How To Copy Font From Image & Embed It In Your Project

Learning how to copy font from image is a valuable skill that holds significance in various creative and professional fields. The process involves extracting the font style and design from an image, allowing for accurate replication or modification of text.

This ability is particularly important for designers, editors, and individuals who work with typography, as it enables them to maintain consistency, identify specific fonts, or customize text as per their requirements.

While it may seem complex at first, the feasibility of copying a font from an image is high due to the availability of software tools and online resources designed specifically for this purpose. By understanding the subject and employing appropriate techniques. Individuals can achieve specific results and success in accurately copying fonts from images.

How To Copy Font From Image

Tips On How To Copy Font From Image

Tips On How To Copy Font From Image

If you’re looking for a way to copy fonts from images, you can use a few helpful tools and techniques. One option is to use an image extraction tool or platform to extract images from various sources. One useful tool is a converter tool which allows you to extract text from images.

Additionally, you can use a search engine to find image editing software to separate images from fonts. These tools ensure a high-quality extraction from images, making it convenient for any project or design that uses fonts on images. Here are how to copy font from image step-by-step:

  • Open the image in a photo editing software like Photoshop or GIMP.
  • Zoom in on the text to get a better view.
  • Use the ‘Magic Wand’ or ‘Lasso’ tool to select the letters you want to copy.
  • Copy the selection and paste it onto a new layer.
  • Use the ‘Healing Brush’ tool to clean up any imperfections or smudges in the letters.
  • Adjust the brightness and contrast of the text to make it easier to read.
  • Save the new image as a high-resolution file.
  • Use a font recognition tool like What The Font or Identi font to identify the font.
  • Once you’ve identified the font, you can download it and use it in your designs.

Alternatives To Copying Fonts From An Image

Alternatives To Copying Fonts From An Image

Copying font from an image can be a time-consuming and sometimes inaccurate process. However, several alternatives can help you avoid this problem. One option is to use a font recognition tool to identify the font used in an image. Another option is to use a similar font and adjust it to match the image as closely as possible.

Use Photoshop

Use Photoshop

To copy a font from an image, you can utilize Adobe Photoshop. This powerful graphic design software allows you to extract text from images and use it for various purposes. With a valid license for print, you can legally utilize the software to manipulate images and extract the desired font.

Additionally, acquiring a desktop license for Photoshop will allow you to use the software on your personal computer. For added convenience, consider installing a browser extension for Photoshop, which enables you to access the software directly from your web browser.

This way, you can easily extract fonts from images found online. Remember to respect copyright laws when using images of books, ensuring you have the necessary permissions or licenses to utilize them.

Use What The Font Tool

To copy a font from an image, Android users can utilize the handy tool called WhatTheFont. This tool allows users to extract font content from images effortlessly. By simply uploading the image containing the desired font, WhatTheFont analyzes the text and provides a list of potential matches.

With just a few taps, Android users can quickly discover the font used in an image and access a wide range of color palettes. This convenient feature is available through Google Drive, making exploring and utilizing different fonts for various design projects easier.

Use Font Forge Or Lnkscape

Use Font Forge Or Lnkscape

To copy a font from an image, you can use either FontForge or Inkscape. FontForge is a powerful font editor that allows you to modify and create fonts. It provides many features for working with font files, including extracting font information from images. Inkscape, on the other hand, is a vector graphics editor that also supports importing and manipulating fonts.

While it may not have as many font-specific features as FontForge, Inkscape can still extract and copy fonts from images. Both tools offer a library of tools and resources to aid in font extraction, making it easier to recreate or use fonts found in images.

Manually Identifying Fonts Using Graphic Design Software

Manually identifying fonts can be done using graphic design software. The font can be identified by selecting the text and examining its characteristics, such as the shape of the letters and the spacing between them in quality images.

This process can be time-consuming and may require some knowledge of typography. However, there are also online tools available that can help in extraction from image more quickly and easily.

Extract Font From An Image Using Mobile Apps

Extract Font From An Image Using Mobile Apps

Copying a font from an image has become an excellent tool to enhance design and creativity. With technological advancement, mobile apps allow us to extract content fonts from images effortlessly. These apps provide a wide range of color depth options and enable us to choose fonts from websites that perfectly complement our designs.

Additionally, they offer various expressions from images, allowing us to experiment and create visually stunning graphics. By utilizing these mobile apps, we can seamlessly extract fonts from images and take our design projects to the next level.

Why Would You Need To Copy Font From An Image?

Why Would You Need To Copy Font From An Image

Copying font from an image could be useful in several situations. For instance, if you have a logo or an image containing text and want to replicate that text exactly as it appears in the image, you would need to copy the font.

It could also be helpful if you want to use a particular font in your design but don’t know what it’s called or where to find it. In such cases, copying the font from the image could help you identify and locate it for use in your design.


The ability to copy a font from an image holds significant importance in creative and professional endeavors. The process allows for specificity in replicating or modifying text, ensuring the desired results. By utilizing the available tools and techniques, success can be achieved in extracting fonts from images with precision.

This specificity enables individuals to maintain consistency, identify fonts accurately, and customize text as needed. Learning how to copy font from images offers practical solutions for designers, editors, and typography enthusiasts and enhances your creative projects and professional work.

With the feasibility of various software applications and online resources, individuals can master the art of copying fonts from images and succeed in their endeavors.


Can We Copy The Font From The Image?

No, it is not possible to directly copy a font from an image. Fonts are typically stored as digital files and cannot be extracted or replicated from images.

How Do I Extract The Same Font From An Image?

Optical character recognition (OCR) software or online tools can extract the same font from an image. These tools analyze the text in the image and attempt to identify the corresponding font.

How Do I Copy Text From A Picture On My Laptop?

You can copy text from a picture on your laptop using an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool or software. These tools are designed to identify and extract text from images, allowing you to copy and paste it into a document or text editor.

How Do I Copy Text From An Image In Google Lens?

To copy text from an image using Google Lens, open the image in the Google Lens app or use the Google Lens feature in the Google Photos app. Tap on the text you want to copy, then select the “Copy text” option to save it to your clipboard.

Can Google Lens Identify A Font?

Yes, Google Lens can identify fonts. You can capture an image of the font using the text recognition feature. Google Lens will provide information about the font, including its name and similar alternatives.

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