What Font Does Apple Use? Explained In Details

It is no secret that Apple has a big influence on the design of technology and mobile devices. The company’s approach to product design means that most of its products, from laptops to smartphones, have some type of typographic identity.

So, what font does apple use? That said, it is difficult to pinpoint what font Apple uses for its typeface, given that the company doesn’t openly share information about its logo and fonts.

However, some companies have discovered hints in leaked iOS builds or user-created apps.

What Font Does Apple Use

Different Types Of Font Which Is Used Apple And Their Usage

San Francisco

Apple’s typeface is called San Francisco, which has been used since the first iPhone was released in 2007. According to the Apple Watch operating system, seen featured inside iOS 11 beta 3 last month.

A new version of Apple Sans appears on OS X and macOS Mojave through recent app updates.

This can likely be attributed to developments for next-generation software platforms like iOS 12 and MacOS going ahead with fonts changes over existing Lingu istic updates.

Use Of San Francisco

  • In the blue folders icon on iOS, San Francisco is used for nearly all UI elements throughout Apple’s stock apps. Aside from that, it can be found in many locations inside lines of code – in control buttons and other important items. So far there have been no reports indicating what font is being use to produce a range of communication tools.
  • Apple’s brand guidelines say the company discourages using other typeface. Apple typically uses one single system font across its devices to maintain consistency and define user interfaces. It is clear that San Francisco has been selected for many reasons – mainly due to what it represents as design principles of different products, such as smartphones or computers are sketchy, focused on entertainment and digital revolution which tackle usability issues in today’s communication age.

OS X Yosemite

OS X Yosemite

Similar to the product declarations of Apple San Francisco, in late 2017 Apple pulled out an update for OS X Yosemite which was meant to use Lucida Grande as its system font.

However, it never came into effect because only a few users could test the software by getting their hands on beta builds of macOS 10.10 .

Later before release dates were pushed back about three years ago at WWDC 2015. Now four years after that , Apple has chosen to replace Lucida Grande with a completely revamped version of San Francisco created in 2013.

The latest development was discovered on Reddit by YouTuber Jony Ive & Marc Newson, who is responsible for the design work process at Apple and also an industrial designer himself.

Use Of OS X Yosemite

  • This is not the first time OS X Yosemite is getting a redesign. The change in font has been made previously and opposite to the claims of Jony Ive, Apple never draws attention towards San Francisco for no reason other than its simplicity which it highlights as a worthy point flawlessly with its digital devices.
  • In fact, Lucida Grande was designed by MingYuan Song and released in 1993 where you will find each letter formed using 45-degree angles . That design element is there because of the idea that letters have to be created with angles when they are drawn on paper. However it looks very different when in the world of digital devices like computers, tablets and smartphones which use rectangular screens as opposed to signs made by straight lines.

iOS 7/8

iOS 7-8

Apparently he comes up with new fonts after iOS Software Update binary files are leaked despite talks of keeping them secret from developers that help test prelaunch versions. On the other hand, no official statement has been issued by Apple.

Just like its rivals in the smartphone industry —Samsung and LG tend to have their own unique fonts as well with some minor tweaks here and there.

However it’s difficult for consumers to make sense of one font on specific products from manufacturer A versus B simply because different brands create almost exactly same looking devices with similar hardware or software capabilities but marked up for higher prices through their own manufacturers.

Furthermore, when it comes to software platforms or OSes , Apple doesn’t have that much access like Android does and takes time for developing a new typeface which might go unnoticed before the final release Window’s 10 aka RTM or even its predecessor Windows 8 just rolled out years back of course.

Use Of iOS 7/8

Use Of iOS 7-8

  • Optimized font files are now bundled into OS updates and contain metadata in the file data that can be employed by basic tools like IdentifyFont or a combination of Font Book. At first, fonts themselves don’t do much except maybe altering some UI elements but as time goes on they will become more useful especially when you start making things like GUI, resizing text or artwork just to give an example. But again there’s no guarantee that Apple designers will come up with modified fonts which exactly meet the design restrictions.
  • On the other hand, contributing to font design community and using open source data like Google Web Fonts which offers HTML based web fonts including True Type or OpenType formats for Chrome . I believe that it will encourage more designers from different backgrounds in the industry to be productive under google framework without having to embed millions of dollars into something with no real business outside as Apple does.

Why Font Choice Is Important

Font choice is one of the most important aspects of typography. Why? Because font choice can make or break a design. Make sure the font you choose is appropriate for your content and audience. Apple, among others, uses fonts that can be costly to buy separately, but they provide great value in terms of branding and aesthetics.

There are a variety of fonts available on both desktop and mobile devices, so find one that works well for you. In addition to legibility and brand recognition, font choice can also play a role in readability. So, test different fonts on different devices to ensure they’re legible and look good on all devices.

What Font (Typeface) Does Apple Use Online

What Font (Typeface) Does Apple Use Online?

We’re not sure, but many believe Apple uses Adobe Typekit fonts on their online products. If this is the case, it will make sense because they are some of the most popular typefaces in the world. Plus, there are tons of free and premium Typekit fonts available that you can use on your website or blog.

Apple is famous for its design and user interface. But one thing that’s the font choice is often left-out of the discussion. If you want to mimic the look and feel of iOS apps on your website or blog, using these same typefaces is a great way to do it. So, if you’re wondering what font Apple uses, it’s probably Typekit.

Why Apple Abandoned The World's Most Beloved Typeface

Why Apple Abandoned The World’s Most Beloved Typeface

Apple’s decision to ditch the typeface Arial in 2017 caused much uproar and confusion among users. Some argued that the new font, San Francisco, was ugly and difficult to read, while others said it differed from Arial.

The main reason for the switch was concerns over lawsuits and brand recognition, which didn’t seem to be an issue before 2017. It’s still unclear whether Apple plans to return to Arial in the future, so if you’re using their products, make sure you’ve switched to San Francisco.

What Font Does Apple Use For Its Light Text

What Font Does Apple Use For Its “Light” Text?

Apple is known for its sleek and modern designs, and one of its main font choices is the “Neue Helvetica” typeface. This typeface was designed in 1957 and is known for its legibility on LCD screens and modern look.

Other popular fonts used by Apple include “San Francisco,” “Arial,” and “Raleway.” The typeface also works on Apple’s light text on products like the iPhone and iPad. Apple uses the typeface for applications like the Safari web browser, Notes app, and the iBooks app.

How To Select A Font Preference

How to select a font preference

I think that this might be the question I’m asked most often when it comes out in focus groups, especially when developers are working with UI fonts and we need their feedback of the font they used or recommended.

In setting up Font preferences you will have many choices such as system (default), user-selectable and app specific giving you control over choice for each app you make use of.

1) System Font

System font

iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac OS: The same loading architecture in all interfaces globally will be Lucida Grande shown here as default (up to iOS 10), this is just a plain text document so we can’t really see the difference between it

And other big fonts used in UI design today however there’s still some variation when applications load their assets since they might have been designed by different designers on non-Mac devices (who also have their own defaults).

2) Font Sizes

How Do I Adjust Steam Chat Font Sizes

Using your keyboard controls, you can quickly change the minimum size of all characters in a selected text span by holding down Shift to pick small or large (only use these options when working with existing UI designs).

The same goes for any other indicator called @x-small , @small and so on up to @hhmmhd .This is all application-specific and will use the min API setting for that font.

3) Font Style

Font style

Using your keyboard controls, you can quickly change the main text styles of characters , including bold or italic by holding down Shift to pick either shown in this example as default (up to iOS 10), normal or small .

The same goes for any other indicator called @nobiline on Apple’s Mac platforms; however if you want to select the corresponding UI text style instead, hold down Option and click on either normal or small .

4) Character Color

Character color font

Using your keyboard controls, note that all characters just changes a single hue; for example holding down Alt will change an entire group of selected text span’s colors (which can be found

By examining the menu option Settings > General > Apple Color Emoji & Symbols ).On iOS, it is the same but with different names: Settings > General > Emoji & Color.

5) Character Spacing And Ligatures

Character spacing and ligatures

Using your keyboard controls, you can quickly select one of 5 preset characters spacing sets from which all text span appears to be set (e.g., the signs for example ).

This same goes for all of the ligatur sets from among which your text span appears to be set (e.g., Latin Male ).

6) Character view levels

Character view levels

The number of visible characters is determined by your keyboard’s controls; in this example, working on my MacOS system pasting the signs for I would see there are always just 4 of them:

On iOS, you can use Option + 1 2 3 , to select the specific option which will change how many characters you can see by bringing up this menu : Option + 1 2 3

These commands listed above for character spacing are very useful to know as they also change why your text span (pasted from OS X or however you copied it in) remains onscreen within of ZoomFix’s preview area.

If I then wanted my characters changed back to 11 here, if Paste was still enabled: On iOS press & hold Options / Settings and select the Edit Correct ions option which will quickly enable Paste as well.

On OS X Ctrl + Shift + v is available which does the same thing: On iOS & OS X, you can also use cmd / Control + Space , to switch back.

7) Zoom Level Settings

Zoom level settings

In order to provide yourself more control of too-high or low text characters by enabling some other “scale” they are set at and font sizes appears much larger (as shown below):

In this example, we will enable Character Font Sizing and various zoom levels here to see the difference in how Text & Cursor appear before you slowly zoom-out (or out of view) :

On iOS I recommend using Option + Spacebar whose keyboard shortcut is cmd / Control T ; on OS X use Shift + Spacebar.

What Is Apple’s Standard Font?

What is Apple's standard font

Apple’s standard font has been changed a lot throughout the years and is still being revised as we move onto iOS 9. Today, it consists of Lucida Grande (regular weight),

Helvetica Neue LT Std Italic, San Francisco & Zapfino Neo ITC Fonts (web fonts).

These three fonts have remained constant along with other Apple specific hardware revisions throughout time where even alongside to use different typefaces for each UI elements such as “chunk style” on apps.

What Font Is On Apple Products?

What font is on Apple products

This is a large topic that I won’t cover in-detail here (this article on Daring Fireball has an extensive and excellent rundown of their font usage ).

Some things to look for though: Notice watch fonts are either Helvetica or San Francisco, iPhone/iPad/Mac typefaces are consistently all Caps & Numbers only while other third-party apps will often include text styles such as underlined and stylized.

The Mail app, Safari & Notes have various supplemental weight choices for text.

This is to provide a more refined appearance when you’re browsing these apps (in general, it will help instead of add another graphics layer).

Titles that come from third-party programs are also often set with specific Fonts . These weight variants were mostly added on watchOS 4 , but continue reapp earing on older platforms as well.

What Font Is Closest To Apple Font?

What font is on Apple products

The closest Apple font to the one above is Cambria , it’s a sans serif derived from VAG Rounded-8 numbered styles. It was designed by Christian Schwartz in 2010 after he reached out to major type foundries around the world wishing for inspiration on how his blog would be set up with different fonts that could make typography easier. With a simple request,

American Fonts gave him Cambria which became officially released alongside version 2 of Mac OS in 2011. Cambria is a slightly heavier weight than Code, having been designed to give away wideset sans-serifs like Helvetica and Univers system -fonts from Monotype Imaging . It’s also rather utilitarian with its square geometric shapes.


Apple uses the same font for all of their products. This is a very important feature that Apple has. But if you have an apple phone, it will show your name as ‘Apple’.

However, when you look at the logo of Apple, it doesn’t have any letter in the word ‘apple’. It looks like a picture. That’s why they didn’t use any letter in the word ‘apple’ to represent their company. That’s why people call them as “the apple”. I hope now you know what font does apple use.

If you’re looking for a font that will look great on all your Apple products, you’ll want to check out Apple’s typeface, San Francisco. It’s a versatile font that can be used for both light and dark text, making it the perfect choice for Apple products. Additionally, it has a modern look that will fit well with any design.

If you’re curious about what font Apple uses online, or want to learn more about why Font Choice is so important, then read on! We’ve summarized everything you need to know in this blog post. So whether you’re looking for a new font for your Apple products or want to know more about font design, make sure to read it.


1. What Is Apple’s Official Font?

Apple officially uses Helvetica Neue font as its typeface on all its products. Helvetica Neue is known for its neutrality, modernity, and clean design. Many other well-known companies like Facebook, Nike, and Coca-Cola use them.

2. What Is The Closest Font Apple Uses?

Apple almost always uses Arial, a sans serif font. Other popular fonts used by Apple include Helvetica, Univers, and Lucida Grande.

3. What Font Does Apple Use On Their Product Packaging?

Apple uses the San Francisco typeface on its products, and it has been used extensively by the company since the early 1990s. Most notably, you may have seen this font on various app packaging, website header, and within various proprietary apps. Herbert Matter designed the typeface in 1937 and gave a modern, sleek look that perfectly suits Apple’s branding and aesthetic. Thanks to its widespread use, it’s one of the most popular fonts.

4. Is There A Way To Customize The Look And Feel Of My Ios Devices?

There is a way to customize the look and feel of your iOS devices with different fonts. To change the font size, typeface, and text color on an iPhone or iPad: 1. Go to Settings -> General -> Fonts and select a new font from the list. 2. On an iPod Touch: Select Preference -> Display & Brightness -> Text Language & Appearance (under “Text”), then select “Custom” under Typeface and pick a new font from the list.

5. Where Can I Find More Information About Fonts In Ios 11?

If you’re looking for more information about fonts in iOS 11, then you should check out Fonts.apple.com. On this website, you can find out about the new system font that Apple has redesigned for all apps and websites in iOS 11. Additionally, you can change the system font in Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Text Size.

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