Unveiling The Mystery: What Font Is Apple Text?

Have you ever wondered what font Apple uses for its text in all its devices and applications? The answer is not as simple as one would expect.

Apple has developed its font suite that caters specifically to its devices and software—these fonts go by SF Pro, SF Compact, SF Mono, and SF Arabic.

Each of these fonts has a different purpose, from interface design to coding. We will walk you through everything you need to know about Apple text, from what it is and why it’s used in Apple devices to how to use it on your website. We will also discuss troubleshooting font issues that you may face on your device. Join us as we unveil the mystery of what font Apple uses for its text.

What Font Is Apple Text

What Font Is Apple Text?

What Font Is Apple Text?

Apple text’s font has been a mystery for many years, but it is now popular that Apple text mainly uses the font Helvetica Neue or San Fransisco. Apple text has had a few changes over the years, with the font size changing for better accessibility. Myriad Pro is Apple’s primary font, but they tend to use various typefaces in marketing. Apple’s marketing materials have used lighter fonts, including Myriad Pro Light.

Apart from the Apple text, the Apple Watch also uses the Helvetica Neue font to display text. Although many fonts have been used in the Apple ecosystem, Helvetica Neue and San Fransisco remain the primary fonts used in Apple’s system.

SF Pro

The font used for Apple’s text is SF Pro. This is Apple’s system font for iOS, iPad OS, macOS, and tvOS. SF Pro is a versatile and flexible font that supports over 150 languages. It has nine weights, variable optical sizes, and four widths, making it adaptable to various design projects.

The font used on iPhones and iPads is called San Francisco, which includes SF Pro, SF Pro Rounded, SF Mono, SF Compact, and SF Compact Rounded. SF Pro has specific designs to provide optimal legibility, making it a suitable font for Apple’s interfaces. Overall, SF Pro is a modern and stylish font that works well for text and display purposes. Making it a popular choice for designers and Apple fans.

SF Compact

SF Compact is the font handy for text displayed on Apple Watch devices. The font features a condensed typeface with a monospaced width, which helps to make the text easier to read. Additionally, SF Compact includes options for bold and italic text styles, providing more flexibility when creating content or designs. The font has specific designs to be compact and legible, making it perfect for small screens.

SF Mono

SF Mono is a font handy for displaying text on macOS devices. Additionally, SF Mono includes a variety of weights and styles, making it versatile for different types of content or designs. SF Mono has specific designs to be clear, legible, and compact. The font features low-contrast letters that are easily read in light and dark environments.

Furthermore, this font contains OpenType features such as stylistic alternates, swashes, and ligatures, making it perfect for creating a unique and personalized look for your documents.

SF Arabic

SF Arabic is the font handy for displaying text in Arabic on Apple Watch devices. The font has specific designs for easy legibility and supports a variety of characters and languages. The font supports Unicode, allowing it to display characters from various scripts. Additionally, SF Arabic includes options for bold and italic text styles, making it perfect for creating formatted or styled content.

SF Arabic font is the perfect choice for documents that need to make an impression. It can be used for web and print applications, giving you flexibility and ensuring your document looks professional regardless of the format. SF Arabic font is also optimized for readability in both digital and printed formats, so your readers won’t struggle to make out the text.


What Is The Default Font Of Apple Devices?

The default font for Apple devices, including iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, and Apple Watches, is Helvetica Neue or San Francisco. With its sleek and elegant look, the font is chosen to fit the brand aesthetic of Apple. The font size has been increased to make information more accessible to people with poor eyesight.

San Francisco replaced Helvetica Neue as the official font for Apple in 2017, used for both word marks on devices and marketing webpages. Apple has also increased the font size of the lock screen clock display to 82pt bold typeface in iOS 16, which received mixed reactions from users. It is worth noting that the font type remains the same for both lower/uppercase and bold or italicized text.

Why Does Apple Use Apple Text?

Apple uses Helvetica Neue or San Francisco font in its text. The font size, however, can be adjustable for accessibility where a larger font size is handy, especially for people with poor eyesight. Earlier, Apple used its custom variant of the ITC Garamond font called Apple Garamond for advertising purposes.

Like other companies, Apple also uses a variety of fonts in its systems and products for different purposes, such as branding or readability. San Francisco font was introduced by Apple in 2015 with the Apple Watch before it was integrated into newer iPhone models. It is speculated that the font choice aims to provide a uniform and clean user experience, even though the reasons behind Apple’s font choice remain a mystery.

Differences Between Apple Text And Other Fonts

Differences Between Apple Text And Other Fonts

Apple text is primarily Helvetica Neue, a font that has been popular for many years. In newer updates, Apple has started using San Francisco Text fonts, designed to be more legible with wider margins and apertures, especially at smaller sizes. Due to its popularity, other companies have tried to copy the Apple text font.

One significant difference between the Apple text font and other fonts is that Apple has made a concerted effort to increase the font size to make it accessible to people with visual impairments. In their marketing, Apple has modified several fonts like San Francisco Text with lighter versions like Myriad Pro Light to accomplish this goal.

In terms of lowercase, uppercase, bold, or italic variations, there is no significant difference between the Apple text font and other fonts. The primary differences lie in the subtle design choices that differentiate the font from others, making it unique to Apple products.

How To Get Apple Text On Your Website

How To Get Apple Text On Your Website

The font used for Apple text is Helvetica Neue or San Francisco, depending on the iOS version. Getting Apple text on your website is not straightforward, and no clear or direct instructions have yet been found. However, you can download third-party font apps on the App Store to add fonts to your Apple device.

Apple is a popular corporation that sells everything from smartphones to laptops. It has a strong presence on the web, and you can use its products and services to enhance your website’s functionality and appeal. However, you should know the legal issues before using Apple products on your website.

For example, you cannot place an Apple logo or use an Apple-inspired color scheme if you do so in a way that will likely cause user confusion. You must also adhere to Apple’s terms of service and privacy policy when using its products. Here are some ways to get apple text on your website:

1) Use Apple’s official apps: The company has several official mobile apps for various functions, such as payments, maps, and photo sharing. You can use these apps to create a seamless experience for your visitors.

2) Use Apple-themed graphics: You can use images with an apple motif or logo in your website design or other marketing materials.

3) Use Apple fonts: You can use custom typefaces created by the company for specific uses, such as headlines or body copy.

Use Of Apple Text In Different Applications

Use Of Apple Text In Different Applications

Apple text uses the Helvetica Neue and San Francisco fonts in its operating system, iOS. The switch to these fonts was implemented to make information easier to read and accessible, particularly to individuals with poor eyesight. While Apple uses a mix of Myriad Pro, Helvetica Neue, and Gill Sans for product packaging and marketing materials, the font used on iPhones is clear and neat, even in small text sizes.

Unfortunately, there is no information regarding the use of Apple Text in applications. However, Apple’s commitment to accessibility suggests that the font used in its applications will likely design with readability in mind. Overall, using clear fonts in Apple’s products highlights their commitment to user experience, making them a popular brand among consumers.

How To Troubleshoot Issues With Fonts On Your Apple Device

How To Troubleshoot Issues With Fonts On Your Apple Device

There are a few ways you can customize your display settings, clock fonts, text size, and accessibility features to improve legibility. To restore your font size to default, go to Settings → Accessibility → Per-App Settings → Swipe left Messages → Select Delete. You can also long-press on your lock/home screen to launch the customization prompt and adjust your clock font.

  • First, restart your device, which may help clear any temporary glitches affecting your fonts. If that doesn’t work, ensure your device’s software is up to date, as outdated software may cause font issues.
  • You can also try resetting your device’s font cache, which can be done by following a few simple steps in your device’s settings. Additionally, if you’ve recently installed any new fonts, try uninstalling them to see if that fixes the issue.
  • Finally, if none of these steps work, you may need to contact Apple support for further assistance in resolving the font issues on your device.

In addition, changing your display and text size settings can help optimize your device’s display for better legibility. Apple users should also be aware of malware decoys in their Zoom sessions. It’s always recommended to be vigilant while accessing web content on your Apple device to avoid phishing attacks. Optimizing font settings lets you maintain readability on your Apple device, which is incredibly important for daily use.


Apple Text is a font family comprising various modern and chic font styles in the design world. The default font of Apple devices is SF Pro, making it the most widely known font from the Apple Text collection. Apple has an image to keep, and using its particular typography is a crucial part of that.

Since Apple Text is their only font type, their products stand out. Using Apple Text on your website or design project can bring your work a fresh, modern look. Learn how to get Apple Text on your website and how to troubleshoot issues with fonts on your Apple device by reading our comprehensive blog on Unveiling the Mystery: What Font is Apple Text?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Font Is Apple Notes Text?

Ans: The default font for Apple Notes text is Helvetica Neue, but after the iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan updates, the San Francisco font became the official font for Apple devices. San Francisco is handy in word marks like “iPhone” and “MacBook Pro,” as well as on the Apple Music app.

2. What Font Style Are iPhone Messages?

Ans: The font style for iPhone messages in San Francisco. Before the iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan updates, the font style for Apple text was Helvetica Neue. However, in iOS 11 and beyond, Apple revamped the font across all devices to improve accessibility. San Francisco has become Apple’s signature font, setting them apart from their competitors.

3. What Font Is Similar To Helvetica?

Ans: iPhones use Helvetica as their default font, but it may not be appropriate for small text. This is because Helvetica has heavy punctuation marks and too much spacing between numbers, which can lead to poor performance in the digital world.

4. What Is The Original Mac Font?

Ans: The original Mac font was Apple Garamond, a variation of the classic Garamond typeface. Before the first Macintosh, Apple used Motter Tektura for its playful qualities and techno look. Apple Garamond became virtually synonymous with Apple for almost two decades, used for the company name and marketing slogans.

5. Why Should I Use A Specific Typeface For My App’s UI Design?

Ans: A specific typeface for your app’s UI design can help with consistency and brand recognition. For Apple devices, it recommends using the San Francisco font, the official universal font handy by Apple, including for text messages on the iPhone. The font has specific designs as a sans-serif typeface that enhances readability on different sizes of screens.

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