Augusta National Font – Meaning, Types, And Uses

Augusta National is a golf club in Augusta, Georgia. It opened in 1933 and was described by “Golf Digest” as “perhaps the most famous golf course on earth”.

On April 12, 2017, controversy erupted when it was announced that then-President of Trump Golf LLC Eric Trump would host The Masters from its grounds in 2018.

He became embroiled amidst criticism for his father’s plan to have taxpayers pay $128 million toward infrastructure upgrades at the club over six years.

Augusta national font is used in the logo of this club. It is very popular. The Font Design Meaning: Love | Peace | Friendship /Career Growth.

Individuality, Dreaming, Uniqueness and Positive attitude is found in readability & fontface. This font is perfect for voiceovers, branding or presentations.

Augusta National Font

What Is Augusta National Font?

The Augusta National Font is a font that can improve communication. It is used in badges, invitations and menus. The font also has been in use for more than 20 years.

The Augusta National Club was sited by Samuel Augustus Ward and Dr Charles Bulfinch at the site of old Anacostia River landing during 1860s with purpose to provide small enclave for some wealthy white gentlemen from other states who were settling around.

After his death George C Mayreth bought most of that land and became interim owner & president until Mr J T Foster took office officially on 1924-5th April 1927 when the club started its activities formally since 2010 July 10:

Augusta National Members for the first time were welcomed at 6th tee in 1934 Christmas season in that year eight new houses are ready and when only four years later Mr Arthur Cantler was elected as President & General Manager,

By 1930s decade of play an expanded 9 holes parles course (with regulation 18h green) became part of pre-club facilities with planning permission granted to construction 709 acres land. Floodlights also added on 1927 August 29.

Augusta National Font has been used since then without altering or improving its characteristics such like uniformity and stability over more than 75 years.

Today this unique club has only 1,700 members with tradition under the same ownership from Foresman and Rinehart & Company until today that continues to follow its long established ways of golfing activities and a few generation after it was commissioned by Mr J T Foster

In 1927 for building a clubhouse where some of Augusta National Members play now on weekdays up to 18 holes par 36 golf course under playing rule which is non-championship but rather as amateur league championship.

Design Of Augusta National Font

Design Of Augusta National Font

Augusta National Font (also referred to as Golf Club) is the font type used by The Augusta National Golf Club, one of President Barack Obama’s favorite places.

It was created in 1927 and issued by the American Typefounders Company under their “Clarendon Old Style” series.

The design uses a serifed all-cap sanserif face with early twentieth century modernist features such as generous crossbars at g and y, long ascenders on lower case e and I

Which allows for very open counters without turning them into separate letters like many other fonts have done, and a lowercase j with small curl at the top of its left crossbar.

The x-height is more substantial than many other fonts, measuring 583 units tall in the condensed weight variant described here;

This asymmetry gives it some history-based distinction compared to most sanserif typefaces which are rendered as either normal (as on modern computers), or much thinner.

What Are The Features Of Augusta National Font?

What Are The Features Of Augusta National Font

Augusta National Font includes the following features:

  • Alignment N/A, but used for both text and display.
  • Languages supported Latin, Cyrillic & Coptic.
  • Copyright ARSLG 1927 LLC7Mar2015 .
  • Format OTF – OpenType Font (True Type) Character Set.
  • Fidelity 75% in all directions simulate proprietary fonts.
  • Encoding Layer Encoding.

How To Use Augusta National Font

How To Use Augusta National Font

Augusta National Font uses the standard latin alphabet with no diacritical marks, so it is suitable for use in all languages.

  • Use Augusta National Font to create logos and text graphics.
  • Use sequences of serifed letters to achieve a unique design
  • Use the wonderful x height to create a powerful design without being overly condensed.

Who Uses Augusta National Font?

Who Uses Augusta National Font

Augusta National Font is suitable for use across a number of design industries, such as logos and text graphics.

It is well-suited for use in company branding and labeling, digital typefaces, court documents, social media campaigns with calligraphy lettering set-ups. Augusta National Font is a great family for use in display typography.

Features of Augusta National Font

  • Download and install glyph, kerning pairs file;
  • Use the font in your current project with free fonts.
  • Original Latin alpha – liga2 licensed Augusta National Font variant designed Ancient Roman alphabet.
  • About files: FxdFlat, OTF font password can not be modified or deleted through this file content is the property of Alexandria Fonts operator in charge of its original production with a history record and copyright violation entails severe civil and criminal penalties are violators will be prosecuted to maximum extent provided by law.
  • Copy protected license terms: This Font License agreement grants you no rights against its developer as long as you comply with all conditions stipulated in this Agreement clause First page protected initial license grant made to licensee prevails over any other form or advertisement either written or oral with the exception of any rights or conditions prescribed in a sealed written agreement between licensor and licensee giving full effect to such representations
  • Use whole alphabet including all uppercase, lowercase letters A through Z.
  • Excellent tracking with square baseline x height at 250% leading density intended for use as text fills and headlines.
  • Increase legibility when designing large spreads within documents by increasing leading contrast throughout each letterform.

Can I Use Augusta National Font?

Can I Use Augusta National Font

Yes! The font is free to download and use in any creation, personal or commercial.

  • Logo and visual identity design, print packaging design.
  • Web graphic designer doing lettering animation with Typography applications such as Illustrator or Photoshop.
  • Logos, identity motifs.
  • Web templates construction with web style sheets in: CSS3, HTML5 and XHTML formats for Bootstrap 3 or 4 fluid grids versions Node sofasyte frameworks to create mobile applications Angular.

Legalities of Augusta National Font

Under international copyright provisions, the Font License Agreement protects trademarked elements such as the Augusta National logo and colors.

  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

If Augusta National is a suitable font for use in your work, please email the Font License Agreement to along with all the details of your project –text, images you hope to include with it etc.

  • You can use this font for whatever you want, personal or commercial.

How To Use Augusta National Font

How To Use Augusta National Font

There are many ways to use the font, such as:

  • Logos and visual identity design.
  • Print packaging design of goods with your logos or product names.
  • Web template construction with web style sheets in: CSS3, HTML5 and XHTML formats for Bootstrap 3 or 4 fluid grids versions Node sofasyte frameworks to create mobile applications Angular

If you use the font commercially and would like credit given, please also include a brief explanation of what this means form

Not all fonts have extra glyphs that need attention! If there is no Glyph Pop entry associated with your license under “Opens,” then there are no Glyph Wraps need customization needed.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. Will There Be A Photocrati Version Where The Background Is Transparent?

Fonts are the visual language of the internet. Fonts help to identify a website or blog. There are many types of fonts, each with their own style and personality.

TIP: Adding a title your blog post will increase the importance of that post by making it a more visible.

Then you have some basic fonts like Georgia, Arial and Times New Roman which are ideal for body copy and web design in general.

And rounds up at Serif font such as Hobo Sans Font or all caps variation (Aria)with its smaller size but still same street style looks , clean cutness with lot of personality

Tip 2 – Choose an appropriate font When choosing any typeface take note not only on how harmoniously they match on page.

2. What Is The Best Way To Use Colors With Your Logo Design?

Color is an important element of logo design. When it comes to colors, you should make sure that they are used in a way that enhances the overall message of your company and brand. You can combine colors in a logo design to boost the image of your brand.

There are some companies that use other shades of color on their logos but most often it is seen with two basic colors or bold, primary ones.

Some designers suggest adding texture and pattern within a logo design which goes hand in hand with its overall message and feel.

3. Is There A Difference Between Fonts Used In Print And Fonts Used On The Web?

The type of font used in print is referred to as “gothic” or “old style.”

In contrast, fonts that are commonly used on the web are referred to as “serif” or “modern serif. They are the straight, upright typefaces designed for body copy and headlines. “Sans-serif” is a term that indicates fonts without serifs or tails at the end of strokes.

They are simply single lines with no embellishing flourishes such as curls, drops or other endings to improve legibility.”

Nowadays using different fonts in websites can give an inspirational look on your brand identity. Do not forget also to use some beautiful icons from deviantART website . Just do it carefully so you will get amazing results where ever you want them!

4. How Do You Make Sure That All Of Your Text Is Legible When Using A Large Font Size?

When using a large font size, it is important to pay attention to the spacing between letters and words. The closer the letters are to each other, the more likely people will be able to read them.

This is where good typographical design becomes important because it can help you cut down on extra spacing and thus increase legibility of your text.

If text requires added spacing due to its font size or because a designer chose sans-serif fonts for it, consider adding line breaks between sentences and paragraphs if they won’t make reading difficult otherwise try out some Anti-aliasing techniques when designing in Adobe Illustrator.

5. What Is The Best Type Of Font For A Logo?

The best type of font for a logo is one that reflects the brand, the company and the overall image.

For example, if you are starting a new business with a creative concept then go for a creative font like Impact or Montserrat.

On the other hand, if you are trying to project an image of stability and reliability then choose something more traditional like Century Gothic or Garamond.


In conclusion, the purpose of this article is to show you how sustainable design principles can be applied in fonts by talking about Augusta National, a popular typeface that has been used all across America and the world.

With such widespread use, it is important to take time out of designing a new font (or updating an old one) in order to address sustainability within its creation process. I hope now you know Augusta National Font.

Many thanks for reading!

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