Find Your Perfect Match: Top 10 Closest Fonts To Helvetica In Adobe

When it comes to typography, finding a font that perfectly suits your design needs is crucial.

If you’re looking for a straightforward, timeless font that is clear and easy to read, you’re probably considering the closest fonts to Helvetica. But what if the standard is too expensive, or you simply want to switch things up without losing the clarity?

In this article, we will look at the top 10 fonts available in Adobe that mimic the look and feel of Helvetica, along with their pros, cons, and unique features. From Arial to IBM Plex Sans, these fonts are excellent alternatives, and you might even find one that works better for your project than the legendary Helvetica. So, let’s get into it and explore the world of typography.

Closest Fonts To Helvetica In Adobe

Here Are The 10 Best Alternatives To Helvetica In Adobe

Here Are The 10 Best Alternatives To Helvetica In Adobe

Helvetica is an iconic font that has been widely used for decades, but Adobe has provided a list of similar fonts for those looking for alternatives. One of the most commonly documented alternative fonts to Helvetica is Arial. While Adobe has removed curated font lists,

Font Packs are becoming more prevalent. Users have expressed frustration at the lack of options for Helvetica and Helvetica Neue. Still, Adobe recommends using similar fonts such as Proxima Nova, Roboto, Lato, and Open Sans. Users can also request that specific Font Packs be added to Adobe’s collection, offering more project options.

1. Arial


If you’re looking for a font similar to Helvetica in Adobe, several options are worth exploring. One popular choice is Arial, which was created as a cheaper and more widely used alternative to Helvetica. Adobe itself suggests using Arial as an alternative to Helvetica.

Another great option is Arimo, a font that offers interesting aesthetic changes to Helvetica and Arial. This versatile font works as a cross-platform Helvetica replacement and has a modern and sleek feel.

It’s worth noting that Adobe has recently removed its curated font lists and is now focusing on Font Packs, which offer a broader range of font choices for designers and creatives alike. With these options, you will find a font that fits your needs and replicates Helvetica’s clean and classic feel.

2. Open Sans

Open Sans

Several free and paid options are available if you’re looking for alternatives to Helvetica in Adobe. Open Sans is a popular alternative with Cyrillic and Greek character support. Another option is Noirden Sans, which offers a contemporary update to the classic Helvetica font.

Although Adobe does not support Helvetica directly, it does include variations of the font in Acrobat Reader. For those looking for a Google font alternative, Bebas Neue is a great option for headlines and captions.

It’s important to note that while Adobe doesn’t offer a curated list of Helvetica alternatives, they do offer Font Packs, which have a collection of fonts that can be used for various projects. With the availability of these options, designers can easily find the closest font to Helvetica that suits their needs.

3. Futura

You’re in luck if you’re searching for a font similar to Helvetica in Adobe. While Helvetica and Helvetica Neue are not currently available on Adobe Fonts, many alternatives exist. One option is Futura, which has a clean, geometric design similar to Helvetica.

It’s worth noting that Adobe has shifted its focus from individual font options to Font Packs, so curated font lists on Typekit are no longer available. However, there are still plenty of font options in Adobe. While some users prefer Helvetica Neue, there are plenty of alternative fonts to consider that are just as effective. Overall, finding the right font to replace Helvetica in Adobe will depend on your design needs and personal aesthetic preferences.

4. Inter


You’re not alone if you need a good alternative to Helvetica in Adobe. Adobe has recommended using alternative fonts to Helvetica, as many users have expressed a need for Helvetica Neue. However, curated lists of alternative fonts may no longer be available on Typekit. Instead, Adobe is focusing on Font Packs rather than specific lists.

One font that has gained popularity as an alternative to Helvetica is Inter. Inter is a sans-serif font created to be “easy to read on screens.” It features a simple, clean design that is similar to Helvetica but has a more modern feel.

Other possible alternatives to Helvetica in Adobe include Proxima Nova, Nimbus Sans, and Open Sans. While each of these fonts has its unique features and design, they all offer a similar aesthetic to Helvetica and can be an excellent choice for those looking for a similar look and feel in their Adobe designs. Users can also suggest specific Font Packs they would like to see from Adobe, ensuring they can access the best fonts for their needs.

5. Roboto

RobotoWhen it comes to finding the perfect alternative to Helvetica in Adobe, several great options are available. One of the most popular alternatives is Roboto, a free, open-source typeface that looks great on digital screens. Other options include Brandon Grotesque, Proxima Nova, Avenir Next, Museo Sans, and Helvetica Now.

While Adobe has removed its curated lists of Helvetica alternatives, you can still access many of these fonts through Font Packs. Additionally, Roboto is available in condensed and slab variants, giving you even more options.

Envato Elements offers a monthly subscription that includes access to thousands of high-quality resources for designers looking for a wide range of fonts similar to Helvetica and other design elements. Whether you need fonts for a print project or a digital design, plenty of options are available to fit your needs.

6. Arimo


If you’re looking for a Helvetica alternative in Adobe, here are the top 10 closest fonts you can consider. One of the best options is Arimo, which features interesting aesthetic changes while still functioning as a cross-platform replacement for Helvetica.

Arimo has slightly taller letterforms and boasts modern readability on-screen. It includes four weights and italics to offer designers flexibility in their work. Another popular font that’s similar to Helvetica is Arial.

This alternative was created to be more affordable and widely adopted than Helvetica. You can find Arimo and other Helvetica alternatives on Adobe and Google Fonts. So whether it’s for a graphic design project, website, or presentation, you can find a suitable replacement for Helvetica that suits your style and needs.

7. Nimbus Sans

Nimbus Sans

If you’re looking for alternatives to Helvetica in Adobe, many great options are available. One of the most popular options is Nimbus Sans, which offers a similar feel to Helvetica but with its own unique personality. Other alternatives include Univa Nova, geometric sans with a neutral voice, and Proxima Nova, known for its versatility and readability.

The Adobe Fonts Community offers a great platform for discussing replacement fonts for Helvetica Neue in Typekit, and there are also several curated lists of alternative fonts available on using Wayback Machine.

Some of the latest alternatives to Helvetica listed on Typekit include Acumin Pro, Pragmatica, and Runda. Whatever your design needs, there is sure to be an alternative font that will work perfectly for you.

8. Tex Gyre Heros

Tex Gyre Heros

If you’re looking for a font that closely resembles Helvetica in Adobe, several great alternatives are available. TeX Gyre Heros is one of the best options for those who want a font nearly identical to Helvetica. Created by Boguslaw Jackowski and Janusz Nowacki and published by GUST e-foundry, TeX Gyre Heros offers two weights, italics, and condensed settings.

This free alternative to Helvetica closely mirrors its design, with choices for regular, bold, italic, and bold italic. It is based on the Nimbus Sans L family with some improvements and distributed with Ghostscript. You can easily find and download TeX Gyre Heros from Font Squirrel. It is a convenient choice for those who want a high-quality font similar to Helvetica.

9. Work Sans

Work Sans

When it comes to finding a font that closely resembles Helvetica in Adobe, Work Sans is a highly practical option. It is a popular Helvetica Google font alternative that offers nine different weights to choose from. While Typekit no longer provides a curated list of Helvetica alternatives. You can use Work Sans in its place as it is a versatile and practical option.

While many typefaces come close to Helvetica, Work Sans stands out for its suitability for on-screen and display use. Its clean lines and modern feel make it a great choice for various design projects. Whether you’re looking to create a website, logo, or marketing campaign, Work Sans is one of the best alternatives to Helvetica in Adobe.

10. Ibm Plex Sans

Ibm Plex Sans

If you’re looking for alternatives to Helvetica in Adobe, here are the top 10 closest fonts to consider. One of the best options is IBM Plex Sans, a technical and scientific alternative to Helvetica with open counters. It has 14 styles, including sans, serif, and mono, suitable for specific uses in print, web, and mobile designs.

You can use Open Sans and Bebas Neue as other free alternatives to Helvetica for captions and headlines. If you’re looking for a modern and readable alternative, Arimo is a Google font that provides tall characters in 4 weights, ideal for cross-platform document portability.

It’s worth noting that Helvetica has a long-standing history dating back to 1961 and is available in up to 80 languages. By exploring these top 10 closest fonts to Helvetica, you’ll be well-equipped to create visual content that matches the style of this popular and iconic font.

Pros And Cons Of Using Helvetica Alternatives In Adobe

Pros And Cons Of Using Helvetica Alternatives In Adobe

Helvetica Neue is a ubiquitous font that many designers prefer. However, some users complain that Adobe’s alternatives to Helvetica Neue in Typekit are not quite up to standard. Alternative fonts like Arimo offer aesthetic changes to Helvetica and Arial, but they may not be the best solution for all projects.

Typekit no longer curates Helvetica Neue alternatives but instead focuses on Font Packs. This change has made it somewhat inconvenient for designers who need to use this specific font. Removing Helvetica from its resources has also caused some disappointment.

While Adobe may have its reasons for not including Helvetica and Neue in its font library, many designers suggest that it would be beneficial to have those options available. The decision on which font to use ultimately depends on the project’s requirements and the designer’s preference.


Adobe has some inbuilt font packs similar to Helvetica, such as Helvetica Neue. Users can also utilize system fonts like Helvetica in Adobe that require no action. Proxima Nova can be an alternative font option to Helvetica for those who want to experiment.

Adobe makes previewing and changing fonts easy by using Customizer for certain plans. In conclusion, while Helvetica has been a popular font for decades, using the same font for all your design requirements can get predictable.

However, thanks to Adobe, today we have a plethora of alternative fonts that provide the same clean, timeless aesthetic as Helvetica. Each font we mentioned brings a unique twist to the original design and can be used in your project. However, it’s also essential to remember that there are pros and cons to using alternatives to Helvetica in Adobe.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Adobe Have Helvetica Font?

Ans: While Adobe does not offer Helvetica specifically, they provide many similar typefaces, including Arimo, which offers aesthetic changes to Helvetica. Typekit does not offer Helvetica Neue, but other sellers sell it. Helvetica is a common font that comes with most Macs and Adobe applications.

2. What Font Is Similar To Helvetica Font?

Ans: Numerous alternatives to the popular Helvetica font exist, including widely used fonts like Arial and Swiss. You may already have similar typefaces in your font collection. Designers created Arial as a more affordable and accessible alternative to Helvetica. Arimo, a modern Google font alternative to Helvetica, is great for on-screen readability.

3. How Do I Add Helvetica Font To Adobe Acrobat?

Ans: Adobe Acrobat includes Helvetica font as one of its 14 base fonts. However, if you are looking for an alternative or want to experiment with other similar fonts, there are a few options available in the Adobe library.

Acumin is a font similar to Helvetica and may be a good starting point. Additionally, Arimo is another font that offers interesting aesthetic changes to Helvetica.

4. Why Can’t I Find Helvetica Font In Adobe?

Ans: Typekit does not offer the Helvetica Neue font as it is a trademarked typeface sold by Monotype Imaging. Many Adobe users have requested its addition, but currently, only alternatives are available. Additionally, Helvetica may not be included as a default font on some Windows computers.

5. What Fonts Are Similar To Helvetica?

Ans: Arial and Swiss are two popular options if you’re looking for fonts similar to Helvetica. Arial was actually created as a cheaper alternative to Helvetica. However, Helvetica is trademarked and sold exclusively by Monotype Imaging and is not included in most standard font collections on Windows.

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