How To Include Font Awesome In HTML: A Beginner’s Guide

Font Awesome is a widely handy icon toolkit with thousands of vector icons that are easily customizable and adaptable to various web development projects.

It offers free and paid versions, with added features for the latter. Icons are crucial in web design as they enhance the user experience and provide aesthetic value. One popular icon library is Font Awesome.

It offers more than 5,000 icons that can be customized to fit your website’s design. However, including Font Awesome in HTML can be daunting for beginners. We will provide a beginner’s guide on how to include Font Awesome in HTML.

We will cover various methods such as adding it using default CSS, SVG with HTML, or installing it with WordPress plugins. Also, we will discuss Font Awesome icon styling and common troubleshooting issues you may face while using it. You’ll have all the information you need to use Font Awesome like a pro.

How to Include Font Awesome in Html

How To Include Font Awesome In HTML – Follow The Guideline

Include the Font Awesome stylesheet CDNs in your HTML code when adding Font Awesome icons to HTML. After that, just paste the following code into your HTML file wherever you want the icon to appear: <i class=”fa fa-[icon name]”></i>. Sizing can also adjust using CSS classes such as .fa-lg or .fa-2x.

Font Awesome is a popular icon toolkit allowing you to add scalable vector icons to your HTML pages easily. Here’s how to include Font Awesome in HTML:

  1. First, you need to link the Font Awesome CSS file in the head section of your HTML document. You can do this by adding the following code: <link rel=”stylesheet” href=””>
  2. Once you’ve linked the CSS file, you can use any Font Awesome icons by adding their corresponding class names to your HTML code. For example, to add a “thumbs up” icon, you would use <i class=”fa fa-thumbs-up”></i>.
  3. You can customize the size and colour of the icons by using additional classes such as fa-lg (large) or fa-2x (2 times larger). For example, <i class=”fa fa-thumbs-up fa-lg”></i> will display a larger “thumbs up” icon.

With these simple steps, you can easily include Font Awesome icons in your HTML pages and enhance their visual appeal.

Adding Font Awesome Using Default Css

Adding Font Awesome Using Default Css

To effortlessly add Font Awesome icons to your website’s HTML code, it’s recommended that you use Font Awesome’s default CSS. By pasting either a single line of code or a CDN stylesheet into your HTML file and adding the appropriate CSS class name for the desired icon font (such as “fa” for Font Awesome icons), you can quickly add beautiful vector icons without writing any additional code.

Plus, with options such as sizing (using classes like “fa-2x”) and fixed-width or brand icons available on top of the standard free and paid icon offerings from Font Awesome, incorporating these visuals is an easy way to enhance your site’s user experience.

Adding Font Awesome Using SVG With HTML

First, download the desired icon from the Font Awesome website in SVG format to add Font Awesome icons using SVG in HTML. Then, insert the SVG code into your HTML file and add any necessary classes for customization. This method allows more control over the icon’s appearance but requires more manual coding than the default CSS method.

To add Font Awesome icons using SVG with HTML, first include the Font Awesome stylesheet in your HTML code. Then add the desired icon’s HTML code to your website. Sizing and styling can easily customize using CSS classes. This method lets you use vector images that look great on all devices.

Adding Font Awesome Using A WordPress Plugin

Adding Font Awesome Using A WordPress Plugin

Adding Font Awesome icons to a WordPress site is easy using plugins like Better Font Awesome. With this WordPress plugin installed and activated on your site, you can easily insert a wide range of awesome font icons without needing coding knowledge. It’s a great way to enhance the visual appeal of your website while keeping it user-friendly.

Adding Font Awesome to your HTML can be a great way to enhance the visual appeal of your website. One easy way to do this is by using a WordPress plugin. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Install and activate a Font Awesome plugin on your WordPress site.
  2. Once activated, you can access the Font Awesome icon library from within your WordPress editor.
  3. Locate the icon you want to use and click on it to insert it into your content.
  4. You can customize the icon’s size, color, and other properties using CSS or the plugin’s settings.

Using a Font Awesome plugin, you can easily incorporate icons into your HTML without manually adding code or worrying about compatibility issues with different browsers.

Installing Font Awesome

Installing Font Awesome

When installing Font Awesome, you have two options: use a CDN link or download the files directly from their website. If you download, add the appropriate HTML code with specific CSS classes, carefully sizing and styling the icons using CSS.

Using a child theme or separate stylesheet for better organization is also a good idea. Remember to test your code thoroughly before publishing it on your WordPress site.

Font Awesome Icons Styling

To enhance the look of your website with visually appealing Font Awesome Icons, start by linking the font files and CSS stylesheet to your HTML code. Customize their size and style with a range of CSS classes and follow best practices for accessibility. Incorporate these vector-based icons as a great way to improve user experience.

Tips For Styling Font Awesome Icons

To style Font Awesome icons effectively in your HTML code, consider using CSS to adjust their color scheme and sizing. Additionally, try incorporating pseudo-elements such as ::before and ::after for better presentation on web pages. Finally, remember that Font Awesome offers various animation classes to bring your icons to life.

  1. Use appropriate CSS classes to size and style icons.
  2. Keep the design simple and consistent with your website’s overall theme.
  3. Choose icon colors that complement your branding or design.
  4. Use contrasting colors for better visibility.
  5. Test your icons on different devices and browsers to ensure they display properly.

By following these tips, you can create visually appealing Font Awesome icons that enhance the user experience on your website.

Creating Custom Font With Fontello And Icomoon

Creating Custom Font With Fontello And Icomoon

If you want to include custom icons in your HTML, Font Awesome is a great tool. However, creating a custom font with Fontello or IcoMoon can be a great solution if you want even more customization options.

You can use Fontello or IcoMoon to create custom font icons for your website. These online tools provide existing icons that can be combined into a unique set or uploaded as SVG files. After creating the custom font, add it to your HTML using CSS code.

Troubleshooting Font Awesome Issues

Troubleshooting Font Awesome Issues

If you’re having trouble displaying Font Awesome icons on your website, check that the library is linked properly in your HTML code. Also, make sure there aren’t any conflicts with other CSS or JavaScript files on your site. Double-check that you’re using the right icon class names and syntax. Finally, clear your browser’s cache to see if this resolves the issue.

Common Problems And Solutions

If you face issues while adding font awesome icons in HTML, it may be due to problems with CSS or font files. Ensure the font files are correctly linked in the HTML code, and consider using a CDN or downloading the files locally. If these steps do not work, check for conflicts with other CSS or JavaScript on your site.


Incorporating Font Awesome into your HTML code can bring numerous benefits to your website or app, such as faster load times, scalability, and customizable features. It is a highly functional and widely used icon font toolkit that can improve the design of your website and enhance user experience. With over 1500 free icons available, creating icons from scratch saves time and effort.

To sum up, Font Awesome is a great resource for adding icons to your website. With its easy integration into HTML and various styling options, you can enhance the design of your website and make it more visually appealing.

However, sometimes issues may arise while using Font Awesome, such as the icon not displaying or sizing issues. We have got you covered with our guide, which how to include font awesome in HTML.

So go ahead and add some flair to your website with Font Awesome. Overall, Font Awesome is an excellent resource for web designers and developers looking to elevate their website’s visual appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How Do I Use Font Awesome Icons In The HTML List?

Ans: To incorporate Font Awesome icons in an HTML list, include the CSS file and add the “fa” class to the list item element. Customize size and colour using CSS. Use icon classes like “fa-check” for checkmarks and “fa-angle-right” for arrows.

2.Is Font Awesome Specific To Your Theme?

Ans: Font Awesome is not limited to any specific theme and can be easily incorporated into any HTML document by downloading the font files or adding a link tag. With CSS customizable icons, Font Awesome can improve website design and user experience.

3.What Are The Benefits Of Using Font Awesome In HTML?

Ans: Font Awesome provides a vast collection of icons and symbols that can add an aesthetic appeal to your website or app. It reduces the need for images, speeding up page load times, and its vector-based icons can be resized without losing quality. Additionally, it is regularly updated with new features and icons.

4.What Is Font Awesome, And Why Is It Good For You?

Ans: Font Awesome is a collection of over 1500 free icons and a font toolkit. It benefits web designers and developers by saving time and effort in creating icons from scratch. The icons are scalable, customizable, accessible across different devices and platforms, and can be easily added to HTML elements using CSS classes.

5.Does Font Awesome Really Work?

Ans: Absolutely, Font Awesome is a highly functional and widely used icon font toolkit. It can be easily linked to HTML using CSS and offers a vast selection of customizable icons that can enhance website design and user experience.

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