Unveiling The Mystery: What Font Does Spotify Use For Songs?

As music lovers, we all have used Spotify at least once. The app’s unique charm makes it stand out from other music platforms. One thing that adds to its appeal is its font choice for the songs.

Have you ever wondered what font Spotify use for its songs? This blog will solve this mystery for you. We have answered all the relevant questions in this blog, including where to download the Spotify logo and font, the designer of the font, and how you can use it. So, whether you are a font fan or a designer looking to use something similar, this blog is for you.

What Font Does Spotify Use For Songs – Answered

What Font Does Spotify Use For Songs - Answered

Spotify uses a combination of fonts, with different fonts used for different purposes. The font closest to Spotify’s font for songs is Gotham Medium. Another similar font that they also use is Metropolis.

For its logo and playlist, Spotify uses a Circular sans-serif font. Although the Spotify logo has minor differences in the dot of the “i” compared to the Gotham Medium font, the similarities are uncanny.

Additionally, the Circular font used by Spotify can be downloaded for free. Combining the wordmark and icon gives a unique look to the Spotify logo. Ultimately, the combination of these fonts has propelled Spotify’s brand to the top of the music industry.

Download The Spotify Logo & Font

The Spotify logo is likely designed using the Gotham Medium font with minor modifications. The font used for songs was designed by Andreas Holmström, with Christian Wilson as the creative director. A free link is available on the Spotify website if you want to download the font.

It’s important to note that when using any artwork provided by Spotify, only use the original files. Do not animate or distort the artwork in any way, including overlays or blurring. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your Spotify logo and font use complies with the company’s policies.

Spotify Font

Spotify Font

The popular music streaming service, Spotify uses a mix of fonts for its branding and app interface. The font used in the Spotify logo is Gotham Medium, with a slight modification to the dot above the “i.” However, for its app interface and playlists, Spotify uses a sans-serif font called Circular. This font was derived from the Gotham font family and weighed five.

Spotify considered using a serif font for its branding but ultimately decided against it as they found it less readable. For those looking to create designs inspired by Spotify’s branding, a free alternative font is Metropolis by Chris Simpson. Combining Gotham and Circular fonts gives Spotify a modern and sleek look across all its platforms.

Spotify Svg Logo

The popular music streaming service Spotify uses a simple and minimalist font called Circular across its platform. Spotify uses the Circular sans-serif font on its logo, playlists, and other app elements. In addition to the font, the Spotify logo combines a wordmark and a green circular icon.

The circular icon is most likely designed using the Gotham Medium font with minor changes to the dot on the “i.” It’s important to note that the Spotify logo should only be used with black, white, and non-duotone photography to ensure branding consistency.

Overall, the use of the Circular font and the iconic Spotify logo has helped to establish the brand’s identity as a leading music streaming service.

Spotify Png Logo

Spotify Png Logo

Spotify named the font for songs as Spotify Circular, which is a custom font. And, Spotify designed this font exclusively and it is only available for personal use. However, there are alternatives to the font, including Montserrat, Helvetica Neue, and Helvetica.

The Spotify logo is another important aspect of the brand’s visual identity. The current version of the logo includes three curved white lines in a green circle, symbolizing the synergy between internet connectivity and music in Spotify’s business model.

The font in the logo is also Spotify Circular, and the 2013 overhaul saw the removal of the green rectangle and ‘O’ in the wordmark, with the font changing to a simple sans-serif. Use the primary logo colorway, which is green, only with black, white, and non-duotone photography.

What Is The Spotify Logo Font Name?

Spotify uses a custom circular font called Spotify Circular for song titles and other elements of its interface. We modified and shaped the popular typeface Gotham to fit within the circular design of the Spotify logo, resulting in this font. The specific sub-font used in the current Spotify logo is Gotham Bold.

The designer most likely used Gotham Medium with minor changes to the dot on the “i” to design the Spotify logo, even though the full font package of the Gotham typeface family includes 66 different font variants.

It is important to note that Gotham is a fully commercial font that requires a license for professional use. A free alternative could be Metropolis, a similar typeface that has a similar style and vibe to that of the Spotify logo’s font.

For Spotify Playlists, What Font Does It Use?

For Spotify Playlists, What Font Does It Use

If you’ve ever wondered what font Spotify uses for songs, the answer is Gotham. Specifically, the font used for the Spotify logo is Gotham Medium, with a slight modification to the dot on the “i.” However, for Spotify playlists, the font used may vary.

To create stylish designs with the same font, you can use the Spotify Font Generator tool, which includes a range of fonts and categories, including music and famous fonts. Instructions for installing the font on your computer may vary depending on your operating system, but with a little research, you should be able to find the closest alternative to the Spotify font.

What Is The Designer Of Spotify’s Font?

The sans-serif typeface known as Gotham is what Spotify uses for its font. Tobias Frere-Jones designed the typography in 2000. Andreas Holmström created Spotify’s font, with Christian Wilsson functioning as their creative director. The original design of the Spotify logo used Gotham Medium, with a few variations and a different dot on the “i.”

Spotify later switched to using their modified version of Gotham Circular, named Spotify Circular, which has four weights and italics. While the font is free for personal use, commercial use requires a licensing fee. Spotify’s brand perfectly suits the sleek and modern design of the Gotham font.

How To Use Spotify Font

How To Use Spotify Font

If you’re curious about what font Spotify uses for its songs, the answer is Gotham Medium. While the dot on the “i” has been slightly altered, the remaining letters are unaltered. People widely use Gotham, a popular font, for signage, logos, and marketing materials.

It’s available in multiple weights and styles, including 66 font variants to choose from. However, to use it professionally, you need a license. Andreas Holmström specifically designed the font used by Spotify under the direction of Christian Wilsson. Unfortunately, the font is not available to use for personal or commercial purposes.

If you’re looking for a free alternative, Chris Simpson’s Metropolis is a viable option. Ultimately, while the font selection for commercial and professional purposes is crucial, the average user can enjoy the music on Spotify without worrying about the font used.


In conclusion, the font used by Spotify for songs is called Circular. This font is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Swiss designer Laurenz Brunner in 2013. It is a modern and playful font that perfectly aligns with the brand’s image and philosophy.

To use this font, you can download it from various free font websites or purchase a licensed version for commercial use. If you are a graphic designer or marketer, knowing the nuances of the fonts used by different brands can enhance your overall design skills. To learn more about font and design, follow our blog for expert tips and tricks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Is The Gothic Font For Spotify?

Ans: Spotify’s logo likely uses the versatile Gotham Medium font with minor modifications. However, Spotify uses a modified version of Gotham Circular called Spotify Circular for the font on their website. Designed specifically for the brand by Andreas Holmström and creative director Christian Wilsson.

2.What Font Does Youtube Use?

Ans: YouTube uses its own custom font for its logo, which is not publicly available for use. As for Spotify, they have their own font called “spotify-circular,” and the platform uses album art to select a color palette for lyrics on song controls.

3.What Font Does Spotify Use?

Ans: Spotify uses a custom circular sans-serif font derived from Gotham, with five weights and an italic counterpart. The full font package for Gotham includes 66 different variants available in OTF and TTF formats. People widely use Gotham – a highly versatile typeface – in urban landscapes, signage, logos, and marketing materials.

4.What Font Is Closest To Spotify Font?

Ans: The closest font to the Spotify font is Gotham, which has 66 different variants and is compatible with both PC and Mac. Spotify actually modified Gotham to create their custom font, which they call Spotify Circular. Spotify Circular comes in five weights and also has an italic variant.

5.How To Use Spotify Font?

Ans: To use the Spotify font, you will need to download Gotham Medium, which is a sans-serif typeface designed by Tobias Frere-Jones. Gotham comes in 66 different font variants in both OTF and TTF formats and is commonly used for signage, logos, and marketing materials in many countries.

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