properties like “background-color” or “color.” Ensure you include appropriate CSS files for Font Awesome and Bootstrap for optimal functioning.

With inline CSS code or custom CSS, you can align icons, add animations, and change hover effects. Don’t forget to check the documentation and comment sections to learn more about SVGs, JavaScript, URL links, passwords, privacy policies, and additional customization options.

Font Awesome Icon Javascript And Url

You have various options to change the color of Font Awesome icons, including JavaScript and URL methods. Using CSS is an option, although it is not as dynamic as using JavaScript. With the URL method, you can easily embed an icon from the Font Awesome website and use URL parameters to customize its background color or fill color without hassle. Ensure you comply with licensing agreements when utilizing these icons in your project.

How To Find Awesome Font Icons

How To Find Awesome Font Icons

Finding Font Awesome icons is easy, with over 1500 options. Access them through a JavaScript or URL addition to your HTML file. Browse categories or use keywords in the search bar for quick results. Copy and paste desired icon code from Font Awesome and apply CSS styling for customization options like font size and background color. Remember to use proper licensing and attribution when using Font Awesome Icon Code in projects.

Troubleshooting Font Awesome Icon Color Change

When troubleshooting issues with changing the font’s excellent icon color. Checking the correct CSS class targeting the icon and watching out for any conflicting styles that may affect its color is important. You can also use inline styling to override conflicts or use custom CSS or add an ID to the element holding the icon if needed.

Another way to address issues is to verify that Font Awesome CSS files are correctly linked and loaded on your website. Remember to test changes in different browsers and devices, as this can help you identify any problems with alignment, background color, font size, width, hover animations, and more.

Font Awesome Icon Color References

CSS styling can be used to modify the appearance of Font Awesome icons. The “color” property can be applied to alter the color of icons. However, if the icon is an SVG, it’s recommended to use the “fill” property instead of “color.” Custom SVG files with the “data-icon” attribute can be utilized for multi-colored icons. By using these techniques, you can quickly customize and improve the look and feel of your website or application.


Changing the color of awesome font icons is a simple and effective way to customize your website or project. Following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can easily change the color of your font’s awesome icons to match your branding or design preferences.

Whether you’re a web designer or developer, knowing how to change font awesome icon colors can help you create more visually appealing and cohesive designs. Whether you use CSS, inline styles, or a JavaScript library, you can achieve the desired effect and make your icons stand out. With these techniques, you can take full advantage of the flexibility and versatility of Font Awesome icons.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can You Change Font Awesome Icon Color?

Ans: Changing Font Awesome icon color is possible by using CSS and modifying the “color” property. Pseudo-elements like: hover or: active can also be used for specific user actions. Customizing icon colors can enhance website design and user experience.

2.How Do I Fill A Font Awesome Icon With Color?

Ans: To add color to a Font Awesome icon, CSS is required. Assign a class name to the chosen hero and specify the color using the “color” property in the CSS file. Some heroes may also need the “fill” property.

3.How Do I Make Font Awesome Icons White?

Ans: To make Font Awesome icons white, add the “fa-inverse” class to the container element or use CSS to set the color or fill as white. You can also look for pre-made white versions of the icon. Ensure your changes are visible across all devices and browsers.

4.How Do I Change The Color Of An Icon In HTML?

Ans: To alter an icon’s color in HTML, utilize the “color” property in CSS and select the icon by its class or ID. Additionally, inline styling can modify the icon’s color. Play around with various hues and tones to achieve your desired design.

5.What Is Font Awesome, And How Is It Used In Web Design?

Ans: Font Awesome is a widely-used icon library that offers customizable, scalable vector icons for web design. Designers can easily add these icons to their web pages using HTML or CSS code, saving time and effort. It provides a variety of pre-designed icons to choose from and customize according to the website’s needs.

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