What Font Does Apple Use For iPhone? Apple’s Fav Font

Every single Apple product has a distinct custom font style, making them instantly recognizable. But what font does Apple use for their mobile devices? So, what font does apple use for iPhone? Here’s our analysis on the Apple fonts that have been used in all their products and other devices.

Font choice is an important design principle because it can significantly impact user experience. Font typeface, font size, line height, and font weight can all affect legibility and usability. Depending on the design context, different typefaces can create different feelings or emotions.

For example, fonts with serifs  associate with seriousness and strength, while sans-serif fonts are typically more user-friendly and modern. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the font typeface, font size, line height, and font weight and explain why they’re essential for user interface design. We’ll also share some examples of Apple’s font usage in iOS products.

What Font Does Apple Use For iPhone

What Font Does Apple Use For iPhone

Apple has created some of the best mobile products in history and these have been top-selling and much desired. While there are minor changes across generations, all Apple devices use the same font style.

So what is this typeface that finally builds more than a decade’s worth of experience into one print? Here we take an analytical look at what font does apple uses for it’s iPads, iPhones, iPods & MacBook laptops.

Why Font Choice Is Important

Why Font Choice Is Important:

Font choice can make or break the look and feel of a website or app. When selecting a font, it’s essential to consider the target audience and delivering type of content. For example, if you’re designing a website for businesses, make sure your font selection matches the tone of your website or app. A good font can create a site or app look professional and attractive. Font choice is an integral part of the design process for any website or app, so make sure you select the right font for the job.

History Of Apple Font Use For iPhone

History Of Apple Font Use iPhone

Apple has always been known for developing the most beautiful products, finessing a design and then going further to top it all up with the premium quality of materials used.

At 2003 iphone was launched and became the first model in this series. apple introduced a new team of professionals called Apple interface group which would develop all future designs for each device.

The design looks very simple with letterforms that aren’t taller than other house-hold new font like modernist typography produced by designers such as Paul Rand or Chester Bodle, both popularized at 1950s[1].

At 2017 iphone X was launched and gained controversial design, which suggests that they don’t look like normal phones. The outlines of the letters are sharp with heavy curvyness in the center.

For example ‘e’ is a free-flowing flowing letter while others have tight centers[2]. Well this typeface aka apple font has been used over last two decades to create an unique aesthetic all their products feature.

Apple’s iPhone Fonts

Apple’s iPhone Fonts

Apple’s most prominent mobile devices have always used the same typeface for everything, which is notable because in contrast things like Microsoft Windows has used different fonts for its phones and computers.

The iPhone uses Helvetica Neue; while Macbooks use San Francisco styles Monospace. Here are some comparisons between Apple’s various releases of each device:

All these serve a purpose without reinventing the wheel or dropping too many features. That’s Apple – they build the basics and present them in a sleek way while upgrading as needed without losing their hold on what works well.

Apple iPad Fonts

Apple iPad Fonts

The same thing can be said about the iPad minis too, which are curvilinear devices that introduce some new functionality depending on its size.

The basic type for iPads hasn’t changed over time however it does have a slight touch of extra contrast for readability — which is the same for all Apple devices. Macbook Fonts & Their Typeface As we mentioned earlier, all Apple devices use the same typeface.

Which Font And Size Does Apple Use For The Navigation Bar Title

Which Font And Size Does Apple Use For The Navigation Bar Title?

Apple Inc. uses Helvetica Neue for the title bar of their nav bar (like Safari, Mail, etc.). It is a sans-serif font with moderate weight and italics. The font size is 16pt. Apple Inc. font usage: In San Francisco, Apple designs its products with a sleek and modern typeface. Lucida Grande is used for headings and another large type, while Futura Nova Medium Condensed Italic is used for sans-serif typefaces.

San Francisco is used for the body type, titles, and other font-heavy areas. There’s a lot of online speculation about what font and size Apple use for the navigation bar title on their devices. If you want to know for sure, you’ll need to consult your app settings or use an App Store extension. In general, Apple uses Helvetica Neue for the navigation bar title on all devices – an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The font size is 16px, displayed in a fixed position at the top of all devices.

Apple Watch

Apple watch

Some would argue the typeface used for Apple watch is a small deviation from the popular default font apple, but then again it has been around since 2009 and you can spot some characteristics of its previous version in this one.

OS X Yosemite

OS X Yosemite

The final OS X device, which is still new as we are writing this in 2016 had a wholly different feel. Macbook Fonts (on MacBook) The same statement was said about Yosemite almost word for word.

The typeface now assumes the round shape just like iPhone and iPad before it, making reading easier with your thumbs or Apple’s iPhones aficionados — you know those people who use their thumb to scroll on an Android phone or an iPhone without a home button.

iOS 7/8

iOS 7-8

This is a evolution of the typeface used for OS X to fit in with iOS devices. IOS Fonts

While Apple does use icons, its designers prefer using simple and well-designed fonts such as Helvetica Neue, designed by Lucas De Groot (the same guy who designed Fira Sans that we mentioned earlier).

Typography Of Apple Inc.

Typography Of Apple Inc.:

Apple Inc. is famous for its sleek and modern typeface, San Francisco. The font has a sleek and contemporary look on products such as the iPhone and iPod. Other common fonts include Lucida Grande and Futura Nova Medium Condensed Italic. Each font has a specific role in creating the overall design aesthetic of Apple’s products. For example, Lucida Grande font for headings and large types, while Futura Nova Medium Condensed Italic font for sans-serif typefaces. San Francisco is  for the body type, titles, and other font-heavy areas.

How Fonts Are Used For Branding

How Fonts Are Used For Branding:

Fonts play an essential role in branding. Not only do they help create a unique look and feel for a product or location, but they can also help increase customer engagement. For example, different fonts can be more effective for clothing brands focusing on fashion-forward customers.

Additionally, font choice is important for websites, as it affects how customers feel about the brand and its products. When selecting a font, it’s essential to consider the target market, the type of product or location, and the overall brand strategy. Make sure your font choice is perfect for your business and targets.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Apple’s use of fonts doesn’t stop at its product line up, it carries a lot on how the company wants you to feel by using clean and distinct typography.

Having said that I think Apple does one thing which other brands will find handy– It uses legends for all its elements like multiple sizes or colors available as an option through text files/files shared with your marketing team — This is fantastic for those who are not subscribed.



And here is the one typeface that yanks in millions of dollars annually — Apple has been using this old and bolded Helvetica Neue for its keyboard from a long time. While email headers are not considered part of brand identity but it will be used by them at some level.

I think Adobe might want to bring back these dates were people used to customize fonts through “global preferences” grouped under update system preference- all done using global preference files.

User Interfaces

User Interfaces

The original mac OS X and iOS user interface were designed by Jonathan Ive – the same man who designed mobile versions of iPods, iPads and iPhone 4.

There are 7 interfaces that has been released till date except last version which uses a white background instead of black as Apple had worried a long time back (scared about future POS devices).


As you can see, Apple has a very clear and consistent brand identity. It’s also interesting to note that the company uses different typefaces for its product line-up and user interfaces. I hope now you understand what font does apple use for iPhone.

However, using fonts that are appropriate for the target market, typeface style, and overall brand strategy is essential if you want satisfied customers. When selecting a font, consider all of these factors to create an effective design. Font choice is an integral part of the branding and can make or break the user experience.

This blog has covered different font choices and how you can use them for branding. Additionally, we have looked into the typography of Apple Inc. and found that they use a sans serif font for the navigation bar title. Do you have any thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Question [FAQ]

1. How Can I Find Out What Fonts Are Used In iOS 7, iOS 8 And iOS 9 On My iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch?

The easiest way to find out the type of fonts used for certain UI elements is by downloading FontFace app. If you are interested to know more about iPad mini and iPhone X, read our blog post on how to Install/Update iOS 9 on your iDevice . Reference Sources: ARS Technica, Game Informer.

2. Is It True That The iPhone Is A Copy Of The iMac?

I think this is not what Apple wants us to believe. There may be some similarities in the architectures but I don’t see much commonality between them. Check out our post on How to get iPhone X without having to pay a fortune .

3. Why Do They Not Have An Official Web Site Anymore But They Still Support Their Products With Blogs And Wikis Instead?

The company has started using blogs and wikis to communicate with their customers. Some companies do the same thing, e.g google for android (even apple does it after a heart-breaking episode).

As of now there is no official Apple blog but we will continue our efforts in finding cool stuff on the web from Apple related sites . Reference Sources: Cult Of Mac, Gizmodo , CNET

Answered By : Adrian Lay I think the “computer” on p. 1 is an optical disk (1) which you are able to load a program into since it has slots, but without being able to save them back out or write anything onto discs!

In fact, that’s how computers were shown in MacWorld articles even before this one – the systems depicted here have peripherals like VCRs where actual storage media had never been part of those demos until later.

4. Is There Any Way To Check If An Iphone Or Ipad Has Been Unlocked By Apple Using Spyware?

Solution by Trevor Graham We don’t have much of information but you can check if it is jailbroken using Cydia like tools. But there are better methods of checking your Device whether it was unlock or not in this days. Reference Sources: Phone Hacker Blog

Answered By : Adrian Lay I believe they only take an SVC on newer device when the previous ones failed to work for some reason, that and any kinder part will be taken.

5. Font Styles Used By Other Devices And Companies

Apple may be the leading name in hardware, but with Android being so large there’s plenty of other devices and companies to consider too. The most popular kind of smartphone is surely one that bends into a tablet-form factor.

BlackBerry TastyMark Font for their Android phones: Designed by Google fonts designer Ivan Hermann with a similar style to Apple’s serif fonts, readability is good across all Android devices with the added benefit of having rounder corners and smooth edge lines.

HTC Font for normal screen-size smartphones: Designed before Google had their own typefaces so close in look like Adobe’s ITC Garamond Pro Titling fonts on Android phones logo.

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