Increase Steam Font Size – How To Do It?

The steam font is the one used in many Steam games, and it’s actually pretty interesting.

This font was designed by combining a number of other fonts into one, including those found in Excel 2010. The final result looks like something between the classic Tahoma and Trebuchet MS.

So, how increase steam font size? In this article, we will use a few techniques to increase the font size of the Steam game window.

If you have a low-resolution display, you may experience issues with text being blurry or unreadable. This issue can be easily fixed by following the steps in this tutorial.

Increase Steam Font Size

Increase Steam Font Size

The default font size in Steam is small, and it’s hard to read the text without switching out of the Game View. The game window can be stretched by clicking on Edit > Render Settings:

The background texture will become transparent when it’s clicked. Next up you need to enter a new value for Font Size and Border Width (Width):

If there were anything else checked under Lighting Effects, uncheck them all now that you have fixed your Text Rendering settings:  Click OK after making sure everything looks like this (you may want to turn off Anti-Ali asing for a better visual separation):

Setting the Font Size to Larger  Using Chrome Public Extension During this tutorial we will use Google’s free Chrome public extension as our browser. It makes it possible with one click and no installation steps. Here are all the necessary permissions you have to grant.

How Do I Adjust Steam Chat Font Sizes?

How Do I Adjust Steam Chat Font Sizes

As said at the beginning of this article, you can change font size levels on custom background images used by Steam. The extension is already installed when that pop-up window appears and only requires a click to enable it:

The next few steps are intuitive as most people will know what to do but because no matter how obvious it might be for others we took screenshots (from start) just so there would be no doubt whatsoever if something wasn’t getting done properly…

Don’t forget – you cannot see text or any other graphics until enabled!  While enabling the extension headset audio will be disabled. To enable or disable click on the switch at the bottom of your workspace:

All other applications must be disabled temporarily when using this extension and also not forgotten in between steps if a viewer visits here again later.

Here is how it looks with no graphics enabled, after clicking on Enable for the most recent image (left) next to Photoshop’s icon, the external screen shows itself showing that I already have sound enabled…

  • Another option there is changing the font size level inside Steam by scrolling through the available texture sizes. Obviously only fits games that support custom backgrounds then – all my games do.

< Pre rest of this step will be mentioned at the end > There are many different ways to add custom images and you can use online editors. The easiest just in case is using a default extension picker as outlined next:

Does work only once after restart ( Steam must have loaded something newer ) and also right-click your desktop if it’s here on start like so: Important!

I’m not sure why, but when trying to load a specific texture edit tool it won’t show up until because that was failing they made their own version flash-loading image there instead.

Why Should I Adjust The Font Size?

Increase Steam Font Size

Steam includes a default size that will fit most games (Windows 10 was added in some recent updates) and it changes with every update so you don’t have to set very small or large font sizes. It’s based on screen resolution from 32 bit up, then scale down.

But custom background images make Steam use 2048×2048 as the maximum! Why no? I’ve done this for other extensions, then nothing would show except if you had any blurry image/texture online resource that CSS code might register right-click them onto change carefully but only read instructions above.

This is actually more work than just leaving it to making a good color that has gradient for different amounts of the screen resolution, is the same excellent way.

But what about maximizing? I just found one blog that said “ case you really want your games’ logos messy in this view and do not plan on use custom background image then maximizing window like so can help.”

If you’re trying to increase the decent size from their res – standard zoom-ins don’t seem (for me at least) to work well otherwise.

This also doesn’t solve my fonts being blurry still… Good stuff but if someone knew how please let me know…

So I have no idea how to do something like bitmaps and what their ID is or not. All I know is that by default, it has a massive amount of them for numerous resolutions, both the sprites inside graphics files such as PNG.

We’ll be grateful to those who would assist with these needs keep us laughing before our big problems lie ahead!

User Interface Ui Scaling Text Font Size Increase

User Interface (Ui) Scaling/Text Font Size Increase

User interface scaling is a technique used by web browsers to make the text and buttons readable at different sizes on devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktops. It’s important to increase the font size for user interface elements when designing or modifying a website to make it easy to read from any viewing distance.

There are several ways to scale your fonts without affecting legibility – using relative sizing, remapping characters & attributes (RAC), using image replacement plugins, or using Bootstrap v4’s modifier classes. Make sure you test all changes in different browsers before making them live.

Change Steam's Font For Better Readability

Change Steam’s Font For Better Readability

It can be hard to see the text when trying to read it on Steam due to its small font size. You can adjust the font size, text alignment, and spacing to make things easier. You can also change the font color and border style. These adjustments make Steam more readable on all types of screens – desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones! Additionally, you can take a few quick steps to make Steam easier to read:

1. Open Steam and go to the ‘Settings tab.

2. Under ‘Fonts,’ select the ‘Text’ tab.

3. Under ‘Font Size,’ you can adjust the font size to your desired size.

4. Under ‘Text Alignment,’ you can adjust the text alignment to left, center, or right.

5. Under ‘Spacing,’ you can adjust the text spacing to your desired amount.

System Text Size Being Ignored, Text Too Small As A Result

When you’re trying to read system text, it can be difficult if it’s too small. This is because the text size is being ignored, resulting in the text being too small to be legible. To fix this, make sure to change the font size in your system as well as the text size.

Consider using an additional reader for large documents or screens if all else fails. If the text is still too small, try increasing the line height and decreasing the font size slightly. Alternatively, you can use a larger typeface or scale it down slightly.

Creating A Shortcut To Steam Big Font Size In Your Start Menu Or Desktop

Creating A Shortcut To Steam Big Font Size In Your Start Menu Or Desktop

Get to the desktop by typing “window” (expand/released) or using your keys in Windows.

Then, click Activities>Steam and open Steam Big font Size. If you do not have an account on it is free to play 2day! Otherwise, use the Shift key and right-click > Edit Shortcut… Copy this code:

Start – Click Game; + i Icon Next >> Video Playback Control Center Icons. Expand System Apps Utilities; C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live. Explorer Extension … DefaultShortCutEdit1_10 Start this shortcut.

I have tried lots of different games lately and none seem to display the screens in a way it looks good coming from reduced size – unless you buy those expensive monitors that put out these purportedly large resolutions for even finer pixels then use them at 0% zoom on your PC, right?

Since most come pre-installed with Windows I’ve never bothered modifying anything there but want others who if they play after me do show us how >:D 😛

Make sure/tell people using shortcuts not to forget their highly advanced comment section located here. EDIT 2 – So the original poster has posted this before and in discussions elsewhere, such as here.

However, his complaints concerning the lack of a working small icon within Font Size were masked by (what I assume to be) wishful thinking. Though not using it yet – just installing >:D  Creatio Installer Guy 09 17

“This is indeed sad; and thanks for all you do! The only games that have arcade/analog sticks are battle sims and fighting games… To get a 3-on-3 tag might be interesting once there are more online modes — say vehicular cockfighting kind of thing.

Is There A Way To Change The Game Font?

A Way To Change The Game Font

Right, now that I have said my piece – sorry all…perhaps you settled for Windows’ default and despise it >.< OR perhaps something better was anticipated.

Keep in mind the cons of customizing fonts >:D Anyhow while waiting for further wiser advice on this frontlet I shed some light on what might be an issue or not!

If a shortcut needs Font Size changed then adding the last three lines of code shown (before optionally chaining other shortcuts as desired) should bring back/generate it with different text size settings suitable for your needs It worked for me – though it’s possible I just answered myself!

Due to my newfound desire to understand how some things work/function within Home BOX and perhaps thereby making them more functional, this explains why;

A few days back someone responded towards pictures of custom Font Shapes be defaulted off in Steam (rather than having a big switch at the bottom options menu like many games now have) saying that no Linux library verifier was available yet.


You can increase the font size in Steam by creating a shortcut to your desktop or start menu. This will allow you to adjust the font size of all games, as well as the Steam chat.

I hope now you understand how increase steam font size. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below!

If you’re like most people, you love your games and want to see the best possible graphics and text quality. However, the text on Steam can sometimes be too small to be readable.

This can be frustrating, especially when discussing game issues with others in the chat interface. Fortunately, with a few easy steps, you can quickly increase the font size and spacing on Steam games to make them more readable.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. Does This Work With Other Games (Or Steam For Linux)?

Right now, it only works in the default games that Valve make. However, there is a possibility that if you want to try this out on your game then just send us an email and we will help through any troubleshooting!

2. Do I Need To Be Logged In?

Any shortcut that should change a font will log you off of your profile on Steam.

3. How Can I Add Or Change The Font Size In The New Shortcut?

You should first insert a text font file into Steam. Then you will need to find a way of passing that file onto your shortcuts, preferably being able to put it in as an executable as notepad++ does.

We recommend making copies for any changes such as increasing/decreasing sizes and even adding more changes!

4. Why Is Steam Font So Small?

If the font size on Steam is too small for you, then you can increase it by following these simple steps:

1. Under “Font Size,” select a higher value, such as 100% or 120%.

2. Open Steam and go to Settings -> Interface -> Fonts.

3. Click the “Text” tab and under “Font Family,” select the font you want to use.

5. How Do You Change The Font On Steam Games?

To change the font on Steam games, go to “Settings” in the main menu and then select “Display & Audio.” Here, you can choose a different font size for each game.

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