How To Increase Font Size In Overleaf: Tips & Tricks

Overleaf is a tool that allows authors to create and share PDFs. It allows for creating booklets or sections within a single PDF.

Overleaf also allows users to create custom fonts, which can be used to typeset documents in a particular default style or Font. This can be useful for creating visually appealing documents. With overleaf Font, users can choose from various fonts to help make their document stand out.

The font choice can make all the difference in how someone perceives your document. Choosing the right overleaf Font can make your document more professional and help you stand out. Are you tired of squinting at your Code listing in Overleaf because the font size is too small?

We will guide you to increase font size in Overleaf whether you want to take the help of the menu bar, toolbar, or keyboard shortcuts. We’ve covered you with all the options. We have listed different methods to show you how to increase font size in Overleaf and explain why it matters.

How To Increase Font Size In Overleaf

Overleaf Guides

Overleaf is a popular online platform for collaborative writing and editing LaTeX documents. Remember that different document classes or templates may have specific commands or settings for changing font sizes.

If you’re unsure about which command to use, consult Overleaf’s guides or documentation for more detailed instructions. The Adobe Times option can expand the font size in Overleaf.

Effective Examples That Answer How To Increase Font Size In Overleaf

Effective Examples That Answer How To Increase Font Size In Overleaf

Overleaf’s font size can be increased via the toolbar under the “Tools > Font Size” menu. This is a useful way to make the text in your document larger if you want it to be more legible or if you are using a smaller font size that is still readable.

The toolbar options change depending on the current font size, but the default font family setting (which looks like an arrow pointing up) will increase the font size by about 50%.

Clicking on this button will also reset all other settings to their original size values (including the Indentation and Align buttons, similar to those in Microsoft Word). Drawing diagrams in Overleaf can be a helpful way to represent your ideas and concepts visually. Here are examples that answer how to increase font size in Overleaf.

Using The Default Font Size Package

Using The Default Font Size Package

To increase family by default size font in Overleaf using the fontsize package, you need to follow these steps: First, add the line “\usepackage{fontsize}” to the preamble of your document. Then, choose the desired font size by using one of the available options, like “\fontsize{12}{14}\selectfont” for a 12-point font with 14 points of vertical spacing. Finally, enclose the chosen font family size to the desired text. If you encounter any error messages while trying to adjust the font size, double-check that you are using the correct commands.

With The Help Of Menu Bar

Overleaf is a LaTeX editor with some great features, one of which is the ability to increase or decrease the size of the fonts on your document. You can use the menu bar at the top of your document. To increase the font size, click Font> Use Customization > Customize > and select a larger font size from the drop-down menu. To decrease font size, choose a smaller value from the same menu. You can also choose different fonts, such as Times New Roman, Greek letters or specific mathematical fonts, by using the appropriate package or command.

With Toolbar

The Overleaf documentation provides clear guidance on changing font sizes in LaTeX using commands such as \HUGE, \huge, and \Large. While the underlining text is not recommended, achieving it with the \underline command is possible. However, it would be best to exercise caution when using the \HUGE command, as it may display style warnings. It’s worth noting that some premium features and history features may require a subscription to access.

With Keyboard Shortcuts Codes

Overleaf documentation offers various ways to customize font exact sizes in LaTeX. One way to increase font size is through the use of keyboard shortcuts. Custom font sizes can be achieved by setting up appropriate font spec options.

For advanced users, the Open Modern typeface families allow for turning on and off specific features, including alternate glyphs, different figure citation styles, ligatures, and more. With these options, you can easily increase the font size of your Latex moresize package document in Overleaf.

Setting Document Font Sizes

Setting Document Font Sizes

Setting the font size in Overleaf is a simple process that can help improve the readability of your document. To increase the huge font size, you can use the command \fontsize{size}{skip}, where “size” represents the desired font size and “skip” represents the space separate lines. For example, on a Latex table, to set the font size to 12pt with a spacing between lines of 14pt, you would use the command \fontsize{12}{14}.

Here is an informative table on the List of packages. Document Font Sizes:

Document Exact font sizes in Overleaf

Format Sizes
Title 24pt
Heading 1 18pt
Heading 2 16pt
Heading 3 14pt
Body 12pt
Caption 10pt

The Text Sizes Classes

When working with Overleaf, the font size can be increased by utilizing the text sizes classes. These text sizes classes allow you to adjust the text sizes easily, and the text sizes class=”ent completed”>package of your text within your document. To increase the font size, add the desired class to the specific section or text element you want to enlarge. By using these text sizes classes, you can easily control and enhance the readability of your document in Overleaf.

One way to adjust the level font size is by using keywords such as “size options” or “closest size”, followed by the desired size. For example, if you want to increase the additional size to 12pt for minimum font size, you can use the command “12pt font sizes” or 9pt size than the actual size for alignment page size.  If you need a more specific or arbitrary size, you can also use the command “factor Text size” followed by a numerical value.

Example: Using The Next Article, Class

If you want to increase the class=”ent completed”>common font styles in Overleaf. You can easily do so by using the class=”ent in_progress”>article class. To increase the font size, add the class=”ent in_progress”>successive lines “\documentclass[12pt]{extarticle}” at the beginning of your document. For class=”ent completed”>example, if you want a font size of 14 points, you would use “\documentclass[14pt]{extarticle}”.

Using the class=”ent in_progress”>article class is a simple and effective way to customize your font size in Overleaf. If you encounter an “error font” message, it likely means that there is a typo or incorrect command in your class=”ent completed”>code. Some approach is to use the “closest matching size”, “current size”, and “Document Size” command, which allows you to specify a font size that closely matches your desired size. You can also use specific LaTeX font size commands or usual harmonious font size sets commands like \fontsize{}{}{}.

Other Packages For Changing Font Size: Relsize And Scalefnt

Other Packages For Changing Font Size - Relsize And Scalefnt

Understanding packages, two popular options are “relsize” and “scalefnt”. The “relsize” package allows you to adjust the font size relative to the current baseline normal font size. This can be useful if you want to increase or decrease the font size by a specific factor. If you prefer to work with actual point size, Overleaf provides font size options for 20pt sizes and font size ranges.

The “scalefnt” package allows you to scale the font size by a specific factor. This can be useful if you want more precise control over the font size. If you encounter compilation timeout errors when trying to increase the font size in your Overleaf document, you can take a few steps to resolve this issue.

1.Check Your Code: Ensure you correctly specify the font size command in your LaTeX code. The syntax for changing font size is usually “\fontsize{size}{baseline}\selectfont.”

2.Limit Font Size Changes: Sometimes, attempting to increase the font size too much can lead to compilation timeout errors. Try incrementally increasing the font size rather than drastically changing it all at once. This can help prevent timeout issues.

3.Optimize Your Code: If you have a large document with complex formatting, it may be beneficial to optimize your code. Remove any unnecessary packages, commands, or formatting irrelevant to your font size changes.


Increasing the font size in Overleaf is a simple and essential skill for any LaTeX font size user. Overleaf is a popular online platform for collaborative LaTeX editing. You can easily adjust the font size to your desired specifications and enhance the overall appearance of your document.

Whether you are creating a research paper, presentation, or any other type of document, knowing how to increase font size in Overleaf will greatly improve your work’s visual appeal and readability. With this knowledge, you can confidently create professional-looking documents that will impress your colleagues and peers. So, go ahead and experiment with these techniques to find the perfect font type size for your next project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Change The Font Size In Overleaf?

To change font size in Overleaf, use font size style in math mode commands in LaTeX to adjust the size of the entire document or a portion of it. Use commands like italics and bold rather than underline to access font bibliography styles.

How Can I Increase Font Size Fast?

To increase font size quickly, you can use keyboard shortcuts. On most computers, pressing “Ctrl” and “+” simultaneously will increase the font size, while “Ctrl” and “-” will decrease it.

Can Do Save The File Font In Latex?

Yes, you can save the font of a default Latex Packages file using a specific font size package or manually specifying the font in the document’s preamble.

What Is The Font Size Of The Text In Overleaf?

The default 10pt font in Overleaf is typically 10 points, but users can adjust the font size according to their preferences and requirements within the LaTeX code.

How To Change Font Size In Latex?

Use pre-defined commands for specific sizes such as tiny, small, large, and HUGE. LaTeX chooses the appropriate letter font size based on the document’s structure, which can also be manually changed for the entire document or a portion of it.

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