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The yakuza font is a new script that can be used to make the look of an existing word more pronounced, or to make the text harder to read. It’s been created by designer and typographer Shota Yamashita.

The font is based on the calligraphy used in Japanese newspapers. It’s not just for headlines, though. In this article we will talk about the yakuza font. So, let’s start.

Yakuza Font

Meaning of Yakuza Font

Meaning of Yakuza Font

The yakuza font is often used to make text harder to read, or to bring a word up in meaning and importance. The font was created by design engineer’s Shota Yamashita, who reported that the idea for the typeface came from seeing newspaper headlines using a calligraphic typeface.

Designer Of Yakuza Font

Designer Of Yakuza Font

Do you love the Yakuza games? If so, you’ll love the Yakuza font! Developed by a designer named Masashi Kishimoto, the font is available for purchase on Dafont and Adobe Typekit. Characteristics of the font include a bold, rough-looking style that is perfect for gaming or other high-impact applications.

If you’re a graphic designer looking for a font that will set your designs apart, the Yakuza font is worth trying. Designer of Yakuza Font: Masashi Kishimoto.

View Of Yakuza Font:

If you’re in the market for a font perfect for the Japanese entertainment industry, look no further than Yakuza. The  design of this font was specifically for this purpose and looks great on any project. Whether you’re creating a logo, a website, or a piece of text, this font will add that luxurious edge you’re looking for.

Plus, it worked in various commercial and independent films, so you know it will look great. Download the font today and give your projects that edge of luxury.

 Examples Of The Yakuza Font

 Examples of the Yakuza Font

The yakuza font is often paired with colors in order to make text harder to read. In this article, designers use a lot of yellow and red on their words as they highlight specific aspects of the image that they want users to pay close attention to.

The following are some examples of when this typeface has been used: Yakuza font often features colors such as yellow, black and red.

Commercial Uses of Yakuza Font

Although the font is known for its news-related uses, it’s also seen in advertisements. Perhaps you’ve noticed a lot of what resembles yellow or red text lately? You’re seeing Yakuza fonts in use more and more every day!

Yakuza Font Alternatives

Yakuza Font Alternatives

If you’re looking for a font that’s a little less rough and more refined, take a look at Tokyo Gothic. This typeface is perfect for any high-end project and will help to set your design apart from the rest. Plus, it also comes with various alternative characters, so you can create unique designs without having to change the entire font.

If you’re looking for a font that perfectly captures the essence of the Yakuza movie series, you’ll want to try TYPE-O-FONT and STYLO FONT. These fonts have been designed specifically for movie titles and logos, and they’re both high-quality fonts that will look great in any project or document. They come with free lifetime updates, so you can be sure you’re getting the best font design.

Yakuza Font: License Info

Yakuza Font License Info

If you’re looking for the perfect font to add some street cred to your designs, look no further than Yakuza. This font is ideal for personal and commercial projects and comes with a license agreement that stipulates usage restrictions and requirements.

Read the terms carefully before making any purchases or using the font – you wouldn’t want to get into trouble! If you’re using it for personal projects without any commercial intentions, no license is required, but be sure to credit yakuza fonts to say thanks.

How to Download Yakuza Font

You can download the yakuza font from these sites:


Benefits Of Yakuza Font

The yakuza font is often paired with colors in order to make text harder to read. This helps the reader focus on key information while making their eyes strain less.

This typeface was designed solely for headlines and paragraphs using a calligraphy-based style, or upper and lower small caps which are sometimes mixed together to create emphasis. It works well as an accessibility tool when used ironically on advertisements set against stark white backgrounds like subway posters.


We have discussed about yakuza font; we also have answered some question about yakuza font. Hope you like it and will be happy to help you with your next project.

If you’re looking for a stylish, professional font that will give your projects that extra bit of edge, then you need to check out the Yakuza Font. This font is a prolific Japanese graphic designer designed and is perfect for use in any project.

Whether you’re a business owner or an individual who wants to create an elevated level of presentation, the Yakuza Font is perfect for you. You can find the license information for this font below, so take a look before you download it.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1.Is There Any Difference Between Japanese And Western Fonts When It Comes To Tattoos?

Ans. Japanese fonts are typically more condensed and narrower, which makes them perfect for people with smaller handwriting. Western fonts are often bolder and wider, making them better suited for people with larger handwriting.

Japanese fonts can be seen in tattoos that use Japanese Kanji characters. They are also used to write some Japanese words such as “thank you” or “good morning.

2.Where Can I Find Some Good Fonts To Use For A Yakuza Tattoo?

Ans. A lot of tattoo artists and designers use fonts from Adobe Typekit or Google Fonts. You can also search for fonts on Dafont.com, which is a website that has over 40,000 free fonts to choose from.

3.What Is The Best Font For A Yakuza Tattoo?

Ans. The best font for a yakuza tattoo is an iconic Japanese script. In order to answer this question, we need to understand what a yakuza is and what the design of a yakuza tattoo looks like.

A Yakuza or Yamaguchi-gumi member is a member of one of Japan’s largest organized crime syndicates, which is composed primarily of members from the Yamaguchi-gumi, also known as the Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi or Koyama-kai. The word “yakuza” means “night person”.

4.Which Fonts Are Best For Making A Yakuza Tattoo Look Authentic?

Ans. There are various fonts that can be used for a yakuza tattoo. Some of the fonts which have been recommended by tattoo artists include:

  1. Brush Script
  2. Old English Text
  3. Palatino Linotype
  4. Helvetica Neue

5.How Much Does It Cost To Get A Professional Tattoo Done, And What Do You Need To Know Before Getting One Done?

Ans. There are many factors that will determine the cost of getting a tattoo done. The type of design, location, size and the artist all contribute to the price. To find out how much it costs for a professional tattoo, ask your tattoo artist about the following:

  • What is included in the price?
  • What does my design need to include?
  • How long will it take?

6.Do The Yakuza Still Exist In Japan?

Ans. The Yakuza is a criminal organization in Japan that has existed since the end of Tokugawa Shogunate. According to some reports, the number of members has decreased drastically and their influence on Japanese society has also been significantly reduced.

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