YouTube Logo Font – Everything You Need To Know

The most important font in the history of the world, that is what Youtube logo tells. So, what is the youtube logo font? This logo has become a symbol of what YouTube stands for, and is used as a visual trademark to promote this website and its content.

But it is not the only font that has been used for this purpose. There are, in fact, thousands of fonts available all over the Internet (including Corporate Fonts), and I still think that Google’s choice was a good one.

YouTube Logo Font

The Best Fonts for Logos

There are some very good fonts for logos. One of the largest art libraries in the world is Google’s own Font Library, whose entries contain more than 70,000 fonts and a wide range of typefaces (including many sans-serifs), as well as logo versions like Open Sans or Roboto Slab.

In addition to its trademarked font family looks great Open Source Typeface Collection by Christopher Payne available on Github which can be exported in Raster Graphics, Vector Graphics and most any format.

there is Open Sans: One of the Font’s by Google used world famous websites such as Tumblr Inc.,, eBay or Air are using this font in their log labels on their portfolios or other social media accounts to make it prominent That they own an account with these companies and get better results from search engines like google. Choose another font to choose one of the following 7 excellent fonts.

YouTube Logo Font: 6 Categories

YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform that has revolutionized the way we consume and share content online. One of the most recognizable features of YouTube is its logo, which has undergone several changes over the years.

The current logo features the word “YouTube” in black letters with a red rectangle surrounding it. The font used in the YouTube logo is called “Trade Gothic Bold,” which is a sans-serif font that is simple, modern, and easy to read. The font choice for the YouTube logo was intentional, as it reflects the platform’s focus on simplicity and accessibility.

The YouTube Logo Font has become an iconic symbol of online video, and it is instantly recognizable to millions of people around the world. In fact, the logo has become so popular that it has inspired many imitations and parodies over the years. YouTube’s branding is an important part of its success and has helped to establish the platform as a reliable and trustworthy source of online content.

Stylish Fonts for Logos

Stylish Fonts for Logos

For logos that need a little more style, there are some great fonts out there for you to download and use. They’re often appropriate for headlines or large block text as well. If you’re looking for something fresh but still modern-looking, search these:

Theme size Fonts For Logos Some branding elements may require formal typefaces in order to be successfully used although less popular than the other types of branding materials such as graphic designs.

Professional Logo Fonts

Professional Logo Fonts

Searching for a professional font can be super helpful if your logo is going to have a serious appearance. If you’re choosing an extremely formal style, these will be appropriate:Serif Fonts For Logos

To make this even better, we are including typefaces designed by some of the most popular graphic designers in order that they can use them as options when starting up their choice of design company and/or brand name.

Bold Fonts For Logos

Bold Fonts for Logos

If you’re looking for something a little edgier and bolder, search these as listed below:Sans-serif Fonts For Logos These fonts will definitely get your attention.

Sans Serif typefaces are known to be much more modern or “younger” depending on how old they look compared to seriffed fonts; abstract or sans is another word that some people like instead of the typical font with all the letters and numbers drawn in.

The most popular sans serif fonts are often best for logos, especially if you want to give a sharp look that is completely recognisable from across the room. If it’s formal or business-like style font but with pop appeal, these will be great.

Modern Fonts For Logos

Modern Fonts for Logos

These styles can work well with much more modern designs, especially if they’re bold or serious. Modern fonts don’t necessarily have to be a part of your logo’s identity system in order that it comes off as trendy and fashionable but are also maximising their potential by sporting the most recent typeface trends for design logos.

NEW Youtube Logo Font?

You’re not alone if you’re wondering what the new YouTube logo font looks like. There is a new YouTube logo font, and many people wonder if there is a difference between the old and new logos. The short answer is that there is a difference – the new logo font is sleeker and more modern looking.

However, keep reading if you’re looking for a more in-depth explanation. As for the differences between the old and new logos, the main change seems to be the font. The new font is sleeker and more modern, while the old font appears down-toned.

However, other subtle changes may or may not be noticeable. In short, if you’re looking for a new YouTube logo font, you’re in luck – there is one available! However, if you’re not sure if you want to make the switch, there is no harm in sticking with the old logo font for now. That said, it’s worth considering the new logo font if you’re thinking about making a change.

What Font Was Used In Youtube Logo?

In case you haven’t already guessed it, the font used in YouTube’s logo is Soudal Sans Bold Italic. Saeb Erekat designed Its typeface and first introduced in the Google Fonts library on October 25, 2010. This typeface is relatively small in file size, making it easy to download and use across various platforms.

Additionally, it looks great on any website or application. So, if you’re looking for a modern and versatile font, Soudal Sans Bold Italic is a perfect choice.

The Best Font Styles For Logos

If you’re thinking about changing your YouTube logo, it’s worth taking some time to consider the best font styles for logos. Many different options are available, and each one can give your branding a unique look. Here are five of the best font styles for logos:

1.Script Fonts

This font type is perfect if you want something traditional and classic. They’re ideal if you want to avoid too many flashy details or modern trends, which can often overpower formal branding efforts.

2.Serif Fonts

Similar to script fonts, serif fonts are a classic choice that can look elegant and dignified. They’re usually less flashy than some of the other font types, which is perfect if you want to focus on your core business message.

3.Display Fonts

Display Fonts

These are for more prominent logos or headings. They often feature many extra features and details, which can help them stand out from the crowd.

4.Modern Fonts

Modern Fonts

If you’re looking for something more modern and cutting edge, modern font styles may be a good option. They tend to be more minimalistic in design, making them perfect for branding that wants to focus on its message rather than visual elements.

5.Icon Fonts

If you’re looking for something distinctive and iconic, icon fonts may be a good option. They typically feature simple shapes with minimal ornamentation, giving your logos a more powerful look. Ultimately, choosing a font style that reflects your brand and mission is important. If you’re unsure which, font type is right for your needs, visit some reputable online resources or speak with a branding expert.

Creating a logo can be daunting, but with the right font style, it can be a lot easier. When choosing the font style for your logo, it’s important to consider the modern and sleek look you’re going for. Make sure the font is legible in all sizes, and remember to choose wisely – fonts can make or break a logo. You can choose from many fonts on YouTube, so it’s up to you to find the perfect one for your business.

Best Fonts For Gaming Logos

Best Fonts for Gaming Logos

Similarly, if your logo is more casual or trendy-looking, these are going to be ideal: This explains that even though I previously mentioned making a gaming content site with friend (a second gamer just like you), it becomes important to pick the most suitable indicators for everyone involved.

Some games and websites may seem informal however really want something formal; in this case using other fonts such as sans serif. Just as it is with logos for non-gaming companies/organisations, picking the appropriate font would be even more important.

Adding a logo to your logo design is fairly easy if you know how:If you need assistance in learning about this process then feel free to check out our Logo Design Quiz which will go through many of these fundamentals

And all of the details that lead up to creating a quality visually pleasing award winning logo design. The team at Logo Inspectors would like to wish you all a fun filled, energetic and enjoyable summer.

Fun Fonts For Logos

Fun fonts are what we class as those with a more surreal or unusual meaning. These generally represent something that is not serious, have no hard edges and probably even a bit funny. Really they should be completely changeable with each other because there’s nothing like differences which help create character in an era of homogenisation .

If You Would Need To Pick Out One Thing For This List Then Keep These Tips Mind

  1. Never use real words in your logo. Most people won’t think through spelling a word backwards anyway and you might end up with something awkward, or at the very least really stumped viewers.
  2. Just like fonts for non-gaming company logos, always pick one that can easily be modified without losing their appeal in comparison to the original version . For example if you were using a green themed multi colour asymmetric font , switching it out next to this wouldn’t be very appealing.
  3. If you’re trying to convey something mystical, as in a celebration of the witchery world or even some sort of reclusive mystery then use calligraphic fonts that have weird abstract type elements such; arrows, dots and flairs.
  4. If you’re really going to get an esoteric vibe then and I know this is hard, stick with a minimal or non display typeface that has very little contrast. For example; if you were using a store name font like Swank , which does have some interesting character but doesn’t stand out on its own against pretty much anything else for style then go for something even less pronounced such as Rude .
  5. Be careful with font sizes as you’ll soon find that everything except the main text is just about unreadable against a black background  and then we have no point.
  6. Go to a coloured typeface if your logo has important details, especially if it’s words like “Guild Wars 2” or something similar that require great legibility over long periods of time and in low lighting conditions.
  7. If possible use the opposite of a nice purple font (this cannot describe), such as anything with grey type or black. If you can send me your logo and I will post something up by the end of this month then, should I be so lucky to begin. Also in the meantime here’s my non approved logo it simply has a ‘G’ within a circle.

The Logo(S) Problem

Since 2007, the YouTube logo font has been the primary font used on YouTube videos and the YouTube website. However, there are alternative logos better  for different purposes. For example, the YouTube logo font is unsuitable for headlines or videos with overlayed text.

It can be challenging to see in some lighting conditions and difficult to read from a distance. If this is a problem for you, there are simple solutions available:

  1. Check out alternative logos better suited to your specific needs.
  2. If you have problems seeing or reading the YouTube logo font, you can try using a different font or a font that’s easier to see in different lighting conditions.
  3. If all else fails, you can always contact YouTube for assistance.

How Do I Start A Channel On YouTube?

How do I start a channel on YouTube

First, visit my Explainers Page to learn how I make videos and more useful links. YouTube also hosts plenty of other channels that may not have any tutorials But are fine examples of the niche they cover (mostly gaming), so look there first as a way in if you’re unsure what kind of person might be made up by your idea for example. Next, create an account using this link . Fill out all the details on the application form; it is not mandatory to fill out all but it is a good idea.

If you are completing this from IRL, do NOT select ‘Allow anonymous application’ instead choose Facebook or Twitter and enter your usernames in the fields provided with more points being awarded if invited by other YouTube Contributors. The most important parts of filling out an application on YouTube are: Channel Name: This is what people will remember/find when searching for you on Youtube as this is where the discovered box pops up. It’s better to be a little odd with this and make it something catchy rather than too easy to miss .

What Is The Best Way To Promote YouTube Videos?

What is the best way to promote YouTube videos

‘Like and subscribe’ is a great way, it will embed the video in your social media profiles automatically. Reviewing videos to give detailed feedback on them is also very good though this happens much less often than likes as (I’m assuming) There’s only so many above average comments you can give before they culminate into an ‘all look amazing 5 stars!’ review flood.

How Much Can You Make On YouTube?

How much can you make on YouTube

If you max out all the features on your account there’s no way to get close to earning $1000 per month. However, if you do exceptionally well with live streaming that is capable of making more than a hundred dollars in one day; I’d say unless your channel has thousands and thousands of subscribers it is extremely unlikely this could happen. There are quite a few special channels like Gaming Daily Live that can only make about as much (if any)

Can YouTube Logo Be Used?

You can just insert it wherever you want if your videos are mostly independently created from other content. If you want to embed a YouTube video in your website then this is when the logo comes into play. However it’s still not required for branding purposes either way so even if you put both of them on it’ll still appear as your videos without that delay and added feature which can be useful if someone wasn’t expecting anything from an intro but actually finds something.

Do You Like The New YouTube Logo?

I personally don’t think the new logo is all that bad, it’s rather more flexible with smaller dimensions and looks a bit wider which works better than previous YouTube flags.

It also has an underlying filter of information even if you can’t see it in archived videos as this shows what time the video was uploaded although I doubt everyone will notice unless they do like your channel to begin with so feel free to ignore me on this one.


The Youtube Font Logo is a font that was created to look like the YouTube logo. It’s been used in various applications, such as logos and t-shirts. It even has it’s own website and tumbler page. The font is often used in event-related applications, such as theme nights and promotions for the ever famous Slurpee hit cyberspaces. In my opinion, it’s an awesome font. The way I use this font is in conjunction with the new fonts of these modern conventions.

There are a lot more people that do not like the logo change to smaller dimensions, so they will have various options on their computer or software which makes skinning and changing YouTube videos much easier for users all over the world. I hope now you know YouTube logo font.


1.What Is The Font The YouTube Logo Uses?

Ans. YouTube uses Roboto, a typeface designed by Google in 2005. It is available on the web, and mobile apps have been used by major brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, and Uber, and it is mostly lowercase letters.

2.How Do You Get A Font From Youtube?

Ans. To get the YouTube font, you’ll need to open the YouTube website in a web browser. Once you’re on the YouTube website, navigate to this link: On this page, you’ll be able to find the YouTube font under “Web Fonts” in your selected language and system preferences.

3. What Is A Logo On Youtube?

Ans. YouTube’s logo is a typeface that has been used since 2006. The font was designed by Google designer Jonathan Hoefler and is commonly used on all of Google’s properties, like search engine results pages (SERPs). There are different font variations, including Display and Sans Serif, which you can find on YouTube.

4.What Fonts Do Brands Use?

Ans. Brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi often use a typeface called ‘Helvetica Neue.’ This font was designed by Swiss typeface designer Adolf Haas in the early 1960s and is widely considered one of the most popular fonts used today.

Other popular fonts used by brands include ‘agency Sans Serif,’ ‘mermaid Prose,’ ‘Avenir Grande,’ ‘Cambria Rounded Bold,’ and ‘Arial Narrow.’

5.How Can I Change The YouTube Logo Font On My Computer?

Ans. To change the YouTube logo font on your computer, you must open up the Firefox browser and navigate to You will need to select “Fonts” from the dropdown menu that appears and choose “Use custom font.” Next, click on the “YouTube (logo) Font” box and select a new font file from your computer.

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