All About Of Chicago Tribune Font – In Details

The Chicago Tribune Font is a typeface with significant importance in typography and graphic design. Known for its distinctive characteristics and timeless appeal, Tribune Publishing has widely used this font for advertising purposes and in the iconic Chicago Tribune newspaper.

The Chicago Tribune is an American daily newspaper in Chicago, Illinois. It is the eighth-largest newspaper in the United States by circulation and one of the ten-largest newspapers overall.

 Whether in print or digital media, the Chicago Tribune Font continues to captivate readers and convey the rich history and professionalism of the esteemed publication.

Chicago Tribune Font

What Is The Font That The Chicago Tribune Uses?

If you closely examine the font used by the Chicago Tribune, you’ll notice its resemblance to Times New Roman. The font is a modified version of Times New Roman, created specifically for the Tribune and known as Tribune Roman.

Developed by John Lintner, a Tribune employee, Tribune Roman features slight alterations, such as slightly bolder letters and increased spacing, to enhance readability on the Tribune’s pages. The Tribune Company/ Tribune Co., owner of the Chicago Tribune, also publishes the Howard County Chicago Times and the Towson Times. Although exclusive to the Chicago Tribune, anyone can purchase and utilize Tribune Roman to achieve the Tribune’s distinctive aesthetic on their own website or blog.

How Did The Chicago Tribune Font Choose Its Font?

How Did The Chicago Tribune Font Choose Its Font

The Chicago Tribune Font has been using the same font for nearly a century, and there’s a reason why. In 1916, the newspaper switched from using a serif font to a sans-serif one for its headlines. Frederic Goudy designed the new font, “Tribune Gothic,” specifically for the Tribune. One of the most well-known typeface designers of his time. The Daily News and ABC News covered the fascinating news story on how the Chicago Tribune carefully selected its font, with consideration of additional fonts for their online editions. The font was ahead of its time and is still in use today. You can even download it for free.

Why Did The Tribune Choose This Font?

There are a few reasons. First, the font is very readable, even in small sizes. This is important for a newspaper, which needs to fit a lot of text onto each page. Second, the font has a “classic” look that has stood the test of time. Even though someone designed it over 100 years ago, it still looks modern.

Finally, the Tribune has a long history with the font. People have used it for nearly a century, becoming synonymous with the newspaper. If you’re looking for a font that is readable, timeless, and has some history behind it, you can’t go wrong with Tribune Gothic.

Why Did The Chicago Tribune Choose That Font?

Why Did The Chicago Tribune Choose That Font

The widely-read Chicago Tribune chose a font that is easy to read, allowing readers to scan headlines and understand stories quickly. Since 1922, the Tribune has used the Times New Roman font, designed specifically for newspapers. It remains a classic and recognizable choice, utilized by many publications worldwide. Its ease of readability and appealing appearance on the page make it the perfect fit for the Tribune’s goal of providing quick comprehension to its readers.

What Are The Features Of The Chicago Tribune Font?

What Are The Features Of The Chicago Tribune Font

If you live in or around Chicago, you’ve probably seen the Tribune font before. This font is handy on the front page of the Tribune’s print edition, website, and marketing materials. The newspaper has a custom typeface designed specifically for it, which is highly readable and has a unique personality. If you’re looking for a similar font, consider Helvetica Neue, Avenir, or Futura, which all have clean and modern looks. You can download the Tribune’s font here. Hopefully, you now have a clear understanding of the Chicago font.

The design of the typefaces used in the Chicago Tribune Font was carefully crafted by talented designers, paying close attention to every detail to ensure its legibility and aesthetic appeal. With its clean lines, elegant curves, and bold strokes, this font has become synonymous with the Chicago Daily Tribune, a renowned newspaper founded by Joseph Medill. The Chicago Tribune Logo Vector, with its blue background and bold typography, has become an essential element for the brand’s identity and recognition.


The Chicago Tribune font is a distinct typeface synonymous with the newspaper’s iconic brand. Known for its bold and timeless design, the Chicago Tribune font is instantly recognizable and has been used for decades to convey the newspaper’s authoritative voice.

Whether in print or online, the font conveys a sense of credibility and professionalism, making it a popular choice for designers and typographers. Its clean lines and classic aesthetic suit various applications, from headlines to body text. Consider using the Chicago Tribune font to evoke a sense of tradition and trustworthiness in your design work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Font Does Chicago Use?

The city of Chicago uses the font “Neue Helvetica” for its official government communications. This font is often associated with clean and modern design, which may be appropriate for conveying political news effectively.

What Font Is Handy In Newspapers?

The font commonly used in newspapers, including Tribune Media publications, is Times New Roman. This classic serif font is known for its readability and professional appearance, making it a popular choice for printed materials like newspapers.

What Font Is The Title Of The Times Newspaper?

The font used for the Times newspaper’s title is Times New Roman. It is a classic serif font widely recognized and used in various print and digital publications.

What Is The Big Shoulders Chicago Font?

Big Shoulders is a free, open-source typeface designed by the Illinois-based designer James T. Edmondson. It takes inspiration from the bold and muscular lettering on Chicago’s buildings and other industrial signage. The font is available in multiple weights and styles.

What Is The Best Font For Chicago?

The best font for Chicago would typically be a clean and legible sans-serif font, such as Arial or Helvetica. These fonts are commonly used in print and digital materials for their readability and modern appearance.

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