The Ultimate List of Anime Subtitles Fonts – For the Best Experience!

Subtitles have become an important part of Japanese culture. They are commonly used for movies, series, and even live-action adaptations.

So, what is Anime Subtitles Fonts? Subtitles play a huge role in helping foreign audiences understand the dialogues and visual elements of different countries.

However, subtitles aren’t always available for every language. Ever wanted to make your own anime subtitles but didn’t know where to start? We’ve put together this guide to the different fonts used in subtitles and how you can use them.

Anime Subtitles Fonts

List of Anime Subtitles Fonts

As you’re making your subtitles, it’s important to always provide a variety of different fonts. You can use traditional typefaces such as Garamond and Times or create more unique ones like Comic Sans and Papyrus OpenSans



Originating from 15th century Germany, this font was designed for printing classical literature. It is traditionally used in theology as well as the legal profession due to its great legibility. This font is typically used to create subtitles in a serif format.


Created by the Englishman William Caslon, this font was designed for printing newspapers and has been continuously modified since its introduction in 1721. Times family of fonts have grown with time due to their dependability and flexibility.

A downside of using the Times font is that they are traditionally hard to aimlessly read due to their details relating them more towards print rather than screen.

Times New Roman

Times New Roman

A serifed version of the Times font is commonly used to form subtitles in listings or other written material that is easier to read on screens without obstructing text from view too much.

Antique Olive Open Sans

Antique Olive Open Sans

A relatively new font was designed by Jonathan Hoefler and Erik Spiekller a.k.a “Mr. Happy”, the team that created Verdana. Initially called Avant-Garde, it was completely redesigned from scratch and is currently used in Google Chrome with small legends for math equations.

Artificial Comic Style Sans-Serif Fonts Similar to Papyrus, Comic Sans is another typeface that has the style of fonts such as ancient comic sans with a distorted, surreal, and childish look.

Papyrus Open Sans

Papyrus Open Sans

Created by Vincent Connare, Papyrus is also an easily readable font that has a kind of bug-eyed and cartoonish appearance to it. It’s one of the easiest visible typefaces for people with low vision or learning difficulties due to its boldness.

These fonts can be paired up again to make more unique comic style sans fonts like Comic Wide, Silly Sentences, etc.

Lucida Grande Font

Lucida Grande Font

This font is somewhat similar to Arial but has even more of a rounded look due to its serifs. It can also be used for what it was originally designed for: text-based computer displays that allow both the screen and character set brighter than 16 colors.

Webdings The Style 2 (Inverted) version appears as inoffensive on most web pages which allows any form of digital communication to go smoothly with this typeface’s stunning contrast of light and dark eyes.

Webdings The Style 1 (Normal) is the most commonly used on websites since it looks rounder sending a pleasant balance to your website: not too serious, nor kind of crazy but more than just normal.

It may also be easily overlooked if you don’t want that as some seem to think it’s trendy while others might prefer what they consider more “classic”.



This font has a light-brown color with thick, straight lines. It is also called “verdant” to contrast its bright coloring and focus on the all-caps appearance of this typeface.

Myriad Pro Multiple sizes of this font (with different curves) exist to suit you depending on what you are in need of such as short and wide words or long, skinny sentences.

Helvetica Neue

Helvetica Neue

This version has been supposedly improved upon Helvetica. It is more legible on the Internet and easier to read than its predecessor, with a rather smooth appearance along all of its forms in comparison to old versions that were kitchen lines wider.

Monaco This font was designed in 1957 as part of Richard Koch’s design works, but it also served as a Swiss exercise flag after 2004 until today representing Switzerland itself. A smaller 12pt version exists but the default sans-serif font is now Verdana.



Common uses of this font include things such as companies and non-profits (such as the EPA, NASA, etc.) who use Helvetica Neue verbatim.

Noto Sans Titling Courier New Times Roman Comic Book New Century Schoolbook Monospace PostScript Garamond Minion Pro OpenType Condensed Bold Italic Black500 Medium Harlow Extra Fancy Times Tabloid Textile Adobe Golden Open Fraktur Star 252 CondensedRegular.

This font comes with many options such as bold italics, a variety of weights and styles, stylistic alternates, etc. It also works for large group discussion titles or when you want your article to be braggadocios.



A form of this font is seen on the websites of companies such as McDonald’s and Wal-Mart. Its modern version is Arial Rounded, a completely rounded design to display better in devices such iPads or iPhones.

DejaVu Sans This sans-serif font displays some curved lines but keeps its characteristics simple with a tesselation effect too it which makes the typeface unique.

All logos, or advertising materials that include messages such as advertisements, car purchases, and sales packages, discounted products with coupons in magazines like Ebony Magazine use these fonts.

What Is Your Favorite Subtitle Font?

What Is Your Favorite Subtitle Font

My favorite subtitle font is Helvetica Neue. Helvetica is a modern typeface designed in 1957 by Max Miedinger and the Monotype Corporation.

The name comes from Helvetica University in Switzerland, where the typeface was a part of an advertising campaign. The font is easy to read and looks professional. It’s perfect for subtitles because it doesn’t have too many details, making the text difficult to read.

What Font Is Used In Anime Subtitles?

What Font Is Used In Anime Subtitles

When it comes to anime subtitles, font choice is essential. Many anime fans prefer fonts reminiscent of Japanese calligraphy or manga drawings. Some of the most popular fonts used in subtitling include Garamond and Verdana, which are occasionally used, Verdana, Times New Roman, and Geneva.

If you’re looking for an uncommon font, you may need to download an obscure or custom font software like SubtitleFonts. The font used in anime subtitles is Arial font.

Arial font is a typeface designed in the early 1800s by Robert Slimbach and released commercially in 1818. It is one of the most popular fonts on the internet because it is easy to read and versatile.

What Is The Normal Font For Subtitles?

What Is The Normal Font For Subtitles

With a background/audience in mind, typographers will use fonts that have different weights, and blended letterforms unique to their own specific font.

If you choose one of your family’s favorite nicknames for yourself and create a new typeface with it on your finished product like clothing or even jewelry then everyone will know who the heck you are! Pairing an old nickname with an italicized specific name is another great idea if these two are related to each other.

For instance, if your grandfather’s name was Antonios and you have a handmade sign that states “Romeos Autographs For Sale” then the letterforms in this font are specially adapted for reproduction on paper.

What Is The Netflix Subtitle Font?

What Is The Netflix Subtitle Font

The Netflix subtitle font is a custom font specifically for the subtitles of Netflix movies and TV shows. It was created by in 2014 and is licensed under the SIL Open Font Format. Netflix uses a modified version of the Roboto family of fonts, available free of charge on Google Fonts.

Netflix has been using the font since 2014, and it is available on all devices with Netflix. You can modify the font  or customize to suit your individual needs, and you can download a free version from

What Is The Vsco Girl Font Called?

What Is The Vsco Girl Font Called

The VSCO font doesn’t look like the official girl fonts that have been used for years, it is instead free-spirited and lastly playful.

VSCO girl font is a Web font that has been designed by VSCO. It is an open-source font and its availability is free for use. VSCO girl font is a modern and clean sans-serif font with a bit of an edge to it. The font has a great look and can be used to personalize your text. VSCO girl font is created by VSCO.

The VSCO girl font is a free font that can be used to create beautiful and unique designs. The font is suitable for any kind of branding and identity.

This is an open-source font, which means that you can freely use it on your website or blog. The VSCO girl font is a popular choice for logos, blog headers, social media posts, invitations, headers, and more.

How Do I Make My Own Anime Subtitles Font?

How Do I Make My Own Anime Subtitles Font

First of all, what are the most common requirements for a font?

With that said, to develop your own anime subtitles font you will need an open-source or free set of fonts. There are lots of these available online and in an abundance on this internet today.

Among them are Helvetica Neue Roman, Midnight Lightswitch, and Droid Sans which we’ve already talked about earlier in blog posts. These fonts have already been covered extensively within the forums of Fontspace.

Anime subtitles font is a font that will be used for the tagging (or labeling) of the opening and ending credits in your film or animation, often known as closed captions.

These are one-minute-long miniature versions of your background music, sound effects, and dialogue. On another hand there can also be used to label extras, special effects after the scene have finished playing without interruption from commercials/commercials.

The full list of the types of subtitles with their icon and any other relevant details is provided at IMP-Mart. The basic anime subtitle font you will need to create your own style can be downloaded for free as well,

A link that you can use in Fontspace form within this very article where we provide them.  We are also adding more tutorials soon adds in this blog post so stay tuned!

What Are Some Good Subtitle Fonts For Anime?

Some good subtitle fonts for anime would be Arial, Gotham, or Cambria. There are a few good subtitle fonts that you can use for anime. One popular font is Lucida Sans Unicode, which is available in regular and condensed styles.

Another font that may be helpful is Arial Narrow for subtitles. While you can consider these two fonts generally accurate and legible, there are other options if you want something a little more unique or specific to your anime needs.

Most people know about Comic Sans, but many other great subtitle fonts are available for anime. Some of the most popular include Arial Narrow, Gotham Type, and Roboto Condensed.

Fonts play an important role in conveying the tone and feel of a piece of content. Choosing the right font for your subtitles can improve readability and make it easier for viewers to follow along with what is happening onscreen. Different fonts can also set a particular mood or atmosphere you want to achieve while watching your favorite show.

Be sure to test out different fonts until you find the one that works best for your project! And don’t forget to use stylesheet attributes like color, weight, line height, etc., to customize further how they look on screen.

Shop around online or visit your local print shop to find the best subtitle fonts for anime that meet your requirements. Once you have found a suitable one, please test it out on some of your favorite series before using it live onscreen.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. What Is The Font For Anime Subtitles?

Anime subtitles font list has a variety of top anime fonts that are based on animes. The typeface used to create these fonts will also depend on what you want your product to look like as well as some other considerations such as technical limitations, cost and licensing rights.

2. What Is The Difference Between Fonts For Subtitles And Font For Titles?

Anime Subtitle Fonts are limited to a few characters, while title fonts can be used internationally. An anime subtitle font list typically refers to a range of original character designs from certain animes.

3. What Is The Difficulty Level Of Making Subtitles?

Fonts for anime subtitles can be made by using either a font editor or with specially designed software.

4. What Is The Font For Subtitles Used In Print?

Typically, the best fonts to use when you are printing titles over one million copies would be Arial.

5. What Are The Benefits Of Using A Subtitle Font?

The best fonts prepare your product for maximum brand impact, enhance the experience and make it easier to read.

6. What Is The Font For Subtitles In Content?

Fonts must be designed to read both left and right-to-right languages such as English, Hebrew or Arabic. Fonts are also formatted according to screen sizes.

7. What Are The Benefits Of Using A Title Font?

Most fonts for titles are regional, so they can be used worldwide. Arial is one of the most-used font families when it comes to print design because they have thousands of different pre-designed variations and styles.


Anime subtitles font is a list of Anime Subtitles Fonts. If you are looking for the best Anime Subtitles Fonts, this is the right place to get them.

The following fonts have been made with the help of special effects and other techniques so that they can look realistic. The following fonts are based on original anime titles or manga titles.

They are also useful for commercial purposes like advertisements and posters because they look very beautiful and attractive. Now that you know what the normal font for subtitles is, you can use it to make your own anime subtitles font.

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