How To Change Font On Instagram Post

Changing the font on an Instagram post can add a unique touch to your content and help capture your audience’s attention. Knowing how to change font on Instagram post lets you personalize your captions, quotes, or messages, making them stand out.

The importance of changing fonts lies in their ability to convey different moods, styles, and themes, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your posts. Feasibility is high, as Instagram provides users with various built-in font options.

Additionally, third-party apps and tools are available that offer a wider range of fonts and customization features. Changing the font on your Instagram post allows you to express your creativity and create a visual identity that aligns with your brand or personal style.

How To Change Font On Instagram Post

Why Changing The Font On An Instagram Post Is Important

Why Changing The Font On An Instagram Post Is Important

Changing the font on an Instagram post can make your content stand out and be more visually appealing to your audience. It can also help convey the tone and message of your post more effectively.

With a wide variety of fonts available, you can choose one that matches your brand or personal style. Using different fonts can break up long blocks of text and make your content easier to read.

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Change Font On Instagram Post

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Change Font On Instagram Post

To change the font on an Instagram post, you can use third-party apps or copy and paste text from other sources with different fonts. It’s important to choose a font that enhances the message or aesthetic of your post but also makes it easy to read. Using different fonts can also help your posts stand out and attract more engagement from your audience. Here are some tips on how to change font on instagram post.

Accessing The Instagram App

Accessing The Instagram App

If you have an Android device, you can download it from the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, open the app and create an account or log in with your existing account information. If you prefer to use Instagram on your computer, you can access it online by going to and logging in with your account information.

Navigating To The Post-Creation Screen

Navigating To The Post-Creation Screen

To navigate to the post-creation screen on Instagram, click on the “+” icon at the bottom centre of the screen. This will take you to a page where you can select the photo or video you want to share, add a caption, and choose other options, such as location or tags. Once you’ve completed these steps, click the “Share” button to post your content.

Tapping On The “Aa” Icon To Access The Text Editor

To access the text editor on an Instagram post, tap on the “Aa” icon at the top of the screen. This will bring up the text editor, where you can type out your caption or add text overlays to your photo or video. It’s a quick and easy way to add some personality and context to your posts on Instagram.

Choosing The Font Style From The Available Options

Choosing The Font Style From The Available Options

To choose a font style for your Instagram post, create a new post and type your desired text. Then, tap the text box to bring up the formatting options, and select the “Font” option. From here, you can browse the available font styles and choose the one that best fits your post.

Adjusting The Font Size, Colour, And Alignment As Desired

You can use the built-in formatting options to adjust the font size, colour, and alignment of your Instagram post. You can tap the “Aa” icon to access these options when creating a post. Also, You can choose your desired font size, colour, and alignment from there. You can also use third-party apps or design tools to create custom designs and layouts for your posts.

Save Your Favourite Fonts On Instagram For Future Use

Save Your Favourite Fonts On Instagram For Future Use

Instagram allows you to save your favourite fonts for future use. To save a font, select the font you want to use and tap the “Save” button. You can access your saved fonts by going to your profile, tapping the three lines in the top right corner, and then selecting “Saved.” From there, you can easily copy and paste the font into your posts whenever you want to use it.


Knowing how to change font on Instagram post is a crucial skill that can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your posts. The font you choose can convey a specific mood, tone, or message that complements the content of your post. Choosing a font that aligns with your brand or personal style and attracts your target audience’s attention is essential.

The specificity of font options on Instagram allows you to experiment with various styles and sizes to create a unique and captivating post. Remember that your chosen font should be easily readable, especially for longer captions.

By mastering this skill, you can elevate your Instagram game and stand out in a sea of posts. So, take advantage of this Instagram feature and explore the endless possibilities of font choices to create engaging and visually appealing posts.


Can I Change The Font On An Instagram Post?

No, Instagram does not currently provide an option to change the font style within a regular post. The font used for captions and comments is predetermined and cannot be customized by users. It is a default font chosen by Instagram.

How Can I Make My Instagram Captions Stand Out Without Changing The Font?

While you can’t change the font, using other techniques, you can make your Instagram captions stand out. Consider using emojis, line breaks, or spacing to add visual interest. You can also experiment with creative and engaging content to make your captions more captivating.

Can I Use Special Characters Or Symbols To Enhance My Instagram Post’s Font?

Instagram’s regular post font does not allow for special characters or symbols that would alter the font style. However, you can still use emojis, bullet points, or other symbols available on your keyboard to add visual elements and break up the text in your caption.

Are There Any Third-Party Apps Or Tools To Change The Font On Instagram Posts?

Yes, there are third-party apps and tools available that generate special fonts or offer different font styles for Instagram posts. These apps allow you to type your desired text in a different font and then copy and paste it into your Instagram caption or comment section.

Can I Use Different Font Styles In Instagram Stories?

Yes, Instagram provides various font styles within the Stories feature. When creating a story, you can tap the text icon, then swipe across the options at the bottom to choose different font styles. Additionally, some Instagram story templates also offer unique font options.

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