Unlocking The Mystery Of The Font With Slashed Zero – Explained With Details

Slashed zeros are a mystery to most of us, but they have a pretty interesting story. And the story is much more fascinating than we could have ever imagined.

The mystery shrouds the history of slashed sets. It’s hard to tell if the slash is there, and it often seems like it should be there but isn’t. But with all its mystery, slashed zeros are vital to our craft. They exist for one reason only: to make things easier for designers and developers. The community of typography enthusiasts often discusses and appreciates fonts that feature a slashed zero. This design element distinguishes the number zero from the letter O, enhancing readability and reducing confusion in various texts and digital interfaces.

Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the font with Slashed Zero, from its history to its use in design and coding. So, if you’re looking for a font that will make your projects look professional and stylish, Slashed Zero is perfect.

What Is A Slashed Zero?

A slashed zero is a graphic symbol that distinguishes the symbol “0” from the letter “O” by marking a diagonal line inside the number. The creators of the slashed zero remain unknown, but many link it to absence, negation, and erasure.

IPhone users who want to type a slashed zero on their keyboard can do so by holding down the “0” key until additional choices appear on the screen. The usage of the slashed zero is prevalent in many ASCII graphic sets that originated from the Teletype Model 33 typewheel.

Furthermore, it became associated with hacker culture in the 1980s. The slashed zero is also present in many Baudot teleprinter applications, specifically the keytop and type pallet that combine “P” and the slashed zero.

Exploring The Mystery Font With Slashed Zero

Designers create fonts with a slashed zero, such as Consolas, Menlo, Monaco, and Cascadia, with a diagonal line (“/”). This makes for better readability in printouts as it helps distinguish between the number zero and the letter “O.”

However, according to calculations, Alt+0216 is the symbol for a font with Slashed Zero. It might not be the best option, as it may look unusual on paper. Some applications allow you to choose fonts with slashed zeroes instead of normal zeroes.

You can use the font with a slashed zero in Affinity Designer. The slashed zero fonts have become increasingly popular as they make it so much easier to differentiate between the number zero and the letter “O.”

Slashed Zero In CSS

The font with a slashed zero is a distinctive feature that helps differentiate the zero from the letter O. While the reason for this feature is unknown in some fonts, other common typefaces like Terminal, Consolas, Menlo, and Monaco use slashed zeroes to achieve the same result.

You can enable a slashed zero variant for specific fonts like “Inter” through CSS. Using a font with a slashed zero can be quite helpful in certain cases. To implement it, use the “font-feature-settings” property with the value “zero” set to “slashed” or “slashed-zero”.

This will display the zero with a diagonal slash through it. Consistent design elements font mapping ensures that the font used in a document, such as the “Slashed Zero font,” maintains the same visual representation of a slashed zero character throughout the entire document.

Slashed Zero In HTML

The font with a slashed zero is a mystery to many. A diagonal slash represents this alternative form of zero through the counter. Unicode does not define a code point for the visual appearance of zero other than U+0030, which means that the slashed zero glyphs are displayed only for U+0030.

To use the Slashed Zero in HTML, you can simply use the “Ø” entity code or the “Ø” numerical code. These codes will display the slashed zero symbol on your webpage, allowing you to incorporate it into your design or content.

Those who want to use the slashed zero in HTML should know that it is not a frequently supported character and may need special formatting. However, the slashed zero’s unique and visually distinct look makes it a popular choice for those seeking to add a bit of character to their typography.

Slashed Zero In Javascript

Fonts commonly use a typographic design variation with a slashed zero to help distinguish between the number 0 and the capital letter O. While Unicode does not define a separate code point for the slashed zero. It allows it as a glyph displayed only for U+0030.

G-Hae Chang Heavy Industries has used it in Flash-based artwork to convey themes of negation, erasure, and absence. Overall, the font with a slashed zero is important in typography, making it easier to read and distinguish between characters.

Slashed Zero In Ruby On Rails

Tech enthusiasts associate using slashed zeroes with hacker culture and use it in Baudot teleprinter applications. Some iPhone users are curious how to type a slashed zero on their keyboards.

Interestingly, the Teletype Model 33 default typewheel inspired the use of slashed zeroes in ASCII graphics sets. Those who use Ruby on Rails can easily utilize the slashed zero, a significant feature. Overall, the slashed zero feature adds a unique character to fonts and has left a lasting impact on technology and design.

Slashed Zero In PHP

In typography, people use the slashed zero as a special character to differentiate between the number zero and the capital letter O. It is available in several fonts, including Consolas, Cascadia, and Source Code. Some of these custom fonts even include a feature that allows users to switch between the default zero and the slashed form.

For developers who work in PHP, the slashed zero is a crucial aspect of coding. Using the correct font when typing code that includes a slashed zero is essential. It is an important aspect of typography and coding.

Uses Of Slashed Zeros In Web Design

You can implement the slashed zero in web design through code samples, such as Flutter’s FontFeature. They slashed zero. Additionally, certain fonts like Moderat may display a slashed zero in captions when used in Premiere Pro. Using Windows’ Character Map, designers can check for a slashed zero in a font. The slashed zero is a unique and useful feature that can add depth and character to various design projects. Here are some common applications of slashed zeros:

  • Improved legibility
  • Visual consistency
  • Brand differentiation
  • Accessibility considerations

How Slashed Zeros Are Used In Typography

You may have wondered what a zero with a slash through it is and why it is used in typography if you have ever seen one. Slashed zeros are an alternative form of writing the numerical character zero with a diagonal slash through the counter.

They were commonly handy in early computer systems and teletype machines of the 1970s and 1980s. And became associated with hacker culture. Artists have also used slashed zeroes to convey themes of negation, erasure, and absence.

In typography, slashed zeros are especially useful in condensed designs to differentiate zero from capital O in situations where both may appear arbitrarily mixed.

In certain fonts, such as Moderat, these characters may appear in the Open Captions feature of Premiere Pro CC 14.7 with no specified solution. Nonetheless, many digital and print media contexts still appreciate the use of slashed zeroes.


The font with Slashed Zero (also known as an oblique zero) is a variant of the numeral 0, which features a diagonal slash through it. This can be useful for differentiating between the letter O and the number 0, especially in instances where font size or weight does not provide enough contrast to make them easily distinguishable.

They are used to make the zero look slashed and add depth to the design. The slashed zero is a great tool for web designers who want to stand out.

It can be used in various designs and websites, including logos, posters, etc. In addition to being efficient, they’re also an easy way to set your design apart from the rest. If you’re looking for a design solution no one has thought of, you can find it with a slashed zero.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you type slashed 0?

To type a slashed zero, also known as a “null character,” you can use the ASCII code or Unicode character code. In most text editors, you can hold the Alt key and type 0216 on the numeric keypad to produce a slashed zero (Ø).

Which font has slashed zeros in Excel?

The font that is commonly used in Excel and has slashed zeros is generally identified as the Calibri font. Calibri is a sleek and modern typeface that offers the distinct feature of having slashed zeros.

What is the special character 0 with slash?

The special character “0 with slash” refers to the symbol Ø, which is used in various contexts and languages to represent different concepts, such as the empty set in mathematics or the vowel sound in certain Scandinavian languages.

Does Ø mean diameter?

No, Ø does not mean diameter. It is a symbol commonly used to represent an empty set in mathematics. The symbol for diameter symbol is typically represented by the letter “d” or a symbol with a line segment passing through it.

What is Unicode for slash?

The Unicode for the slash symbol is U+002F. The Unicode for the slash symbol, also known as the forward slash or solidus, is U+002F. In computing, the slash symbol is commonly handy as a separator in file paths and URLs.

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