A24 Font – Features, Uses & The Basics Explained

A24 font is a standard for creative industries and startups to use for headings, subheads, and body text. This typeface can be used in almost any area of design, from print to websites. It also comes with lots of unique features that make it an ideal choice for designers.

It is a newly-created typeface that makes use of the same DNA as our popular Times New Roman font. Designed by Matias Skopjan, A24 is built with mathematics and geometric forms to create a contemporary and sophisticated design.

This typeface features a bold, smooth serif and heavy presence. The use of sharp angles makes it unique as well while creating harmony between lines and letters.

A24 is perfect for design professionals who are looking to go beyond the basic designs with simple style that can easily make their work look sophisticated beyond its visual appearance alone.

Keep reading this article on A24 font basics so you know how to grab attention in the near future when you create projects..

If you’re looking for a modern and stylish font, you should check out A24. This typeface is perfect for creating contemporary and modern designs and comes in various styles and colors. Whether you’re looking to create a logo, create a headline for your blog post, or add some different sort to your text, A24 is a font that you’ll love.

A24 Font is a new typeface works+ specifically for cinema. It’s sleek and modern, perfect for creating stylish and eye-catching titles and logos. A24 Font is available in several weights, including regular, semibold, bold, and italic, so that you can find the perfect version for your project. Whether a graphic designer working on a film project or a content creator planning a website redesign, A24 Font is a must-have font for your arsenal.

A24 Font

What Is It Mean By A24 Font?

A24 is a typeface family that caters to the needs of creative industries and startups. While being self-igniting, it can also be used for style guides or even wedding invitations. There is something that make this logo different.

All the fonts listed above are available in free and paid versions. If you want to use this typeface on your projects, we suggest that you purchase it immediately because there is no guarantee if or when more updated versions will be released again.

The open-source version of A24 font comes with a lot of shortcomings since not only does it come without all but some auxiliary characters, but also includes an Autofit script.

Moreover, the Autofit script is not recommended for use on text-heavy websites. If you want to purchase this typeface, here are the links that you can choose from:

The above-mentioned fonts have been used in many creative projects. For example, when I designed my wedding invitations, I used the free version of A24. When it comes to free fonts, it is always better to choose those that come with a license.

What font is used in the logo for A24

What Font Is Used In The Logo For A24 Films?

A24 Films uses the font Gotham. This font is from fonts.com and has a license under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. People first used Gotham font in the mid-1990s. Initially released in 1994 by Source Sans Pro and continuously up to date. Gotham is a versatile and modern font that you can use in various projects. Gotham is a clean and contemporary font that you can use for multiple projects.

A24 Films is famous for its logo, which features an open Sans typeface. This font design is democratic and versatile, fitting for large and small scales while remaining legible at any viewing distance.

Additionally, the bold print style helps to create a more pronounced image that stands out from other film companies’ logos.

The font has been working through A24 since 2013 as part of then-founder Alamo Drafthouse’s branding strategy. It works in various applications across the company, including marketing materials, signage, website designs, and even on movie theatre marquees.

A24 title sequences

A24: Title Sequences:

A24 is a new typeface designed specifically for title sequences. It is a versatile and modern design used for various purposes, such as logo design, website headers, or even movie titles. Its unique feature is that it can create long titles that are easy to read and navigate. The typography is elegant and sophisticated, making it perfect for high-quality productions. If you’re looking for a new typeface for your next title sequence project, then A24 may be the ideal option.

A24 is a font designed specifically for title sequences and other cinematic content. It combines the style, elegance, and sophistication of traditional typefaces with the vibrancy and immediacy of digital technology.

A24 is perfect for titles that need to look professional and stylish but still be easy to read. It’s also popular among filmmakers who want their labels to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re looking for a font that will give your movie or video project an edge, then A24 is worth considering.

Outlook of A24 Font

Outlook of A24 Font

The best thing about A24 is that since it does not need a license, you can use the font for many different kinds of projects. Furthermore, it works well when paired with various typographic layouts since – as previously stated – its overall design style resembles simplicity and ease in addition to amplifying positive vibes.

What’s more excellent about this typeface is that unlike other popular free fonts such as Candara or Georgia, none of them will automatically change as your requirements do.

It also gives you freedom over the glyphs that are used to represent each letter. In addition, they were designed in a way so that they could be used by designers of different inclinations and types of projects with minimal effort

Since there is no need for them to “learn” this typeface before being able structures like paragraphs or other elements usable on websites can be created using Aalen font’s letters.

A24 - Fonts In Use

A24 – Fonts In Use:

A24 is a contemporary, sans-serif font designed by Dave Gandy and licensed under the SIL Open Font License. It has four weights: light, regular, medium, and bold. It’s perfect for use on web pages, magazines, and any other type of print project that needs a modern and stylish typeface. A24 is also available in various languages, so you can easily create multilingual websites or print ads that look great no matter where they’re published.

A24 is a font designed specifically for title sequences and other cinematic content. It combines the style, elegance, and sophistication of traditional typefaces with the vibrancy and immediacy of digital technology. A24 is perfect for titles that need to look professional and stylish but still be easy to read.

It’s also popular among filmmakers who want their labels to stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for a font that will give your movie or video project an edge, then A24 is worth considering.

A24 Films Logo

A24 Films Logo Vector:

A24 Films Logo Vector is a free vector graphic that you can use to create logos for your movies and films. The logo features an A with a line through it, along with the word “A24.” It is available in AI or EPS formats, and you can customize it to suit your needs.

If you’re looking for a high-quality logo, then A24 Films is the perfect place. They specialize in quality films working with passion and care. Their portfolio includes titles such as “The Witch,” “Midnight Special,” and “Kubo and the Two Strings.”

Their logo is timeless and elegant, making it suitable for commercial and personal use. The simple design features an upright A followed by 24 dots in different colors representing the various films they have produced throughout history. It is free to download, so you can create your designs or adapt them to fit your brand’s aesthetic.

Regulation Of Using A24 Font

Using A24 Font

Seeing as the font is free and comes with no license, you should proceed with caution when using it. What this means is that since the word “free” can mean nothing in a legal sense if you are not careful enough of how to use A24 font for your own projects well then everything is at risk.

On top of this, teachers/classes/homeschoolers would also be prohibited from distributing or mentioning its terms due to copyright infringement.

So, what to do if you want to use A24 font on your website? Well, since the word “free” still applies in its usage no license is needed so any individual can have their own piece of content that features this typeface without worrying too much about legal implications

Because they are not necessary when using it personally and added displayed text within an article or blog post for instance will be removed by WordPress automatically during page building. You can download and use it. It is absolutely free for personal use.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. Is There Any Way To Download The Font Without Purchasing A License, And If So, How Can I Do That?

You can download the font for free and it is completely legal to do so.

However, you will be obligated to follow any rules such as not distributing or promoting the use of this material out-of-competition from another publisher under your own publishing name on websites including Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram etc. through a watermark like in “unofficial” packaging that’s identifiable only by its typography.

2. What Are The Benefits Of Using A24 Font?

There are many benefits of using a24 font. One of the most important one is that you can get download it for free and use in your project.

However, if you want to monetize digital assets with this font then there will be some restrictions related to commercial uses or publications outside print media like on social media platforms, digital signage etc.

You should check the terms and conditions mentioned below before installing A24 font in any graphic design software.

3. Which One Is Better: Web Fonts Or Downloadable Fonts?

There is a very common debate between web fonts and downloadable fonts.

If you want to use the font in printed material then it is recommended that you use version of this font which has ALLL CAPITAL LETTERS FREE, not only some of the letters like headings or captions or put text under logo etc.

Don’t leave any space without lettering up front if used for commercial purposes as would require 2 licensing options.

4. Is It Possible To Create Custom Fonts With A24 Font?

The short answer to this question is YES. However, whenever you want to create a custom font that can be used in both print

And web documents it’s recommended that you use the most up-to-date version of this BOLD (2013) blackletter style typeface as your starting point for any new project with ITS CAPITAL LETTERS FREE option chosen above.

5. How Much Does A License Cost For This Type Of Font And What Does It Include?

There are two types of licenses available for a24 Font: Personal or Commercial License.

If you want to install the font in only one project then personal license is enough and you do not need commercial license. However, if other digital assets that contain this typeface are created (using different software/template),

It’s recommended that if any graphic designer wants to use within its existing workflow, they get both business version and non-commercial signature level private.


A24 font is a great and useful font for any kind of design. This is one of the most popular fonts that are used by designers to create professional designs. It has a simple yet elegant look, making it perfect for logos, headers, posters, banners and more.

You can also use this font in your printed marketing materials like business cards, postcards and flyers. There are so many other fonts available in the market but A24 font is unique because it is unique and very beautiful.

However, this font is not free for commercial use. It can be used in non-commercial purposes only.

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