How To Use Tigreal Font: Some Quick Tips

Tigreal Font is an elegant and sophisticated typeface that has been gaining popularity among graphic designers and typography enthusiasts. This font is perfect for various design projects with its sleek curves and sharp edges.

However, mastering the use of Tigreal Font can be challenging for beginners. Here, we will introduce you to Tigreal Font and discuss its features and characteristics. We will thoroughly understand how to use Tigreal Font in your design projects. Additionally, we will provide you with tips and tricks on how to use Tigreal Font in combination with other fonts to create unique and eye-catching designs.

Tigreal Font

8 Steps To Use Tigreal Font

8 Steps To Use Tigreal Font

Tigreal Font is a modern typeface that has gained popularity in recent years. It is a versatile font for various purposes, from branding to web design and print materials. Its bold and elegant appearance characterizes the font, making it an excellent choice for creating a powerful visual impact. The font has different weights and styles, making it easy to customize for different projects.

To use the Tigreal font, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Obtain the Tigreal font: Search for websites or platforms where you can download the Tigreal font. Ensure that the source is reputable and offers a legitimate font version.
  2. Download the font: Once you find a reliable source, click the download button or link to begin downloading. Save the font file to a location on your computer where you can easily access it.
  3. Extract the font file (if necessary): If the downloaded file is in a compressed format like ZIP or RAR, extract it using a file extraction program.
  4. Install the font: Double-click the extracted file (usually ending in .ttf or .otf) to open it.
  5. Restart applications: Some applications may require a restart to recognize newly installed fonts.
  6. Select the Tigreal font: In the applications where you want to use the Tigreal font, navigate to the font selection options. This process may vary depending on the software, but typically you can find font options in the formatting or text settings menu.
  7. Apply the Tigreal font: Once you locate the font selection options, scroll through the list of available fonts until you find “Tigreal” or a similar name associated with the Tigreal font.
  8. Customize the font settings (optional): Depending on the software you’re using, you may have additional options to adjust the font size, style (bold, italic, etc.), and other formatting features.

Tips For Designing With Tigreal Font

Tips For Designing With Tigreal Font

Designing with Tigreal font can be challenging for many designers, but it can become a breeze with some helpful tips. The first thing to remember when working with this font is its bold and angular nature. Tigreal has a strong presence and can easily overpower other design elements if not used correctly.

Therefore, it’s important to use this font sparingly and in a way that complements other design elements. One way to do this is by pairing it with a thinner font that balances out its boldness. For example, using Tigreal for headings and a thinner sans-serif font for body text can create a professional and cohesive look.

Examples Of Tigreal Fonts In Use

Francis Studio designed the Tigreal font, gaining popularity among graphic designers and typography enthusiasts. Tigreal font has a modern and sleek design that can use in various design projects such as posters, brochures, logos, and websites. One of the best things about Tigreal font is its versatility, making it suitable for headings and body text.

Tigreal font has a unique personality that can make any design stand out. Many designers have already started using the Tigreal font in their projects, and the results are impressive. For example, the branding of a fitness center used the Tigreal font, which gave it a strong and bold look.

Combining Tigreal Font With Other Fonts

Combining Tigreal Font With Other Fonts

Combining Tigreal font with other fonts can create a unique and visually appealing design. Tigreal font is a bold and strong font that can pair with other fonts to create a balanced and harmonious design. Ensuring they complement each other and do not clash is important when combining fonts.

One way to achieve this is to use contrasting fonts, such as pairing Tigreal with a more delicate and feminine font. Another way is to use fonts with similar characteristics, such as pairing Tigreal with a similar sans-serif or serif font. When designing with multiple fonts, it is also important to pay attention to the hierarchy of the text.


Tigreal Font is a versatile and stylish typeface for various design projects. Its clean lines and sharp edges convey a sense of modernity and sophistication, making it a popular choice among designers and creatives. With its multiple weights and versatile character sets, Tigreal Font offers various options for customizing and personalizing designs.

Its elegant and refined appearance can elevate any design project, making it a valuable addition to any designer’s toolkit. Overall, Tigreal Font is a professional and highly functional typeface well-suited for various design applications.


1.What Is The History Of The Tigreal Font?

Ans: The Tigreal font is a modern typeface that was created in 2018 by a team of designers. It was designed to have a clean and minimalist aesthetic, with a focus on legibility and versatility. The font draws inspiration from classic serif typefaces but with a contemporary twist. It has gained popularity for its versatility and has been used in various design projects, including branding, advertising, and editorial layouts.

2.What Are Some Unique Features Of The Tigreal Font That Set It Apart From Other Fonts?

Ans: Tigreal font stands out due to its bold and distinctive design elements. Its strong strokes and sharp angles give it a powerful and commanding presence on the page. Additionally, Tigreal incorporates unique details such as subtle serifs and elegant curves, adding a touch of sophistication to its overall appearance.

3.How Has The Tigreal Font Been Used In Various Industries?

Ans: The Tigreal font has been used in various industries such as fashion, advertising, and technology. Its clean and minimalistic design makes it suitable for branding and logo designs in the fashion industry. In the advertising field, Tigreal has been utilized to create eye-catching and impactful headlines and taglines.

4.What Are Some Common Criticisms?

Ans: Some common criticisms include lack of transparency, poor communication, inadequate customer service, high prices, subpar product quality, unethical business practices, and failure to meet expectations or deliver on promises.

5.Can The Tigreal Font Be Customized?

Ans: The Tigreal font, unfortunately, does not offer customization options. This means that users are unable to modify or personalize the font according to their preferences.

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