Palace Skateboards Font – Design, Features & Uses

Tim Parker designed the palace skateboards logo. He is an industrial designer based in Los Angeles, California.

In his career, he has created logos for some of the most well-known brands such as Adidas, Mattel, Ecko Unlimited, and much more. It made him a great choice to design the new logo for Palace Skateboards.

The logo was introduced in the year 2000 and has been maintained until this very day. The Palace Skateboards font is a bold and elegant typeface that’s not only striking but also suitable for various company-related uses like branding plans, large posters, or even advertisements on various media platforms,

Including newspapers or magazines. It also can be used to spell out personal names, so you need never forget name ever!

Palace Skateboards Font

Meaning of Palace Skateboards Font

The logo has an old-world charm. It features something instantly recognizable to many people from a timeless era of skateboarding, the ”palace” symbol and how it integrated into its name partially qualified by the very admirable font typeface designs, two common attributes seen in any great artwork or printed materials.

Additionally, the words are ”skateboard” and ”palace”. you used these two words to describe the Palace Skateboards brand in its very early days, a few years before it became an official skateboard company.

However, the word ”skateboard” carries a deeper meaning. Skateboarding has always been about more than just riding skateboards.

It is an all-encompassing lifestyle that encompasses culture and community with people from all walks of life. Skateboarding involves everything from skating in parks to skating at night and everywhere in between.

Feature of This Font

Feature of This Font

The Palace Skateboards font is bold, thin and features the word ”skateboarding” on one side while an ornamental edging runs around the name.

Therefore, it has a great look to it. Its alluring letters combined with its rugged and retro feel make this text uniquely refreshing that ensures there will be no dull reading ever when using or printing out any sheet of paper bearing this logo for branding products for public use or Palace Skateboards Only Found in This Font Typeface

You can design the logo for skateboarding-related products, but the Royal Typewriter thought about other versions of this font used by Palace Skateboards.

However, only an italic version is available with more certain plans from 2011 to create a bold and condensed text version. Additionally, a bold version will be available in the future.

The font is great for logos, marketing materials, and other printed documents. It is also great for personal use and that of business cards. It can be used to print Palace Skateboards products and on items such as skateboards, t-shirts, mugs, keychains, and even stickers.

Best Use of Palace Skateboards Font

Best Use of Palace Skateboards Font

This logo was designed to have high visibility and perfect skateboarding-related products. Other digital materials, interior design, watch designs, and statues are also possible ideas.

You can use it if the product or idea contains skating or similar activities meant for this font’s intended use in terms of pictorial representation.

However, Palace Skateboards Font is available for a variety of other uses, and these include:

  • Logo design and branding.
  • Company signature designs.
  • Business cards.
  • Leisurewear / lifestyle collections/sports clothes/motorcycles leather sets.

Commercial Use of This Font

Commercial Use of This Font

The Palace Skateboards Font is perfectly suitable for use in retail stores, product listing websites, and web storefronts.

This kind of = copyright license allows designers to easily add their logo or design, which is perfect if the products are still not branded with this typeface at present. Additionally, this font is suitable for fashion and lifestyle products, especially if the design includes skating-related activities.

Nevertheless, this font is also perfect for use in the following industries:

  • Sporting goods, footwear, and clothing.
  • Fashion, accessories, and beauty products.
  • Menswear and womenswear.
  • Personal care products.
  • Retail stores, shopping malls, and online shops.
  • Digital Printing of Palace Skateboards Font
  • The Palace Skateboards Font can be used to print digital files such as PDFs, PNGs, or JPEG

How to Download Palace Skateboards Font

Palace Skateboards Font is supported by all document types and has file names that include RTL_Pal.ttf, OTF_Pal.of, and TTF/OTP formats, respectively, depending on the type of font you need to download.

The Palace Skateboards font works flawlessly with Windows 8 (Windows 8), Windows 7 (Win7), or even older Operating Systems such as XP, Vista & Win98 in both 32-bits and 64-bit versions.

Palace Skateboards would be an excellent choice for a modern retro typeface design trend, especially on products such as skateboards or clothing.

But, the font’s specialty is in skateboarding-related designs. The font looks very much like a stencil, and it has that unique, authentic look that only a custom typeface can achieve.

Regulation of Using Palace Skateboards Font

Regulation of Using Palace Skateboards Font

This font is copyright and royalty-free. No attribution or license is required to use this font on your product.

However, suppose you wish to donate a small amount of money towards the upkeep of this typeface (3 USD per year). In that case, we are happy for companies who want to make these donations.

Still, please include a link along with each design using our logo in which they request the donation be made before printing their designs so that it can go toward the support of the maintenance, design, and promotion of this kind of extended font.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. Which One Is Better: Web Fonts Or Downloadable Fonts?

All of them are available. There is no true best option. Both have pros and cons, but you can still use both to create a professional-looking prototype.

2. Are There Any Drawbacks To Using A Font For Palace Skateboards?

No, the pros outweigh the cons.

3. What Is The Best Font For Palace Skateboards?

It would be best if you used the Webfont. It’sIt’s what most companies do because it costs less, both in price and time to design a logo.

4. How Do You Choose A Good Font For Palace Skateboards?

It is hard to tell as I have never done a skate-related logo. But by the looks of what you are doing and trying to convey, it seems that you might be looking for something very different from the standard lettering found in comics or stencils. Try surfing on Font Junkies sometimes and see if anything interests you.

5. Why Do Companies Use Web Fonts? Is This A Problem With Using Palace Skateboards Font?

Webfonts are often used because they save money when designing websites, but there isn’tisn’t any drawbacks, so why not try them out!


Palace skateboards font is one of the most popular fonts used in many skateboard logos. The font is inspired by big brands like Nike, Adidas, Vans, and many more.

The font was designed by a graphic designer named Jason Schlosser, and he developed it for Palace Skateboards. So if you are planning to use this skateboard logo, you should not ignore this amazing work done by Jason Schlosser.

Moreover, this font is one of the best fonts for skateboarding, and you can use it in your product as well.

But if you are using this font in any commercial work, you should pay a small amount of money to the owner of this font.

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