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It’s easy to forget about the charm and uniqueness of past design trends. One such trend is the iconic 80’s computer font, which rose to popularity during the advent of personal computers and the digital age.

This font is characterized by its pixelated appearance, blocky letters, and distinct retro feel. With the rise of nostalgia in popular culture, many designers have started incorporating this font into their work again.

Here we will explore how the 80’s computer font can be integrated into modern design.  With the right techniques and strategies, designers can tap into the nostalgia of the 80s while creating contemporary and visually stunning designs.

Install 80's Computer Font

Basic Principles Of Typography

Typography is a crucial design aspect that can make or break a visual communication project. Understanding the basic principles of typography is essential for designers and anyone involved in creating visual content. One of the most fundamental principles is legibility, which refers to how easy it is to read the text.

Another important principle is hierarchy, which involves arranging the text to guide the reader’s eye and communicate the most important information first. This can be achieved using font weights, sizes, and colours.

This includes using the same font and spacing across all text elements. Contrast is another principle that can help to create visual interest and highlight important information.

Install The 80’s Computer Font In 5 Steps

Install The 80's Computer Font In 5 Steps

The 80’s computer font captures the nostalgic aesthetic of the era, characterized by blocky, pixelated letters resembling early digital displays. It is commonly used to evoke a retro feel in design projects, websites, or promotional materials. By incorporating the ’80s computer font, you can transport your audience back to the vibrant and technological spirit of the 1980s.

1.Find The Font Download And Extract

To find an 80’s computer font, search reputable font websites, download the desired font, extract the files, install it on your computer, and restart applications. Respect the font’s licensing terms and restrictions. To download the 80’s computer font, search for it on font websites or platforms.

Look for a reliable source and download the font file. Once downloaded, install the font on your computer by double-clicking the file and clicking the “Install” button. Extract the 80’s computer font, locate the font file, or find a digital replica online. Now you can use the font in various applications and design projects, bringing a nostalgic touch of the 80’s computer aesthetic to your work.

2.Install The Font

Install The Font

Install the ’80s computer font; download the font file from a trusted source. Next, unzip the file if necessary. Then, open the folder containing the font file and right-click on it. Choose “Install” from the options. The font will be installed on your computer, and you can use it in various applications to achieve that nostalgic ’80s computer look.

3.Install The Font (Windows)

Install The Font (Windows)

In the preview window, click on the “Install” button at the top. This will install the font into your Windows operating system. You may need administrative privileges for this step.

4.Install The Font (Mac)

You can install the font by double clicking on the font file and selecting the “Install Font” button in the preview window. Alternatively, you can manually install the font by copying it to the Font Book application in the “Applications” folder.

5.Verify The Installation

After the font is installed, restart any applications (e.g., word processors, graphic design software) in which you want to use the font. The newly installed 80’s computer font should now be available in those applications’ font menus.

Creating Custom 80’s Computer Fonts

Creating Custom 80's Computer Fonts

Creating custom 80’s computer fonts is a great way to add a nostalgic touch to your graphic designs. With a few simple steps, you can create fonts that capture the essence of the 80s and bring back memories of classic video games and retro technology. The first step in creating a custom font is to choose a style that fits your design.

You can choose a blocky, pixelated look or a more rounded, smooth style. This can do by hand or using a digital drawing tool. Once you have your letter sketches, you can begin digitizing them. This involves turning your hand-drawn letters into vector graphics that can be scaled up or down without losing quality.


80’s computer fonts are a great way to add a retro vibe to your design projects. Following the steps outlined above, you can easily incorporate these fonts into your work, giving it a unique and nostalgic edge.

It’s important to remember, however, that, like any design element, the key to successfully using 80’s computer fonts is to do so with intention and moderation. When used appropriately, these fonts can be a powerful tool in your design arsenal.


1.How Do I Use The ’80s Computer Font?

Ans: After installing the font on your computer, you can use it in various applications like word processors, graphic design software, or presentation programs.

2.Can I Use The ’80s Computer Font On My Website?

Ans: Yes, you can use the font on your website by linking the font file in your HTML code or by utilizing the @font-face CSS rule.

3.How Can I Change The Font To The ’80s Computer Font In Microsoft Word?

Ans: In Microsoft Word, select the text you want to change, go to the Font options, and choose the ’80s computer font from the dropdown menu.

4.How Can I Achieve The Retro ’80s Look Using The ’80s Computer Font?

Ans: Combine the font with vibrant colours, geometric shapes, and pixelated graphics reminiscent of the ’80s era to achieve an authentic retro look.

5.Where Can I Find Free ’80s Computer Fonts?

Ans: You can find free ’80s computer fonts on various websites, such as DaFont, FontSquirrel, or Google Fonts. Remember to review the font’s license terms before use.

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