Font With Line Through It: A Guide For Stylish Typography

A font with a line through it can be a unique and eye-catching design choice for various purposes. This distinctive style, often called “strikethrough” or “crossed-out,” can add emphasis, create visual interest, or convey a specific meaning in your text.

Whether designing a logo, creating a poster, or simply trying to make your text stand out, incorporating a font with a line through it can add an element of intrigue and creativity to your project.  We will discuss a stylish typography technique that can instantly elevate your designs – using a font with a line through it.

We’ll also provide examples of stylish designs featuring this technique and walk you through creating strikethrough text using generators or copying and pasting. Get ready to take your typography game to the next level.

Font With Line Through It

How To Use A Font With Line Through It

How To Use A Font With Line Through It

Adding a font with line through it to your typography can instantly enhance its visual appeal and create emphasis. With options like strikethrough, underline, and overline, you can convey specific meanings or simply make your text more noticeable. Whether designing a logo, website, or print materials, incorporating fonts with lines through them can add creativity and uniqueness to your projects. Discover how to use a font with a line through it and elevate your typography to new heights.

Enhancing Your Typography With Strikethrough Text

Strikethrough text can be a great way to enhance your typography and add visual interest to your designs. Whether creating a website, designing a logo, or working on a print project, incorporating a font with a line through it can help draw attention to specific words or phrases.

This typography style can convey various meanings, from indicating that certain information is no longer relevant or accurate to adding a sense of playfulness or irony to your design. When choosing a font with a line through it, consider your project’s overall aesthetic and tone to ensure that the strikethrough text complements the rest of your design elements. Experiment with different fonts, sizes, colours, and placement to create striking typographic effects that grab attention and impact.

Stylish Examples Of Strikethrough Text

Stylish Examples Of Strikethrough Text

Strikethrough text, or strikethrough font, is a popular design choice for adding emphasis or creating a stylish look. It can indicate deleted or crossed-out content or simply for visual interest. Strikethrough text can be found in various fonts, such as “Strikethrough,” “Cross Out,” and “Line Through.” To enhance your aesthetic, you can use this eye-catching typography effect in headings, titles, quotes, and other design elements.

You can customise your strikethrough text with different font sizes, colours, and placements to achieve the desired effect. Experiment with this technique and make your design stand out on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

How To Create Strikethrough Text?

Creating strikethrough text can be a useful formatting technique to draw attention to crossed-out or deleted content. To create strikethrough text, you can use HTML or CSS formatting. In HTML, you can use the <s> or <strike> tags to enclose the text that you want to strike through.

For example, <s>This is strikethrough text</s>. You can use the text-decoration property and set it to “line-through” in CSS. For example, .strikethrough {text-decoration: line-through;}. Applying these formatting techniques allows you to create strikethrough text in your documents or website easily.

Using A Strikethrough Text Generator

Using A Strikethrough Text Generator

You can easily create strikethrough text using a Strikethrough Text Generator. These useful tools are available online and offer various formatting options, such as font style, size, and colour. By simply entering your text into the generator and customizing the settings to your liking, you can generate strikethrough text that adds a unique touch to your designs. Whether creating social media posts, blog content, or any other form of communication, a Strikethrough Text Generator can help you achieve the desired effect.

Copying And Pasting Strikethrough Text

For incorporating strikethrough text, there are several methods you can use. One popular option is to apply the strikethrough formatting option in word processing software, which adds a line through the text. Another approach involves using HTML or CSS code in web design to achieve the same effect. You can easily incorporate a strikethrough line into your text by utilising the appropriate code.

It’s important to preserve the formatting when copying and pasting strikethrough text. Different platforms may handle formatting differently, so it’s vital to test the copied text to verify it appears as desired. Moreover, it’s worth noting that not all fonts support strikethrough text, so selecting a compatible font is crucial for consistent usage.


Fonts with a line through them can be a visually striking way to emphasise or convey a specific meaning in design. The crossed-out font style can suggest deletion, cancellation, or negation, making it useful for indicating discontinued items, invalid information, or highlighting mistakes.

It can also be used creatively to create a unique and eye-catching aesthetic for logos, headlines, or promotional materials. However, using this font style sparingly and thoughtfully is important to avoid confusion or diminishing readability.

We’ve provided examples of stylish strikethrough text and steps on font with line through it creating it using a strikethrough text generator or copying and pasting. So get creative with your typography and make a bold statement with a font that has a line through it. Start experimenting today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Font With A Line Through It?

A font with a line through it is called a strikethrough font. It features a horizontal line drawn through the middle of each character. Strikethrough fonts are used to show deleted or outdated information. Popular examples include Strike, Line Through, and Cross Out fonts.

Why Does This Font Have A Line Through It?

A font with a line through it, known as a “strikethrough” font, can serve multiple purposes. It can indicate deleted or corrected text, add a decorative touch to typography, or convey the designer’s intention and context. The reason for the line will vary based on the specific font and its usage.

What Is The Purpose Of A Font With A Line Through It In Typography?

A font with a line through it, known as a strikethrough font, is used in typography to show that the text has been deleted or crossed out. It can also be used creatively to add visual interest to designs. Strikethrough fonts are commonly used in editing, proofreading, and indicating changes in documents.

How Can I Create A Font With A Line Through It In Design Software?

To create a font with a line through it, most design software offers a “strikethrough” option. Select the text layer in Adobe Photoshop and click the “T” icon to access text options. In Canva, use the “Effects” button and choose “Strikethrough.” If your software lacks this feature, manually create a line using a shape or pen tool and position it over the text.

How Can I Incorporate A Font With A Line Through It Into My Design Or Branding?

Incorporate a font with a line through it into your design or branding for a bold and distinctive visual element. Experiment with different styles to find the perfect fit for your aesthetic. Use it sparingly to highlight specific words, and consider pairing it with other typography elements to create even more impact.

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