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The Chicago Tribune is an American daily newspaper based in Chicago, Illinois. It is the eighth-largest newspaper in the United States by circulation and one of the ten-largest newspapers overall.

The Tribune’s masthead is notable for its use of different typefaces for different sections of the paper; the main section headlines are set in a modified version of Agate, while features, columns, and Op-Ed headings are set in Helvetica Neue. The Tribune has won nineteen Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other newspaper.

Chicago Tribune Font

What Is The Font Used By The Chicago Tribune?

What Is The Font Used By The Chicago Tribune

If you look closely at the font used by the Chicago Tribune, you might notice that it looks a bit like Times New Roman. That’s because the font is a variation of Times New Roman, specifically designed for the Tribune. The font is called Tribune Roman.

Tribune Roman was designed by a Tribune employee named John Lintner, who based it on Times New Roman. However, Lintner made several changes to the design, including making the letters slightly heavier and widening the spacing between them. These changes were meant to make the font more readable on the Tribune’s pages.

While Tribune Roman is the exclusive font of the Chicago Tribune, it’s also available for purchase by anyone who wants to use it. So if you’re a fan of the Tribune’s look, you can use Tribune Roman on your website or blog.

How Did The Chicago Tribune Font Choose Its Font?

How Did The Chicago Tribune Choose Its Font

The Chicago Tribune has been using the same font for nearly a century, and there’s a reason why. In 1916, the newspaper switched from using a serif font to a sans-serif one for its headlines. The new font, called “Tribune Gothic,” was designed specifically for the Tribune by Frederic Goudy, one of the most well-known typeface designers of his time. The font was ahead of its time and is still in use today. You can even download it for free.

Why Did The Tribune Choose This Font?

Why did the Tribune choose this font

There are a few reasons. First, the font is very readable, even in small sizes. This is important for a newspaper, which needs to fit a lot of text onto each page. Second, the font has a “classic” look that has stood the test of time. Even though it was designed over 100 years ago, it still looks modern.

Finally, the Tribune has a long history with the font. It’s been using it for nearly a century, and it’s become synonymous with the newspaper. If you’re looking for a font that is readable, timeless, and has some history behind it, you can’t go wrong with Tribune Gothic.

Why Did The Chicago Tribune Choose That Font?

Why Did The Chicago Tribune Choose That Font

The Chicago Tribune is one of the most widely-read newspapers in the United States, so they must choose a font that is easy to read. They want their readers to be able to scan the headlines and understand the stories quickly. The Tribune has been using the same font since 1922, and it’s still one of the most popular fonts today. It’s called Times New Roman.

This font was designed specifically for newspapers, and many  still use itworldwide publications. The Tribune chose this font because it’s easy to read and a classic. It’s a recognizable font that has a long history. Plus, it looks good on the page. The Tribune wants its readers to be able to scan the headlines and understand the stories quickly, and Times New Roman helps them do that.

What Are The Features Of The Chicago Tribune Font?

What Are The Features Of The Chicago Tribune Font

If you live in or around Chicago, you’ve probably seen the Chicago Tribune font before. This font is used on the front page of the Tribune’s print edition, and it’s also used on the website and in some of the Tribune’s marketing materials. The Tribune’s font is a custom typeface designed specifically for the newspaper.

The typeface is highly readable, which is important for a newspaper that must be easily read at a glance. The Tribune’s font also has a unique personality that helps it stand out from other newspapers. If you’re looking for a font that has a similar feel to the Tribune’s font, you might want to try out some of these options:

Helvetica Neue: This classic sans-serif font has a clean and modern look.

Avenir: This is another classic sans-serif font that has a similar feel to Helvetica Neue.

Futura: This classic geometric sans-serif font has a clean and modern look. If you want to download Tribune’s font, you can do so here. Hopefully, you are clear on the Chicago Tribune font now. If you still have any questions, feel free to comment below.


The Chicago Tribune font has a rich history and distinctive style, making it an iconic symbol of the city. While its use has evolved over the years, from print newspapers to digital media, it remains a recognizable and respected typeface.

As one of the most enduring symbols of Chicago, the Tribune front will continue to be a significant part of the city’s cultural identity for years to come. His iconic font is a testament to the enduring legacy of the Chicago Tribune and its commitment to quality journalism. As a professional font, it is a versatile and timeless option for those seeking a classic aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Is The History Behind The Chicago Tribune Font, And Why Was It Chosen For Its Logo?

Ans: The Chicago Tribune font, a modified version of the font called “Egyptian,” was first used in 1930 as part of a newspaper redesign. The font was chosen for its bold and striking appearance, meant to reflect the newspaper’s strong presence and influence in Chicago.

2.Has The Chicago Tribune Font Undergone Any Changes Or Updates Over The Years?

Ans: The Chicago Tribune font has undergone several updates and modifications over the years to keep up with changing design trends and technologies. In 2011, the newspaper introduced a new font version called “Tribune Gothic,” a more streamlined and modern take on the original Egyptian font.

3.How Does The Chicago Tribune Font Compare To Other Popular Newspaper Fonts?

Ans: The Chicago Tribune font is distinct from other popular newspaper fonts like Times New Roman and Garamond in that it has a bolder, commanding presence on the page. It is often used for headlines and other attention-grabbing elements, while other fonts may be better suited for body text or smaller headlines. Overall, the Chicago Tribune font has a unique style and history sets it apart from other fonts used in newspapers and journalism.

4.Are There Any Notable Design Elements Or Features Of The Chicago Tribune Font That Make It Stand Out?

Ans: Yes, several notable design elements make the Chicago Tribune font stand out. One is its distinctive slab-serif style, which gives it a strong and authoritative presence on the page. Another is its large x-height, which makes it easy to read even at smaller sizes.

5.How Does The Chicago Tribune Font Contribute To The Overall Brand And Identity Of The Newspaper?

Ans: The Chicago Tribune font is crucial to the newspaper’s brand and identity. Its bold, authoritative style helps to convey a sense of trustworthiness and credibility, which is essential for a news organization. The font’s unique design elements also help to make the newspaper instantly recognizable and distinguish it from other publications.

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