Google Fonts That Are Similar To Helvetica – What Need To Know

Roboto Helvetica is a sans-serif typeface used by many companies and organizations worldwide for decades. It is known for its classic, modern, and neutral appearance.

Helvetica is a popular choice for user interfaces, advertisements, magazines, websites, books, and other types of graphics due to its durability, versatility, and familiarity with audiences. Regarding font choices, Google Fonts offers many options for diverse design preferences and needs.

FF Bau, Gill Sans, or Brandon Grotesque may suit those who appreciate the simple font family but seek a free alternative. Additionally, Adobe Fonts provides various options, including the iconic Adrian Frutiger’s work.

If you prefer a default font or want to experiment with a custom typeface, Google Fonts offers a vast selection, allowing designers to explore different styles, weights, and file formats while providing options beyond the infamous Comic Sans.

Google Fonts offers a variety of font styles, including classic serif and modern San Francisco-inspired designs, catering to different preferences. However, Google Fonts offers a fantastic choice of fonts; some rival or surpass the popular Helvetica.

Let’s address common queries, such as how you can use Google fonts similar to Helvetica for personal and commercial projects and the key distinct features that make them a good alternative to Helvetica.

Google Fonts That Are Similar To Helvetica

10 Best Google Fonts That Are Similar To Helvetica, Futura, Avenir, & Others

10 Best Google Fonts That Are Similar To Helvetica, Futura, Avenir, & Others

Google Fonts offers an array of free and paid fonts similar to popular fonts like Helvetica, Futura, and Avenir. These fonts, such as Open Sans, Nunito, and Roboto, offer unique looks without breaking the bank.

While some designers may opt for paid options for added customization, choosing an image font detection system solely for layout purposes is unlikely to cause issues for most website visitors. Akzidenz Grotesk, designed by Eduard Hoffmann, is one font that shares similarities with Helvetica’s clean and minimalist design. Here is a list of 10 such Google fonts that are similar to Helvetica.


Some of the best Google fonts, like Helvetica, are Roboto, Futura, and Avenir. Roboto, this neo-grotesque, sans-serif font family with a bold and modern aesthetic, is suitable for brands looking for an approachable and contemporary feel. It is also a suitable alternative to FF DIN, a best-selling typeface with mostly geometric forms.

Originally designed for Android, Roboto is now used for Chrome as well. Overall, Roboto is a great option for those looking for a Google font similar to Helvetica that is innovative and easy to read.



Montserrat should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a Google font similar to Helvetica . This clean, sans-serif font is designed for use on the web and is a great alternative to popular fonts like Helvetica and Gotham. While Proxima Nova is a premium typeface that Montserrat is an alternative to, Montserrat’s popularity is quickly growing.

Some even predict that it could become as big as Helvetica shortly. Another option to explore is Julieta Ulanovsky’s font, which incorporates clean lines and a modern feel.


Lato is a contemporary, humanist sans-serif typeface available for free through Google Fonts. It is a versatile font that pairs well with other gap between typefaces. Lato can be a free alternative to popular fonts like Arial, Helvetica, and Calibri.

Despite being created over a decade ago, Lato’s sleek sans-serif look remains on-trend and is a popular choice for print and digital design. Lato is worth considering if you’re looking for a font similar to Helvetica or other popular typefaces.

4.Source Serif Pro

Source Serif Pro

Source Serif Pro is a serif typeface that Google commissioned with improved legibility and stroke contrast. They designed it as a “text version of the classic seriffed typefaces” with a unique look that lacks lowercase letters. In spacing between characters and design, making it even more legible at smaller sizes.

A similar sans-serif typeface is Apercu, which comes in four weights and matching italics. Source Serif Pro is a free typeface and a popular alternative to Charter. Based on the work of 18th-century type founder Pierre Simon Fournier. The newest version of Source Serif Pro by Frank Grie ßhammer includes significant improvements.

5.Zilla Slab

Zilla Slab is a versatile display font that works well for headlines and body copy. It is used as the core typeface of Mozilla, the organization behind the open-source web browser Firefox.

If you’re looking for a free alternative to Museo Slab, Roboto Slab is a great option that offers similar slab-serif styling. These fonts, including Zilla Slab, provide a great alternative to Helvetica, Futura, Avenir, and other popular fonts that may be overused.



Arsenal is a versatile typeface that shares many characteristics with Helvetica, such as its clean and modern look. It offers a balanced combination of simplicity and elegance, making it suitable for various design projects. You should check out Arsenal, as it’s also similar to Helvetica.

The Swiss designer created Arsenal, a serif font with angular shapes inspired by Russian avant-garde design. Additionally, fonts like Mark Simonson’s Proxima Nova, Paul Renner’s Futura, and Rod McDonald’s Archivo Narrow are worth considering if you appreciate Helvetica’s sleek and streamlined look.

7.Abril Fatface

Plenty of options are there if you are looking for Google fonts similar to Helvetica, Futura, Avenir, and other popular fonts. One such font is Abril Fatface, a high-contrast serif font best suited for body copy, headings, and display use.

If you want an alternative to Abril Fatface, Adelle, a slab serif font available in seven weights with matching italics, is a good option. It is worth noting that Ramiro Espinoza first designed Abril Fatface for the Chilean newspaper La Segunda before making it available as a free, open-source project under SIL’s Open Font License.



Rubik is a versatile Google Font with 33 styles, including eight weights and true italics, making it a great choice for creative projects. It is a great alternative to more popular fonts like Arial or Gotham. Rubik’s font can be downloaded for free for desktop use (with limitations) and is an excellent choice for making design statements on websites.

9.Libre Franklin

Libre Franklin is a free font family that offers a geometric sans-serif typeface similar to the classic Franklin Gothic font. This font family includes nine weights, each with matching italics, making it a versatile, fantastic option for headlines and titles.

Libre Franklin has a taller x-height than Franklin Gothic, which gives it a more modern and updated feel. It includes bold, regular, and light fonts, making matching weights for a cohesive graphic design on your website or project easy.

10.Josefin Sans

Josefin Sans

One of the best Google Fonts, Similar to Helvetica, Futura, Avenir, and others, is Josefin Sans. This font is a popular, simple, rounded typeface commonly used in modern product clean design and choice for branding. Its soft curves and high readability make it suitable for general body copy, while its unusual “j” and “f” with a straight line on the right side add a unique touch.

The best part about Josefin Sans is that it is free for personal and commercial use. It was designed by Santiago Orozco exclusively for the Pentagram book series and has since become a favourite among designers and creatives.

How To Use These Alternatives To Helvetica?

To use these fonts, go to Google Fonts and search for the font you want. Once you find the font, click the “Use” button and follow the instructions to add it to your website or document. Using these excellent alternatives, you can make your content stand out and give your brand a unique look.

You can use Google Fonts for both personal and commercial projects. The Gill Sans free font is a popular choice when looking for alternatives to the Helvetica font family. Its clean and contemporary design makes it a suitable substitute for Helvetica.

Additionally, if you’re seeking a custom font, you can explore different options based on font weight and file type. Whether you opt for a traditional Helvetica alternative or a more unique custom font, the key is to find a style that complements your design aesthetic.

Benefits Of Using Google Fonts In Comparison To Other Font Libraries

Benefits Of Using Google Fonts In Comparison To Other Font Libraries

Open Sans, for instance, is highly legible due to its optimized kerning. Anton is another simple yet free font that is great for any message. The benefits of using Google Fonts over other font libraries are numerous.

Google Fonts offer a wide range of typefaces, including popular choices like Helvetica Neue, Neue Helvetica Condensed, and Work Sans. With the flexibility of web and variable fonts, designers can experiment with different styles and create unique typographic experiences.

In contrast to traditional options like Trebuchet MS and Times New Roman, Google Fonts provide a modern and accessible approach to typography that caters to diverse design needs. Lastly, using Google Fonts creates a consistent experience across devices at no cost, making it an ideal go-to choice for web designers and developers.

  • Wide selection
  • Easy integration
  • Fast loading times
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Free to use

Key Features Of Google Fonts As A Good Alternative To Helvetica

Google Fonts offer a wide range of popular fonts that can be used as alternatives to Helvetica, a highly acclaimed font in the design world. Some similar fonts available on Google Fonts include Source Serif Pro, Source Sans, Noirden Sans, and Josefin Sans.

These fonts, developed by renowned designers like Steve Matteson and Pablo Impallari, provide various options for graphic designers looking to create visually appealing content. Additionally, Google Fonts offers multiple fonts that resemble Helvetica, such as Nimbus Sans and Neue Haas Grotesk, making it a versatile platform for various design projects.

Whether for logo design, print materials, or web content, Google Fonts provides users with many options to enhance their graphic design projects with high-quality typography.

Additionally, Google Geometric Fonts has a vast collection of typefaces that include classic and modern font styles, suiting the diverse needs of designers, businesses, and creative professionals. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to Helvetica for your next elegant design goals project, the Google database of Fonts is an excellent option.


Google fonts that are similar to Helvetica have a vast collection of typefaces for personal and commercial use. Choosing the perfect font for your minimalist design can be a daunting task. Helvetica has been a classic favourite among designers for years, but it’s not always the best choice for every project.

Luckily, plenty of similar alternatives on Google Fonts are just as versatile and aesthetically pleasing. These perfect alternatives include Robot, Montserrat, Leto, and many others.

We understand the importance of having the right font for your project. The alternatives we have suggested are perfect for those searching for a font family similar to Helvetica that could also be personalized to their liking. We hope these recommendations help you create the perfect typographical masterpiece you have considered. Try using some of these expensive fonts today and see the difference yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Google Font Is Most Similar To Helvetica?

The Google font that is most similar to Helvetica is “Roboto.” It shares a clean and modern aesthetic, balanced proportions, and neutral tone.

What Google Font Is Similar To Arial?

The Google font that is most similar to Arial is Nunito Sans. It has a clean and modern design, making it a suitable alternative for those looking for a font similar to Arial.

Is Arial The Same As Helvetica?

No, Arial and Helvetica are not the same typefaces, although they are very similar in friendly appearance. Microsoft created Arial as a substitute for Helvetica and it is widely used in digital formats.

How Many Fonts Are In Helvetica?

Helvetica is a typeface, not a font. A typeface refers to a group of fonts that share similar design elements, while a font is a specific style and weight within that typeface.

What Google Fonts Look The Most Like Handwriting?

Google’s collection of fonts that resemble handwriting includes “Dancing Script,” “Pacifico,” “Lobster,” “Amatic SC,” “Shadows Into Light,” and “Indie Flower.”

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