Font Similar To The Impact: A Detailed Guide For Beginners

The font is similar to the impact font – one of the world’s most recognizable and widely used fonts. Its bold capital lettering has become iconic, but did you know that several fonts similar to Impact can give you the same look and feel without the hassle of customizing it? The Impact is a heavy, condensed sans-serif font that Geoffrey Lee created.

It is popular for its bold, attention-commanding letterforms and is widely handy in meme culture. The Impact is a commercial font and is only available for use with a license. We will help you find the perfect font for your project by compiling a list of 10 fonts similar to the Impact. We will also cover how to use the Impact font, free fonts to replicate its look and feel, and its benefits for your design projects.

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10 Fonts Similar To The Impact

10 Fonts Similar To The Impact

The Impact is a sans-serif font designed to be elegant and modern. The font has various weights and styles to suit various needs, from headlines to body text. The Impact is available in regular and bold versions.

The impact font is one of the most popular choices for professional designers because it is handy in various settings. It has a strong presence on the web as it’s suitable for use in logos, posters, websites, and more. Here are 10 similar font of  impact font:

1. Visage Bold & Regular

One popular font similar to Impact is Visage Bold & Regular. This clean and versatile sans serif font is less condensed than the Impact font, making it more suitable for body copy. Visage’s bold and regular versions offer flexibility, allowing you to use it for various design purposes.

Additionally, Visage adds a modern touch to designs and is a strong choice for any font collection. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced designer, Visage Bold & Regular is a font worth considering for your next project.

2. Wolfskin: Urban Block Font

Wolfskin Urban Block Font

When searching for a font similar to Impact, it’s important to consider its style and legibility. While the Impact is a popular choice for headlines and display text, it is not recommended for body copy. Some popular alternatives for display text include Arial Black and Gotham Condensed.

Among the fonts similar to Impact is the Wolfskin: Urban Block font, which combines Impact’s bold, condensed style with organic strokes for a unique and stylish look. Other fonts that share similarities with Impact include Gotham Condensed and Bebas Neue, which feature bold, condensed, clever designs perfect for grabbing attention in headlines and display text.

Whether you’re looking for a font that approximates the look of Impact or simply a bold and impactful display font, there are plenty of great options.

3. Porcine: Modern Typeface + Webfont

Porcine Modern Typeface + Webfont

If the Impact is too condensed for your needs, consider Porcine: Modern Typeface + WebFont. This font pairs a more open style with Custom text preview web fonts that reproduce the feel and look of Impact’s typefaces.

The result is an incredibly legible and versatile font that is generally handy in various online and offline designs. While it doesn’t perfectly replicate the Impact of the original font, Porcine offers an extremely similar alternative that’s perfect for any design project. It looks great on various devices, is incredibly easy to read, even in small sizes, and can be customized to fit any design aesthetic.

4.Redig Bold Sans Serif Font

If the Impact is too bold and overwhelming for your project, consider Redig Bold Sans Serif Font. This font is softer and perfect for body copy or projects that must be refined. Unlike the other fonts similar to Impact, Redig Bold Sans Serif does not feature a condensed style.

Instead, it has thin lines and strokes that create a subtle look that is handy in print and online designs. The font also comes in various weights and styles, enabling the designer to customize it to their desired look. Sans Serif is an easy-to-read font and highly legible, making it great for body text on websites and documents. It is also a great font for headlines and titles, as it stands out and is quite distinctive.

5. Devant Pro

Devant Pro is a modern and clear alternative to the popular Impact font, with nine different font styles. This font is perfect for crafting bold titles and works well with photographs, movie posters, and book covers. While Impact font is suitable for headlines, it may be hard to read in smaller sizes.

If you are searching for alternatives to Impact font, consider Arial Black, Futura Condensed, and Bebas Neue. Proxima Nova is a premium font that bridges the gap between Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk, while Montserrat is a free alternative.

6. Moon Impact Font Bold (Geometric Font)

Moon Impact Font Bold Geometric Font

There are various options for finding a font similar to Impact. One font that stands out is Moon Impact Font Bold, a geometric sans-serif that is round and bold. The Impact is a popular sans-serif font with heavy, condensed letterforms and a tall x-height.

Although available in various formats, the Impact is a commercial font that requires a license for commercial projects but is handy in web design. Geoffrey Lee created it for Stephenson Blake foundry, similar to Helvetica Inserat, with a heavy and condensed grotesque style.

Moon Impact Font Bold is a suitable alternative for those looking for a similar font, particularly for logo designs, T-shirts, and packaging. With its geometric design and bold letterforms, it offers a strong impact that is sure to catch viewers’ eyes.

7.Imprimo Letterpress Font

If Impact font is too expensive or difficult to find, another option is Imprimo Letterpress Font. Stefan Sagmeister designed this free font, which is handy for personal and commercial projects. It has a classic serif typeface style with round letter shapes that are easily read and attractive on web pages.

Imprimo Letterpress offers an affordable alternative to Impact font while retaining the same quality level as the original design. This may be the right choice if you’re looking for an elegant sans-serif font perfect for logo designs.

8. Morton Sans Serif Font Family

The Morton Sans Serif Font Family is a versatile choice for beginners and experienced designers. This font family offers a variety of weights, including both bold and thin options, making it a great choice for those who love grotesque sans-serif fonts.

One of the benefits of using the Morton Sans Serif Font Family is that it is a versatile choice for various design projects. Whether you’re working on a website design or a print ad, this font family will complement your composition beautifully.

Overall, the Morton Sans Serif Font Family is a great choice for designers looking for a font similar to Impact that offers flexibility and versatility. With nine different weights, you will surely find the perfect option to achieve your desired design aesthetic.

9. Vancouver: Gothic Typeface + Web fonts

If you’re looking for a font similar to Impact but with a more gothic tone, Vancouver: Gothic Typeface may be the right choice. Luca Bernabei designed this free font, which is handy in personal and commercial projects. It has an old-fashioned typeface style with cracked veins that give it a unique look.

The Vancouver Gothic Typeface is perfect for creating trendy websites or logo designs focusing on dark elements. With its antique appearance, this Typeface will add character and sophistication to your design project.

10. Roquen: Bold Sans Typeface

If you’re looking for a font similar to Impact with a bit more attitude, Roquen: Bold Sans Typeface may be the right choice. Vladimir Sundakov designed this Typeface, which can be used in personal and commercial projects. It has an arty vibe that will give your designs an edge.

The Roquen Bold Sans Typeface is perfect for creating logos or funky website designs that appeal to young people. Its youthful aesthetic will set your design apart from the competition.

How To Use The Impact Font

How To Use The Impact Font

The Impact font is a bold, attention-grabbing font commonly used for headlines and titles. To use the Impact font, you can simply select it from the font menu in your preferred design or word processing software. Once selected, you can adjust the size and colour of the text to suit your needs. Due to its bold nature, the Impact font is best suited for short, impactful phrases rather than long paragraphs of text. Experiment with different sizes and colours to create visually appealing designs that effectively communicate your message.

Free Fonts To Replicate Impact’s Look And Feel

Impact™ Font, created by Microsoft Corporation, is a popular font used in headlines, advertising, promotions, and memes. Fortunately, Impact™ is available for free download for personal and commercial use.

However, if you want to use another database of fonts with a similar look and feel to Impact™, you can use options such as Ar Tarumian MH Arts, NHL San Jose, and Saira Condensed Black.

To replicate the look of Impact™, one can use the layer style and manage stroke properties to outline the font. Overall, with these options and techniques, it is easy for beginners to replicate the look and feel of Impact™’s font without actually using it.

Benefits Of Using The Impact Font

Using the Impact font can bring several benefits to your designs or documents. Overall, using the Impact font can add a touch of strength and Impact to your designs while maintaining clarity and legibility. Consider incorporating this font into your next project for a bold visual statement. Here are some reasons why you should consider using the Impact font:

  • Bold And Attention-Grabbing: The Impact font is known for its bold and heavy strokes, making it highly visible and attention-grabbing. It can help emphasize key points or headings in your design, ensuring they stand out.
  • Easy Readability: Despite its boldness, the Impact font remains highly readable, even from a distance. This makes it ideal for signage, posters, or other materials where readability is crucial.
  • Versatility: The Impact font works well in a variety of contexts. It can be used for formal and informal designs, giving you flexibility in your creative choices.
  • Time-Saving: The Impact font’s strong presence means you don’t need additional effects or embellishments to make your message stand out. This can save you time during the design process.


Choosing the right font can make a significant difference in the look and feel of your design. The Impact font, being bold and impactful, has become synonymous with catchy headlines and attention-grabbing designs. However, it is not the only font that can create a similar impact.

We’ve researched ten font similar to the Impact to help you create attractive designs. Whether you use it for a website or a poster, these fonts will help you convey your message with full strength. Moreover, free fonts can help you create visually appealing designs without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Font Is Impact Font?

Impact font is a bold, sans-serif typeface widely used for headlines and titles due to its strong and attention-grabbing appearance.

What Font Is Similar To Impact For Cricut?

A font similar to Impact for Cricut would be “Bebas Neue.” It has a bold and impactful design comparable to Impact but compatible with Cricut machines.

What Font Goes With Impact Font?

A font that complements Impact font well is Arial. Arial is a versatile and clean font that pairs nicely with Impact’s bold and impactful look. Other suitable options include Helvetica, Franklin Gothic, and Univers.

How Can I Find Similar Fonts?

There are various ways to find similar fonts. One option is to use online tools and websites that allow you to upload or input an image of the font you are interested in and generate similar options.

Is Impact A Good Font?

Impact is a good font for creating strong, attention-grabbing headlines or titles. Its bold and heavy design makes it highly visible and easily readable even from a distance.

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