What Font Is Spotify: A Compreshesive Guide

The Spotify logo uses Gotham Medium font with minor changes to the dot on the letter “i.” A free alternative is Metropolis, which is handy for individuals who do not have a professional license for Gotham.

The font family used by Spotify is Gotham, which has 66 different variants and requires approval for professional use. For the website, a modified version of Gotham Circular called Spotify Circular is available in four weights and italics.

Spotify has taken over the music streaming industry, and its signature font is an important part of its branding. The font is handy on their website, app, playlists, advertisements, and merchandise. We will also cover where and how to download the Spotify font and logo.

Additionally, we will discuss how to use the Spotify font for your projects, whether designing a cover photo for your Spotify playlist or making your brand stand out with the help of the Spotify font. Keep reading to get all the details on the Spotify font and how to incorporate it into your designs.

What Font is Spotify

What Font Is Spotify

Spotify’s font is a custom typeface called “Spotify Sans.” It was created specifically for the music streaming platform and is designed to be modern and playful. The font features clean lines and a simple sans-serif design, with a minimalist look that is easy on the eyes. It is used for all of the text on Spotify’s website, as well as in its mobile app and other branding materials.

Overall, Spotify Sans is a key part of the company’s visual identity, helping to reinforce its brand image as a modern, innovative, and accessible platform for music lovers around the world.

The rounded triangle represents the idea of music streaming, while the square represents the idea of listening to individual songs. The font used in their logo is Roboto, a sans-serif typeface that is easy to read and has a neutral tone. The primary color of their logo is white, which stands for simplicity and neutrality.

Proxima Nova Used For Website

Proxima Nova Used For Website

Spotify uses the Proxima Nova font for its website, a typeface designed specifically by Spotify. Available in both regular and bold versions, Proxima Nova has a modern, sleek look that perfectly complements the music streaming service’s brand.

It is also legible and easy to read, making it well-suited for light and dark colour schemes. Using Proxima Nova helps create a streamlined and cohesive aesthetic for the Spotify website.

Circularfont Used For Logo

The font used by Spotify in its logo is Circular, a geometric sans-serif design created by Swiss Typefaces. The logo has undergone two changes since its inception in 2006, with the final redesign featuring three black radio waves in an acid-green circle.

Circular has become an iconic font for the company, representing its brand positioning as easy, personal, and fun. Designed by Andreas Holmström and Christian Wilsson, the font is a tweaked version of Gotham that perfectly captures Spotify’s image and vibe.

It is important to note that applications must not incorporate the Spotify logo or brand elements, including Spotify Green, the circle, and the waves. Nonetheless, the circular font has become a recognizable symbol associated with the clean and friendly design of the entire company.

Montserrat And Vision For Sans Serif

Montserrat And Vision For Sans Serif

The font used by Spotify is a custom-made typeface created by Tobias Frere-Jones. The Spotify font has 66 unique weights and is not publicly available. However, there are alternative fonts that have a similar appearance to the Spotify font. One such font is Montserrat, which has a clean, modern look and is available for free download.

The Spotify font is a clean sans-serif typeface that suits it for commercial activities such as digital advertising or branding. Other alternative sans-serif fonts include Dune and Milky Walky. Whether you use the actual or similar fonts, creating a consistent brand identity with typography is important for a business’s visual presence.

What Is The Spotify Website Font Name?

The font used on the Spotify website is Montserrat. The font that Spotify uses is Spotify Circular, a modified version of Gotham Circular. Spotify also uses Gotham Medium in their logo but with minor changes to the dot above the “i”. Andreas Holmström designed Spotify’s font, and Christian Wilsson is the creative director behind it.

Spotify Circular came in four different weights with italics and was previously handy along with Proxima Nova, comparable to Gotham. If you’re looking for a free alternative to Gotham, Metropolis by Chris Simpson is worth considering. The font choice for Spotify’s website and logo showcase the company’s modern and sleek brand identity.

Spotify Font

Spotify Font

The font used by Spotify on its website and various marketing materials is a modified version of Gotham Circular, which they call Spotify Circular. Andreas Holmström designed the font, with Christian Wilsson serving as creative director. The design team most likely used Gotham Medium for the Spotify logo and made minor edits to create the final version.

In the new version of Spotify, the typeface family designed by Laurenz Brunner is handy in four weights. For those looking for a free alternative to the Gotham font used by Spotify, Metropolis by Chris Simpson is a viable option. Understanding the different fonts used by Spotify can help designers create visually cohesive material that aligns with the brand’s aesthetic.

Download The Spotify Logo & Font

The font used for the Spotify website and logo is Gotham Medium, with minor modifications. The font was designed by Andreas Holmström specifically for Spotify. It’s important to note that the Spotify logo and artwork should not distort or animated in any way.

If you want to use the Spotify font, you can download a free version in a zip format. However, it’s important to follow the guidelines for using the logo and artwork provided by Spotify to ensure proper usage. By using the correct font and following the guidelines, you can maintain the integrity of the Spotify brand on your website or promotional materials.

Spotify Svg Logo

The Spotify logo was designed using Gotham Medium, a popular sans-serif typeface. The logo combines a wordmark and an icon, but using the icon in limited space recommends due to its intricate design. Interestingly, Gotham Medium is not a unique font handy only for Spotify, as it has also been handy for other brands.

As for the font used in the Spotify app and logo, it is a free download Circular. This font was specifically designed for Spotify and had a modern, clean look that reflects the brand’s aesthetic. Despite its uniqueness, Circular is widely available for public use.

Spotify is a music and podcast streaming platform that allows users to access millions of songs and podcasts. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to provide personalized recommendations based on user preferences and listening history.

Spotify Png Logo

Spotify Png Logo

If you’re curious about the font handy in the Spotify logo, it calls “Circular” and has specific designs by Swiss Typefaces. The current Spotify logo features three black radio waves set in an acid-green circle, and it has changed twice since its creation in 2015.

The original version was a green square with the word “Spotify” written at the bottom and the three radio waves above the letter O. It’s important to note that the Spotify green logo should only use with black, white, and non-duo-toned photography. Your application’s logo should not resemble the Spotify logo or its brand elements.

What Is The Spotify Logo Font Name?

When it comes to the font used on the Spotify website, it can vary depending on the operating system and browser being handy. However, the font used for the Spotify logo is well-known and recognized by many. The Spotify logo font derives from Gotham and features five weights.

The specific sub-font used in the Spotify logo is Gotham Bold, while the dot on the “i” in the Spotify logo’s font was slightly modified from Gotham Medium. Gotham is a fully commercial font; licensing requires for professional use.

Interestingly, Spotify once considered using a serif font for their branding but ultimately favored sans-serif fonts for their readability, especially on small screens. The recognizable and unique font choice for the Spotify logo has played a significant role in its branding and success.

For Spotify Playlists, What Font Does It Use?

For Spotify Playlists, What Font Does It Use

As mentioned, the font used for playlists varies depending on the device and operating system used. However, a typeface called “Playfair Display” is often chosen to create playlist-specific designs. Playfair Display has specific designs by Kyle Neumann and features a modern serif font with a subtle italic flavor.

Spotify, one of the most popular music streaming platforms, uses a custom font called Spotify Circular for its playlists. This font was designed specifically for Spotify and can be found on the app, website, and other branding materials. Spotify Circular is a sans-serif font that features rounded edges and a clean, modern look.

It was created to bring consistency and familiarity to Spotify’s branding, making it instantly recognizable and memorable to users. Whether you’re creating your own Spotify playlist or simply enjoying someone else’s, the Spotify Circular font adds an extra level of polish and professionalism to the overall experience.

What Is The Designer Of Spotify’s Font?

The font used by Spotify is a key element of its recognizable branding. Andreas Holmström designed the font for Spotify with Christian Wilsson as creative director. The font family used by Spotify was created by Tobias Frere-Jones and had 66 unique weights. The Spotify logo has specific likely designs using Gotham Medium with minor changes to the dot on the “i.

” Spotify’s website font is Spotify Circular, a modified version of Gotham Circular in four weights and italics. In the new version, Spotify also uses Laurenz Brunner’s typeface family in four weights. Knowing the Spotify website font name and the font designer can help users recognize the brand consistency and uniqueness of the app.

How To Use Spotify Font

How To Use Spotify Font

The Spotify font is a custom variation of Gotham Medium with slight modifications to the dot on the “i.” Gotham is a versatile commercial typeface with various styles and weights, making it a popular choice for many design purposes.

The Spotify font belongs to the Gotham family, and 66 different font variations are available in both OTF and TTF formats. Andreas Holmström designed the Spotify font under creative director Christian Wilsson.

For professional use, a license is required to use the Gotham font family, including the Spotify font. However, there are free font generator tools available for personal use. Whether designing a logo or creating marketing materials, the Spotify font is stylish and recognizable.


Spotify uses a custom font called “Spotify Circular” as its main font. This font was designed specifically for the company and is a modification of the Circular font family. The font has a simple, clean, and modern look that aligns well with the branding of the company.

In conclusion, Spotify’s font uniquely blends Proxima Nova, CircularFont, Montserrat, and Vision for its Sans Serif. To use the Spotify font, you need to have access to the licensed version of the font.

You can also download the Spotify logo and font from various online sources. Spotify’s logo font is CircularFont. Spotify’s website font name is Proxima Nova for websites and UI. The playlist font is also Montserrat and Vision for the Sans Serif.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is The Spotify Font Available For General Use?

Ans: The Spotify font is Gotham, available in various weights and styles. However, Gotham is a fully commercial font that needs to purchase for professional use. The font used by the Spotify website is Spotify Circular, a modified version of Gotham Circular.

2.Can I Use The Spotify Font For My Own Branding Or Marketing Materials?

Ans: Using the Spotify font, likely Gotham Medium, for your branding or marketing materials does not recommend. It is important to only use Spotify’s original artwork, without distortion or animation.

3.What Are Some Alternatives To The Spotify Font?

Ans: Spotify uses its modified version of Gotham Circular font, available in four weights and italics. However, if you are looking for alternatives to the Spotify font, many options are available, including Montserrat, Helvetica Neue, and Helvetica.

4.Are You Interested In Finding The Spotify Font?

Ans: If you want to find the Spotify font, it was designed by Andreas Holmström with Christian Wilson as Creative Director. The Spotify logo has specific likely designs with the Gotham Medium font with minor alterations. According to a typography guideline from Spotify, Proxima Nova is handy for titles in all caps when browsing on a desktop.

5.Why Is The Spotify Icon Tilted?

Ans: The tilted Spotify icon is one of the approved logos handy to attribute content from Spotify. Still, there is no official explanation handy as to why the logo features tilted radio waves.

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