What Font Does Amazon Use? Unveiling The Mystery

Amazon is a global e-commerce giant that offers a wide range of products and services to millions of customers around the world. From its humble beginnings as an online bookstore, Amazon has grown into a massive marketplace that sells everything from electronics to home goods to clothing.

We will unveil the mystery behind what font does amazon use? and dive into the reasons behind its font selection process. Whether you’re a designer curious about branding choices or simply interested in the world of typography and shedding light on the font that helps make Amazon stand out. Get ready to unravel the mystery and discover the secrets behind Amazon’s font choice.

What Font Does Amazon Use

What Font Does Amazon Use? Explained

The question  Many people wonder what font does amazon use? The font that Amazon uses for its logo and branding. Amazon calls the font they use “Amazon Ember.” This custom-designed typeface was created specifically for Amazon and is unavailable for public use.

Amazon Ember has a clean and modern look, with slightly rounded edges and a distinctive lowercase “a.” It is designed to be easily readable on digital screens and printed materials. Using a unique font like Amazon Ember helps create a recognizable and cohesive brand identity for the company. Regarding body text on the website, Amazon relies on Arial, Helvetica, and sans-serif fonts.

Selecting fonts is crucial in ensuring readability and reflecting the brand’s identity. Consistency in font usage plays a significant role in establishing a cohesive and easily identifiable visual representation of a brand.

The Main Reasons For Amazon’s Font Selection

Various factors influence Amazon’s font selection, and one major reason is their custom-designed font, “Amazon Ember.” This unique typeface, exclusively created for Amazon, enhances readability and conveys trust and reliability.

With its modern and clean design, Amazon Ember perfectly aligns with its commitment to innovation and exceptional customer experience. Optimizing the font for digital and print use, Amazon ensures consistency across different platforms, reinforcing its brand identity.

Amazon’s Font Selection Process

Regarding selecting fonts, Amazon follows a unique process. Partnering with Dalton Maag, a prominent type foundry, they designed a custom font called Amazon Ember. This sans-serif typeface was meticulously crafted to ensure online and print legibility.

With its modern and clean design, Amazon Ember perfectly aligns with the company’s brand image, emphasizing innovation and a superior customer experience. By creating a custom font, Amazon ensures consistency and scalability across multiple platforms and devices.

Amazon’s Logo And Branding

The Amazon logo features a unique and custom font called “Amazon Ember.” This custom font combines elements of serif and sans-serif typefaces to create a modern and trustworthy brand identity. Amazon Ember is not publicly available and was specifically designed for Amazon.

It reflects the company’s focus on innovation and customer experience. In addition to the logo, Amazon utilizes different fonts for its website and marketing materials, depending on the context and purpose.

The Latest On Amazon’s Fonts

Amazon employs an Amazon Ember font as its main typeface for its website and branding efforts. Developed in collaboration with Dalton Maag, this custom-designed font blends serif and sans-serif typefaces elements to create a hybrid font that conveys modernity, simplicity, and trustworthiness.

Amazon Ember, along with secondary fonts like Arial and Helvetica, contributes to the brand identity of Amazon, providing a consistent visual experience for its customers. Enhancing brand recognition and ensuring readability, Amazon Ember is a testament to the company’s commitment to refined typography.

How To Identify Amazon Fonts

How To Identify Amazon Fonts

To determine the font used on Amazon’s website, you can employ browser extensions or online tools that analyze the CSS code of the webpage. By evaluating specific sections or elements, you can accurately identify the font employed, considering that different portions of the website may utilize different fonts.

While the custom-designed typeface specifically created for Amazon, known as “Amazon Ember,” is exclusive, you can achieve a similar appearance by utilizing similar fonts like “Robot” or “Helvetica Neue.”

Downloading Amazon Fonts

Regarding downloading fonts from Amazon, the primary font used by the company is “Amazon Ember.” This custom-designed typeface is not available for public use.

However, alternative fonts, such as “Robot” and “Helvetica Neue,” can help you achieve a similar look. Remember that using the exact font isn’t necessary to create visually appealing designs. Instead, focus on capturing the overall aesthetic and branding elements of Amazon.

Pros & Cons Of Using Amazon Fonts

Amazon fonts, including the widely recognized “Amazon Ember” font, provide both advantages and disadvantages for designers. With its clean and modern sans-serif style, the font enhances the readability of text on different screen sizes.

Furthermore, it contributes to the consistency and recognition of Amazon’s visual brand identity. However, some designers may find it lacking in uniqueness compared to other custom-designed fonts used by different companies. When considering incorporating Amazon fonts into your design projects, carefully weigh these pros and cons.


The font used by Amazon is not just a random choice. It is carefully selected to represent its brand image and convey its trust, reliability, and innovation values. The font creates a consistent visual identity across all their platforms and materials.

While using Amazon fonts may have advantages, it’s essential to consider the pros and cons before incorporating them into your design projects. We have discussed the font selection process at Amazon, what font does amazon use, and download Amazon fonts that will be helpful for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amazon Ember A Sans-Serif Font?

No, Amazon Ember is not a sans-serif font. It is a serif font used for headings and titles on the Amazon website. This font choice gives a modern and sleek appearance to the text.

Did Amazon Change Its Font?

Yes, in 2021, Amazon introduced a new font called “Amazon Ember” across its platforms. The purpose of this change was to enhance the user experience by improving readability. The new font is now utilized on the Amazon website and mobile app.

What Is The New Font For Amazon Prime Video?

The new Amazon Prime video font is “Amazon Ember.” It was introduced in 2021 to replace the previous font, “Amazon Bookerly.” Amazon Ember is a modern and sleek typeface that offers improved readability.

How Does The Amazon Font Compare To Other Popular Fonts Used In E-Commerce Branding?

The Amazon font, known as Amazon Ember, stands out among popular e-commerce fonts like Helvetica and Arial. Its custom design gives it a unique and distinctive appearance that contributes to the brand’s visual identity.

Is Amazon Kindle In The Same Font As Amazon?

Amazon Kindle does not use the same font as Amazon’s website. The default Kindle font is Bookerly, specifically designed for e-readers. On the other hand, the Amazon website uses a custom font called Amazon Ember.

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