YouTube Font – Foundation, Types, Uses And Other

With YouTube’s video search engine, you can find almost anything you are looking for. And one of the most useful features is the playlist option that lets you search for a certain keyword and then plays all related videos in a special playlist.

However, sometimes you may want to hide those playlists from your search results. Let’s discuss about YouTube Font. As YouTube becomes increasingly popular, it’s important to ensure that your videos look their best. That’s why we’ve created this blog – to provide you with information on the best fonts to use on your YouTube channel and tips and tricks for making your videos look great.

In addition, we’ve also included a generator to help you choose the perfect fonts for your videos. Finally, if you want to change the font style on your YouTube videos, read on for instructions.

YouTube Font

What Are YouTube Fonts?

When you are distributing a video through YouTube, it’s useful to note that viewers may have special requirements when it comes to the fonts used. For example, certain languages (like French or Chinese) do not use spaces in their writing system, so if videos with these letters were played on your site all at once for any given search term, split-stealing will result for the viewer

Meaning they will suddenly lose track of which words belong to which sentences. Distributed fonts are a great way to combat this problem and help ensure that viewers experience good search results.

Tips And Tricks For YouTube Video Fonts

Tips And Tricks For Youtube Video Fonts

Fonts can make a big difference in the visual appeal of your YouTube videos. When importing videos, be sure to use the correct font for the project – otherwise, you run the risk of formatting errors. The font you choose can also significantly impact how viewers perceive your content. When creating a new video, consider the font you’d like to use and ensure it matches your brand and personality.

There are many different fonts to choose from, so it’s important to find the right one for your project. Do you need a serif or sans-serif font? A delicate script or something more aggressive? Once you’ve found the right font, make sure to test it out on a small scale before you submit your video for approval.

Essential Things To Know When Choosing YouTube Fonts

Essential Things To Know When Choosing Youtube Fonts

When it comes to choosing a YouTube font, it’s essential to keep a few things in mind. For example, the font must be comfortable to read on YouTube videos. Additionally, ensure the font size is appropriate for the video’s content and context. Finally, picking a font that is easily recognizable and easy to read is important. This will help your videos look professional and attract more viewers.

What Font Do Youtubers Use For Subtitles?:

Fonts are an important part of creating a good YouTube experience. Not only do they play a role in the quality of your subtitles, but they can also set the tone and atmosphere of your channel. When choosing a font, make sure it’s comfortable to read onscreen for long periods of time.

There are many free fonts available online that can meet your needs! Additionally, make sure your subtitles are easy to read and look professional. Fonts are essential to a successful YouTube channel and should be used thoughtfully to enhance the overall user experience.

How To Change The Font Style On YouTube

How to change the font style on YouTube

Let’s say you want to change the font style on your computer or mobile. Here are a few steps that will help:

  • Open YouTube website by clicking this button (top left corner)
  • Under “Languages & Search Options” section, move the slider labelled “Enable suggestions on sites and apps” to ON category (ℹ️ You can also disable it if needed.)
  • Click Change Font Category
  • The font category will appear beneath the slider. Below it, there’s a box that you can fill out using your own selection; in this case we chose Serif font, since our YouTube experience was previously all about Sans-serif style titles.
  • Make sure to select the “Other” option under Styles.

Note: If at any time after completing these steps your font fix does not show up immediately on videos and shows weird characters such as “&”- like this (see the circled “>” above), YouTube may have automatically disabled it for some reason.

How To Edit Font In YouTube

How To Edit Font In YouTube

1.) In Adobe Premiere Pro (CC version) go to Effects tab > new effect> choose Font Effect from drop down box..This is already set up as default!

No need for any changes! If you find it weird either there’s something wrong with your previous project’s settings in Photoshop or the load-out has a mix of fonts together, check below.

2.) In Final Cut Pro X go to Window > Fonts and watch how it cycles through all three CSS/JavaScript font folders by clicking on each one (one folder for header, one for info box in YouTube player background and other again).

This does not mean I want you to be quiet about where you’re getting your fonts from. This is the default font folder that it cycles through each time you make a YouTube video (not just by clicking on Fonts).

What Fonts Should I Use On My Youtube Channel?:

What Fonts Should I Use On My Youtube Channel

There’s nothing like a good font to make a video look elegant and classy. That’s why it’s important to experiment with different fonts and find one that looks great on your channel. Not only will this help you to personalize your videos, but it will also look good on all devices.

Ensure the font size is large enough so people can read your text easily. And last but not least, make sure to use a font that will look good across all devices. So whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, you’re guaranteed to be happy with the results.

Font Preview

Once you click Apply, a box will appear with different fonts to choose from. Click the one that looks best on your screen and then hit OK.

Fonts Collection

Fonts Collection

Once you are done browsing through the various options and have picked out your personal favourite font style, there is even more fun stuff! You can enjoy thousands of cool Font Sets and Color Collections for free in this YouTube collections page.

YouTube Fonts Generator

Adding a great font to your YouTube videos can make a difference. Our font generator makes it easy to find the right font for your project. You can choose from various fonts that look great and help your videos look professional and high-quality.

Plus, with some creativity, you can create some fantastic font combinations that will stand out. So, whether you need a basic font or something a little more unique, our generator will help you find it. So go ahead and give it a try.

New design For Fonts Collection

New design for Fonts Collection

You can check out the new highlighted fonts here . It seems that YouTube is quite proud of it’s creation and has released a Highlighted Font Favourites Video. Click to see how our famous Serif font (one click on one word) looks like!

But don’t get your hopes up, because there are many more amazing & fresh discoveries awaiting you. So, after the big search-engine change in 2017 (aka Google’s AMP), don’t forget to check out these Font and Colour Collections.

If you want to use custom fonts, make sure that they are added as a default font (first option) to your browsing experience from here .

Use Google Fonts for custom typography across all channels by clicking here . The font picker will take you to this page. To check all the fonts, go to this link .

Need To Adjust Font Size On Different Browsers

Need To Adjust Font Size On Different Browsers

This is very important. The font size must exactly match the browser you are using to watch YouTube videos, otherwise it won’t look nice at all on any device or platform because of its different scaling algorithms and rendering.

In addition, if your video player does not allow for a change in the size of fonts such as Facebook Live (just display text instead), then that’s also not good.

To learn the font size for each browser and device, you can use this website (varies from computer to tablet screen).

Once everything is perfect with your viewing experience on all browsers, then we won’t see anymore script overlaps along our video player as seen in some other websites or blogs.

If you are using a PC like me or any other guruic person which comes with Windows 10 , Chrome OS  (Linux), mac. TV , CHROME , etc, then what you see on the screenshot below is exactly like YouTube unfriendly buttons.

So I always type “Play” in Chrome and that gets replaced by animation . It’s not perfect as seen above but it will do for now.Don’t forget to close your browser tab with dropped video when you are done watching.

After clicking Watch Next or Done so please keep doing this for all doing this tutorial. Next you need to  Download my complete video playlist in a zip file and extract  it, so here’s what I’m looking at with clickable play buttons.

That Will Provide Us The Following Structure

We have removed 3 videos in total that were causing overlaps on streamer cards. Wonder if YouTube could make it better by limiting which types of ads are played? Also they would be giving their loyal users more than one icon to choose from but fine.

I can live with it! It looks a little better right now still, do you like it? If not then here’s the last screenshot: Not showing any overlaps at all because we already have some scripts reading them and displaying information over each other.

As video streamers started using youtube player version 1.0, performance is just getting worse day by day. To make it even better or to see what other options.

Custom YouTube Fonts – Pros and Cons

Custom YouTube fonts- Pros and Cons

Pros :  Doesn’t require you to upload your fonts so tons less competition for easy access. Should save a lot of bandwidth each month if not daily, when doing campaigns!

You only own the font at this moment and use it on YouTube or other websites related to that domain name.

Cons: As I mentioned above Fonts Designs may vary a bit depending on which functionality is set as default in Photoshop means they are constantly changing inside three HTML files that use JavaScript and such.

Difference Between A Web Font And A YouTube Font

Difference between a web font and a youtube font

A web-font is a typeface designed for display in print and on screen, it often doesn’t have any glyph s. It’s like fonts that are usually downloaded from the internet which contain all of the text including numbers etc and rarely do you see them in magazines or clip art .

Anyone can use these webs but they just don’t seem to get used by people much anymore except maybe some sites related to blogging sites.

A YouTube font also known as video fonts are created to display text in-game, on a website or any other kind of software that makes use of them which will result like having custom sticker icons for videos made by you tubers who upload clips and subscribe fans.

For example using they typeface above to display the text you see below. In a similar fashion YouTube players ( which I foresee actually playing an important part in you-tube marketing ) are like some sort of digital sticker for videos that displays whatever text is linked to it’s own font, file or script at this moment being uploaded!

For example if your making instrumental music and want people ( remember think about you-tubers) know its from you as there are hundreds of possible fonts you can use using html files, a font file and custom java-script that displays whenever the script is loaded.

The Best YouTube Font

The Best YouTube Font

I have chosen one of the best fonts from Google font’s archives/library which was a free download, that is called Font Awesome.

Download any version you like, it’ll all be the same since there are no ones for Ui techs(User Interface) i.e. tablets and I pads so just pick your favourite word or phrase to promote with those icons.

This font gives you many options and examples to choose from, also I want to talk about the Font’s icons that correspond with those keys.

These icons shall show as suffixes when they are placed next to each other with fairly large spaces between them. That way we can fit more at a time, free up rendering frames and code elsewhere which is greatly appreciated.

What Font Is Used On YouTube?

All fonts that are worn by YouTube on the support page and software. The software actually sends a page to Google with the order of fonts so you can have your hearts desire on your support board, just like for Facebook and Twitter.

Which Font Am I Using?

Here’s setting in Premiere Pro CC 2017 but this has been updated to FCP X: Caption 1 Hi-Res Clip Option box seems like there was an update or change

And does not do the same thing now where once after opening all three folders with it I clicked on Info box and it starts typing (and warping the background). If you want to see what does, just hit Display Formatting.

What Is You Tube’s Font Size?

What is YouTube's font size

I know what font size is used because I used to make YouTube videos for a few years before switching over to Streamlabs Unity and Appear.

This information was originally taken from LaMar’s article which has more fonts than Google Fonts although LaMar did not give full details online (Updated 2017).

Does YouTube Have A New Font?

Does YouTube have a new font

Yes, YouTube has a new Font (Soory Decorative) which was released on March 10 in 15 different colors. This font was made specifically for the video service and to use it you only need one more click because its used by default when you start playing videos from your library that were uploaded before July 2016.

For some reason this happened recently but people never forward such information so I am hoping someone else can give me full details as far back as they can such as the date. FYI, I made a video with subtitles so that people could see it through different Browsers, Appear 1 and 2 (2017).

Does YouTube Have The Same Font Used On Facebook?

Does YouTube have the same font used on Facebook

Yes, Facebook and Twitter have a few sets of fonts in their “overall look” but yet Google Fonts uses the same set which I believe may be from Microsoft or another company. In File>Preferences there is an option called

To use YouTube 125×125 (YouTube default) not just 125 as listed above. This changes the font on laptops to increase video size between 1337-2032 pixels (16:9 ratio).

Is this font a test or just a browser bug?

A Google spokesman told The New York Times that the font will be used for everyone, not just on YouTube. “We launched it on YouTube to provide a more consistent playback experience throughout the site, but we’re opening this new type up so people can use it across the entire site.

All other Google products that have customised button labels will also get these updates at their respective update times.


If you are a YouTuber and want to get your videos displayed in the best possible way, this font is perfect for you. It is used by millions of people every day.

In addition, it is easy to use and it will help your viewers focus on your content without any distractions. It is an eye-catching font that will attract your visitors’ attention and increase the impact of video. I hope now you know YouTube Font.


1.What Font Is Used On YouTube?

Ans. YouTube uses the Avenir typeface, which Google designed in 2005. It’s a modern sans serif typeface with a handwritten appearance that works well across devices – desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.

2.Is The YouTube Font Different?

Ans. Yes, the YouTube font is different – specifically designed for videos. It has a cleaner, more legible look that stands out against all of the other text on YouTube. This font is consistent across all videos and is easy to read on smaller monitors.

3.How Do I Fix The Small Font On YouTube?

Ans. If you’re seeing small fonts on videos uploaded to YouTube, it might be because of bandwidth restrictions or insufficient storage space on your device. When trying to view a video on YouTube, the website might try to use up too much data before sending the video over to your device.

It may also be due to the default font setting in your browser. By default, most browsers are set up to use a lower-quality font when viewing websites. This can cause videos to appear small on devices with smaller screens. You’ll need to adjust the browser’s settings to use a higher-quality font to fix this issue. This should solve the problem of small font being shown on YouTube videos.

4.Did YouTube Change Its Font Recently?

Ans. Yes, YouTube recently changed its font – and many users have complained about it. The new font makes reading videos difficult. If you’re one of these users, you can try changing the font settings on your browser to revert to the old font. Alternatively, you could contact YouTube about the issue and ask for a solution.

5.How Do I Change The Font Size In YouTube Videos?

Ans. To change the font size in YouTube videos, click on the three lines in the top left corner of your video player. From there, you can select the “Settings” option. On this page, you’ll find a dropdown menu where you can choose between “Large” and “Small.

From there, select “Settings” from the dropdown menu, and under “General,” scroll down to “Font Size.” To change the font size of a YouTube video, first, click on the three lines in the bottom left corner of your screen.

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