The Masters Font – Features, Designs And Uses

Masters Font

The Master’s Font is a modular font designed by Daniel Bateman for use in typefaces for print and the web. The Masters family of fonts supports more than a dozen Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, and Hebrew characters, from the basic language support to the latest IPA extensions.

It also includes accented letters and the numerals used in East Asian languages such as Japanese and Chinese. Adding to the versatility of this font is an optional alternate variant for each letter. And combining these alternate forms gives designers flexibility in using specialized characters. A few Hebrew letters are presented with glyph alternates that may be used as a substitute on systems where it might not otherwise display at all.

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The Best Fonts For Your Business – Masters Font

Masters Font

The Masters Font is a font created for all students of the creative industries, and it is available for free download on Dafont. It was designed by graphic designer David Boswell in collaboration with the co-founder of the Master’s Institute, C.B. Boswell. The font was named after the London-based education company that offers courses to … Read more