iOS Default Font – Meaning, Types, Works & Uses

The default font of iOS is San Francisco. If you’re coming from an Android background, this change may seem quite jarring at first.

The default typeface in iOS has been tweaked to make your experience with iOS better. iOS Default Font a typeface that is easy on the eyes and even more pleasant to read than the regular Apple fonts.

iOS Default Font

What Is The iOS Default Font?

The font used in iOS is Helvetica Neue. It’s a bit bolder but still very readable for all your text-based needs. I found out about the default typeface from this article over on Life Hacker .

They give some good reasons why people prefer it and I think that they have a great point : iPhone + dumbphone = best typeface ever to read SMSs, eBooks.

When Should You Choose One Of The Default Fonts?

When should you choose one of the default fonts

You shouldn’t choose a typeface for your website if none is set as the system toolbar, footnote icon or style sheets. You don’t want your page to look out of place and lose users.  Sure it’s only four pixels high but in this case, nobody notices small things anyway.

How Do I Set The Default Font On My Iphone?

You can set the default font on any iOS device by clicking on the ‘General’ option in Settings, then selecting “Accessibility”.When you select a category from there (Display and Alerts or Text) press ‘Trips Options’, another menu appears here.

Backspace into a space to open up more options for your current language. A third section called Accessibility should appear further down where you can choose what size of text is displayed next right.

It has two options: 10pt and 14pt for languages like English, which are not broken up into taller or smaller alternatives but always a double size in its standard form (the iBook being an excellent example of this – it is approximately 17×11 font widths from top to bottom).

“10” means that only the most essential information will be large enough to read on screen; anything more than 5 lines at 10 px uses 14 pt. (10pt seems too small for news sites but 14 is too large which most are encroaching to.)

The differences aren’t important at this point unless you want a bit more or less text –the size of font is the same so compare like with like:

How Do I Change The Default Ios 5 Font On An Ipad, Iphone Etc?

How do I change the default iOS 5 Font on an iPad, iPhone etc

Here’s how to set your preferred iOS font. A similar process can be found in Settings > General > Accessibility on the iPhone. First up, choose the type of font you prefer from “General” tab by tapping it once and then use the Backspace key to reveal more options for your preferred language.

The most basic of these is called “Smaller Type”. This will enlarge text 10% so that it can be seen better at a glance when reading an email or RSS feed in Safari over some much larger content coming through on a device with smaller screen.

Up to 14pt text can be displayed in this size, but either way you will notice the difference. Here is also where small caps are implemented. You may not see it on some of older apps like Coogle or Newsblaze (iOS 3) as they use only capital letters here and lower-case even though their font has both upper-and lower case ‘numerals’.

Advantages of Using IOS Default Font

Advantages of Using IOS Default Font

I found some good points by using iOS default font in my blog. It supports larger text, like this so there are fewer pixels on your page or it’s easier to read and you can tell even simple words.

The best part about this typeface is that nobody notices the difference between a full-width date absolute element and a relative one (when used as an inline style). This means better compatibility with older browsers like IE 7 .

Disadvantages Using Apple Default Fonts

Disadvantages Using Apple Default Fonts

Personally, I don’t see any disadvantages as of now but if you start seeing bad font effects then it’s time to change your easy default fonts. The other drawback is that many people associate the “San Francisco” typeface with browsers for Mac OS X and templates for web design applications such as Bootstrap .

This can put off newbies into their designs; especially those coming from Windows or Android devices . I think there are many better fonts than the Apple ones and some of them are freely available even.

What Is The Best Font For Ios?

There are so many typefaces on the market these days, and it is completely your choice what to choose. You don’t necessarily need to use a webfont but if you start noticing problems with compatibility in older browsers then switch.

The great thing about iPhone or iPad font style though; they’re finished: there’s no way for Apple to fix them unless you update using software updates .

How Do I Know Which Font To Use For My App?

How do I know which font to use for my app

If you are planning to create an app for iOS devices then that means a couple of things. First, your users will most likely be iPhone or iPad users

So if your UI is on point with the looks of Apple mobile phones and tablets , which usually have similar font design.It’s important that we start with finding fonts matching well.

That way they would help create better designs without conflicting with any “Apple look”. Color and size of your fonts in UI should also match at least the font palette on Apple devices . That will give you a “colored” design with some consistency which is perfect for apps.

What Font Does Apple Use In 2020?

What font does Apple use in 2020

Since 2016 or 2017, Apple has been using the Roboto font. It is one of Google’s web fonts and it was created by Filippo Giovanelli.

He designed this typeface to be light but with that professional look we all associate iOS devices with a lot these days. Its weight is regular but with small variation remembering that we’re dealing (optimizations) on an iOS smart device.

What Is The Font Style On The Iphone?

What is the font style on the iPhone

When it comes to the serif font we are told that Apple’s devices use a narrow, condensed style. The terminals only connect up towards the ends of each stroke or joiner and not both at every corner.

When there is one terminal disconnected from another it also does have an overall slant so readers don’t see letters with parallel horizontal lines (lack vertical rhythm) much easier than others which can be confusing .

The result on screen having feeling that letters are very close from one another which reflects in the app. The choice of font for iOS 5 was Recordist by Hoefler & Co, its most natural and not an obvious design decision.

What Font Does Apple Iphone Use?

What font does Apple iPhone use

Roboto. Introduced in 2011, it is designed by Mac typesetter Gianpietro Staroselli and Filippo Giovanelli (of Google fame). It’s clearly an oblique font that makes Apple’s iOS devices more fashionable: with a tiny italic variant for Roman display size.

Even when set to normal weight the slanted letters are already noticeable. Its curved terminal ends complete echo its historical inspiration as much as do its compact teeth and two-way joint (externally same transverse strokes and internal ones).

Roboto Light is also available. It’s a light weight variant of Roboto typeface created by Filippo Giovanelli with the aim to work together very well in dark environments, giving it a vintage look;

It has much more contrast between upper & lower case than Roboto Regular font, therefore you can use this one only for uppercase letters.

What Can You Do To Make Safari On An Iphone More Secure?

What can you do to make Safari on an iPhone more secure

For many iOS users, security is more important than anything else. Users who travel outside the U.S., for example, are usually concerned with keeping their data safe

Because they’re not aware of local laws mandating how such information must be handled should it fall into the wrong hands while on vacation or even locally inside a doctor’s office (medicine-induced amnesia being a popular parental strategy).

Set Default Font And Font Size For Basic Templates:

IOS8 and later use a different font for all Basic templates, including articles and posts. This includes the default font and font size for your Basic templates. To set a default font and font size for your Basic templates, follow these steps:

  1. Under “Display & Keyboard,” slide the setting to turn ON “Use Default Font For All Text Content.”
  2. To set a default font and font size for your Basic templates.
  3. Select “Text Size,” then select the desired text size from the list of options.
  4. Open the Settings app on your device.
  5. From the “General” section, tap “Fonts & Colors.”
  6. Under “Text Size,” select “Default Font” and “Default Font Size.”

Create A Custom Template With Your Font Choice:

Create A Custom Template With Your Font Choice

If you’re in the mood for a change, it’s time to change your default font on your iPhone or iPad! It’s easy to do, and you only need a keyboard background and your font of choice. Once you’ve selected it, open up Settings -> General -> Keyboard and select it from the list.

Now you’re ready to start typing in style! As you can see, being creative with your font choice is a great way to stand out from the crowd. So go ahead and experiment – there’s no wrong way to type.

Changing The Font Design:

Changing The Font Design

There are several ways to change the font design on your iOS device. The easiest way is to access the settings app and select “Font.” From there, you can choose various fonts and customize them to your liking. If you don’t want to use the Settings app, other methods, such as an Applet or iTunes scripting (requires Mac), are available.

By changing the font, you can give your content a more professional appearance and help to distinguish it from the competition.

How To Set The Default Font In Pages For Ios

How To Set The Default Font In Pages For Ios

It’s easy to change the font in Pages for iOS – tap on the “+” button and choose your desired font from the drop-down menu. Once you’ve added your font, hit “Save Changes.” To set the font as the default font, open Pages and tap on the “Settings” icon at the top left corner of the main screen. Under “General,” select “Fonts.” Next, under “Fonts Options,” select “Default Font.” Finally, tap on “Set as Default.”


IOS default font has a lot of people asking the question “what is the ios default font” And we are trying to answer this question here. The most popular web browser used by Apple users is Safari.

The default font for Safari is Helvetica Neue, but when you download and install apps from the App Store, they will come with different fonts.


1. What Is The Default Font For IOS?

Ans. The default font for iOS devices is Helvetica Neue. This typeface was originally designed in the 1960s as part of the Swiss publishing house DTP Schwabe AG’s new typeface development program. The font Apple uses for its user interface and applications is Helvetica Neue.

2. My Iphone Is Displaying A Different Font Than Usual – What Can I Do?

Ans. If you’re using an iPhone and the default font is not appearing properly, a setting may need to be changed. To do this, open Settings > General > Fonts. Once inside the fonts settings, tap on the font you want to use as the default and slide it to the top list.

3. What Are Some Other Ways To Customize The Appearance Of Your Ios Device?

Ans. When it comes to customizing the appearance of your iOS device, there are several ways you can go about it. For example, you can adjust each font’s size, color, and style.

Additionally, you can choose from various fonts that can add a personal touch to your iOS device’s look. One way to customize the appearance of your iOS device is to change the font. You can also choose from different typeface styles and sizes to ensure that the text on your screen looks just how you want it to.

4. What Happens If I Don’t Change The Font On My Device?

Ans. If you don’t want the font on your device to be Helvetica Neue, you can change it by going to Settings – General – Font. From there, you can select a different font from the list.

5. How Can I Change The Default Font On My Iphone Or Ipad?

Ans. To change the default font on your iPhone or iPad, open Settings and tap on General. Once you’ve found a font you want to use as the default font, tap on it, and it will be applied as the new font for all apps and notifications on iOS 11 or later devices. You can also access the Fonts button to see all available fonts for your device.

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