Notorious Big Font – Typographic History & Essential Things To Know

If you want to add emphasis while still maintaining the typographical balance of your sentence, a common recommended solution is to use an enlarged or “heavy” font.

So, what is Notorious big font? Usually serif fonts are used for large text sizes on newspapers and books, where as sans-serif typefaces can be easier (or better) at typesetting short passages due to their uniform shape that resembles handwriting for comfortable reading.

Notorious is one of the most popular fonts on the web. Used by some of the world’s most popular websites and applications, this font has become a staple in many designers’ arsenals. But what is its story? And how did it become so famous? This blog post will take a closer look at the notorious big font and its various incarnations.

We’ll also talk about ways to use this font on your projects and some of the notorious big font merchandise available on the market. So if you’re looking for a font that will rock your website – or want to know more about this iconic font, read on.

Notorious Big Font

Typographic History

Big Fonts in writing was relatively rare prior 1953 when Helvetica Neue and Univers were launched by the Swiss designer Max Miedinger under his agency Dieric Bemelmans.

Univers is a free sans-serif font, the main idea behind its design was to push it into being an independent type family with varying weights this way enabling different styles at each weight issue many lesser used fonts and thus making them more easily available on office printers.

Helvetica Neue began as a project in reaction to protests against controversial new signs marking Austria’s borders particularly those blocking viaducts crossing 26 provinces alone not mentioned by name!

Both of these ‘type systems’ influenced great architectural designers like Frank Sauerländer in the space age and Yves Massillard in more traditional poster design.

Continued innovation over the last six decades has led to even more font styles as shown on CriticalXperts blog.

The world wide web, with its ever-growing scale of typography has made it easier for designers to explore new fonts by publishing them online under free licencing software like “Symbolz” or “Fontspring” where they can be installed at personal websites, blogs and web applications free of charge.

Some bigfonts are based on a geometric construction such as condensed geometry but most of them are based on a mathematical concept such rediscovering the golden ratio.

What Is Notorious Big Font?

What Is Notorious Big Font

One of the biggest font controversies occurred about two years a go when Mac OS X Sierra version replaced Helvetica Neue with Source Sans Pro (SPS), resulted in some designers blaming it for not being pro-typographical.

Another controversy surfaced recently which included Roman Rotunda on Windows Vista and Windows 8, many fans will agree that this typeface is incomparable to TrueType fonts that users are familiar with today but we’re now seeing more ‘boldness’ looking sharper as opposed to its predecessors.

People also tend discovering letter flipping next time they use computer especially vertical ones , presumably software developers haven’t set this as default since Iowan fonts are numerous.

On 2017 Graphic designer Jessica Hische published a cool petition in NY Mag focused on Apple, Microsoft and Adobe to include Vorarlberger Script font into their next versions of

Windows for irony within the typeface-swapping community wherein she mostly accuse them for straying from tradition by forsaking design classics with new kitsch feeling typefaces.

There are numerous ways designers have incorporated bigger font not just on a single but larger than life scale by combining it with other typefaces within caps.

Rejecting the original meaning of mainstream big fonts, some bigfonts assume new connotations such as artists projecting an interesting concept to incorporate a surreal effect and sometimes melodramatic for ironic purposes at times that can be found in design work of Jose Luis Blanco Ojeda.

Types Of Notorious Big Font

Notorious Big Font


Iowan fonts which used to be the stereotypical big font is now personified as apparent jokes based on its increased size. The British designed DIN 745 letters are notable at 35 – 36 point per row, more than double that of Microsoft Arial in compact form although eventually replaced with Helvetica Neue Times New Roman (2014).

His typeface was once considered one of the great calamities and many people shared the same opinion because it had a much bigger difference from most of their designs but since then has become normalised and gradually regarded as a thing or trend amongst complimented by typographers and sharp eyed designers.

The Iowan font commissioned by the Governor of Montana, Earl Warren himself has been abandoned within Major League Baseball teams and remains to be in collections although it is now a popular bigfont concept.

The next typeface which became well known as “the biggest letter ever” (or Blackletter) was designed for an advertising campaign adhering to the American Legislative Council’s law that enshrined lowercase characters at 12 point size instead of Ø a couple years back.

The Norman Font used by politicians like Ronald Reagan throughout his administrations were infamous because they were indeed very huge and had fallen out from social acceptability.

This typeface was a major influence behind the Chicago like buildings, street names and public signs borrowed by gangsters as they are traditionally known to be associated with it such as New York’s famous Gashouse Gang.

Features Of Notorious Big Font

Features Of Notorious Big Font

The first thing which stands out prominently with this font is its extreme size. Its width set at 12 point per characeter (unlike other fonts) sized over 36 millimetres pushes up any table to the maximum space thus making it a great source of frustration

When working in long tables since you can only fit 4 lines of 60 characters while reaching your allotted line height limit that should be letterspacing=0.3em or longer and an additional 2-5 comments alongside it, depending on word choice and directionality

At bigfont we use italics as opposed to curly quotes align ing it with proper kind of a felt-tip pen or most technologies include san serif fonts among their ink/color palette.

Also as you know blackletter glyphs used in other styles in the same font family is dispensed manually!

The Notorious Big Portrait Behance Digital Art

The Notorious Big Portrait Behance Digital Art

Are you looking for a bold and sophisticated font for your next project? Behance is your go-to destination. This digital art library offers a variety of fonts that are perfect for logo designs, social media posts, and even artwork.

With hundreds of fonts to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect one for your project. Plus, the professional-grade quality is evident on every page, so if you’re in the market for a font that will make a statement, check out Behance.

Similar Fonts To Notorious

Similar Fonts To Notorious

Notorious Big Font is a popular font loved for its extensive and bold fonts. Similar fonts to notorious can be a great way to stand out from the crowd and give your website or blog a unique look. While you’re on the hunt for a font that’s similar, make sure to consider the font’s weight, style, and size.

Also, ensure not to go too overboard with the similarities – you don’t want your site to look too similar to notorious. Once you’ve found a font you’re happy with, use it consistently on all your content. Notorious Big Font is perfect for making your content stand out, so don’t miss out – use it today.

Difference With Other Fonts

Difference With Other Fonts

While other fonts gives you the ability to embed images, in this typeface it’s by design.

Advantages we have only here: being able times gargantuan like a text book font. Let’s compare early Chicago style font

and the Notorious Big Font in a comparison:*The most significant discrepan ce between the two fonts is that ‘o’ and ‘O’ how it looks like.

Apart from putting my notes beside them (just to remind myself of their own original glyph origin), well they look similar they are not exactly identical.

As you can notice above, we have one line still in lowercase written as un-capitalized ppl not capitalized known as Upper case letters behaving differently than other languages wherein even pencils don’t write each character or letter but in this text we clarified the origins of each glyph and relate to other fonts as well.


(1) has serifs 🙂

(2) adds multiple personality with its type formats, style and wise can fit not just one but two styles at once by actual size adjustment :-))and finally

(3), even when writing big using it’s own set from the beginning you will have a definite proper typed look that has been there waiting for you hardcoded inside itself throughout your time working on typography or web design!

How To Use Notorious Big Font

How To Use Notorious Big Font

To use the font, one be able to download it from here: and once the fonts are correctly installed you will see “NotoriousBigFont1” heading at top of your possibilities in that menu bar on y “D side under Go! See?

Not only do we have number 1 inside our first navigation choice but even format has been specified by Didier, sorted according file size as well

Prepare a text if need this high class typeface as big companions typing then when ready out go ahead Look what happened just above like besides using Notorious Big its existence is enough to attract a lot of attention in itself.

We can see how powerful size change over font styles are  as they affect the look and style of text on screen.

I find myself playing around with it just looking at them, i don’t even use this once but still feel a bit generous by including such an elegant and rich suite

Fonts like these really rather than using only one or two typefonts within my own design which would eventually demonstrate lack-of-culture when developing something new especially so much larger serif fonts without proper knowledge.

Notorious B.I.G. - Officially Licensed Merchandise

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Notorious B.I.G.

Notorious B.I.G.:

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The track contains a sample from the song “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash, Furious Five, released in 1978. The tragic story of Notorious B.I.G. has profoundly impacted the music industry, and his music will continue to resonate with fans for years to come.

Notorious Big Font Legalities

If you want to use this typeface, don’t forget that they belong to an individual who isn’t entirely happy with their distribution. You must contact the owner of these glyphs before using!

Special thanks to:

  • Didier Ruef for permission and extensive interviews on how Notorious Big was developed and made
  • All of the behind the scenes and breakdowns that you found in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. Is It Really Necessary To Read A Notorious Big Font?

It is important to read a font that is big enough for the eyes. When reading something in a small font, your eyes have to work harder and it can cause eye strain. This can lead to headaches and neck pain.

The more difficult it is for your eyes to focus on an object, the less likely you are going to be able to understand what it says.

2. What If I Don’t Want To Read A Notorious Big Font?

You can use a text-to-speech app on your phone to read content for you. There are plenty of apps that will do this for you, such as the Google Speech Recognition app or the Text-to-Speech Assistant in Windows 10.

3. What Are The Benefits Of Reading A Notorious Big Font?

When you read a font that is bigger than usual, it can help you to focus on the text and comprehend what you are reading.

It helps prevent stress sets and headaches from overworking your eyes.

It is easier to read slower in a font that’s big when compared with one written in a small font, which allows you the chance to comprehend what it says much faster.

4. What Is The Privacy Policy Of Notorious Big Font?

The font not only has the face of Mo, but it also includes other elements such as famous quotes and rhymes.”

Recent news headlines with Justin Bieber include: “Jiberish”, “Pray for Journee” paired together in an array* to make a clever pun. (*Thanks Alex Proulx! )

5. How To Download Notorious Big Font?

You can download Notorious Big font with no digital signature or watermark as it’s available on our site!

It may not be installed by default on your system. But you should install the latest version of Windows Vista / 7/8, Mac OS X 10.7+ and Linux Mint 18 to see beautiful fonts like this one in action.


Notorious Big is a font that demonstrates the power of typeface size and detail which can impact design drastically.

As fonts go from large to small, so do their appearance on screen change. It feels like an ad more than anything else in this article but it’s interesting how much information it provides

While still taking freedom away from designing within those rules with beautiful results as opposed to blindly following & not understanding the amount of creativity

That has been taken into these brilliant designs by the designers who spent years perfecting them for far less than a blog post about them would have required; then again its good because

articles like these lead to further exploration of typefaces and the possibilities they have – all for free. I hope now you understand what is Notorious big font.

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