Changing Pycharm’s Font Size: The Ultimate Guide

PyCharm is an IDE designed for Python programming, developed by JetBrains. It offers advanced features such as code analysis and debugging and comes in paid and free versions.

It’s user-friendly interface and powerful tools make it a popular choice among developers. As a programmer, you understand the importance of having a comfortable and personalized environment for coding. A font size that suits your needs is crucial for reducing eye strain and improving productivity. PyCharm is a popular Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used by programmers worldwide.

If you are using PyCharm, you may have noticed that the default font size may not be ideal for everyone. We will guide you through changing PyCharm font size to suit your preferences. We will cover different methods, including changing font size using UI and terminal, customizing font size for tabs and files, and permanently changing the font size. Learn how to make your coding experience more comfortable and efficient with PyCharm.

Changing Pycharm's Font Size

How To Change Pycharm’s Font Size – Things To Know

How To Change Pycharm's Font Size

If you want to customize your PyCharm IDE’s editor font size, here are some easy steps. First, navigate to the “Settings/Preferences” menu in PyCharm. Select “Editor” from there and choose the “Font” option. You will see a “Size” field where you can change the font size according to your preference.

Along with this customization, you can choose from different font families and adjust line spacing. By making these changes, you can optimize your PyCharm IDE experience for better productivity and comfort while coding.

Changing PyCharm’s font size is easy and can be done in simple steps. Here are the methods you can use:

  • Changing Font Size Using UI:
  1. Go to File > Settings > Appearance & Behavior > Appearance.
  2. Under the “UI Options” section, adjust the “Size” slider to increase or decrease the font size.

Click “Apply” and then “OK” to save your changes.

  • Changing Font Size Using Terminal:
  1. Open the terminal within PyCharm by pressing Alt + F12.
  2. Type in `xrand Unfortunately, we have an incomplete sentence in the input provided.

Pycharm Default Font Size

Pycharm Default Font Size

If you find PyCharm’s default font size too small or large, you can easily change it by heading to the “Settings/Preferences” menu and selecting “Editor”. From there, you can adjust the font size of various components, such as the editor, console, and tabs.

You can also select a new font family or style if you prefer. Changing the font size is crucial for improving readability and reducing eye strain while programming in PyCharm IDE. By following these simple steps, you can customize your PyCharm experience to your liking.

Changing Font Size Using Ui

Changing Font Size Using Ui

When working with PyCharm IDE, changing the font size is crucial for better readability and reduced eye strain. To change the font size using the UI in PyCharm IDE’s Appearance settings, go to Settings/Preferences menu and select Editor > Font.

Next, adjust the number in the Size field to change the font size or choose a new font family or style according to your preference. Another way to change the default font size is by using Ctrl + Mouse Wheel shortcut to zoom in and out on your code. With these easy customizations for editor fonts, you can make working with PyCharm more comfortable.

Changing Font Size Using Terminal

Changing Font Size Using Terminal

If you prefer using the terminal over navigating through multiple menus to change the font size of PyCharm, then changing it via the terminal is quick and easy. Firstly, locate PyCharm’s installation directory and navigate to its bin folder.

Next, run the “” command with “-fontsize”, followed by your preferred font size. You can increase or decrease it depending on your comfort level. This method simplifies your task of changing fonts in PyCharm and allows for a smoother programming experience.

Customizing Font Size For Tabs

Customizing the font size of tabs in PyCharm is essential in improving code readability and navigation. To achieve this, head to Settings > Editor > General > Appearance and select a new font size that works best for you. Also, remember that there are many ways to modify the IDE’s appearance per your preference.

You can adjust font sizes for editors and consoles via Advanced Settings or even change the default font size in accordance with different themes. So, optimize your PyCharm experience by customizing its font and other visual elements.

Pycharm Font Size For Python And HTML Files

Pycharm Font Size For Python And HTML Files

To improve your PyCharm editor’s readability and reduce eye strain during long coding sessions, you can always customize your font size according to your preference. Productivity could be enhanced by adjusting the editor’s font size concerning different file types like Python and HTML.

Multiple ways to change the PyCharm IDE editor’s font size include using keyboard shortcuts or accessing the settings menu. Adjusting its editor’s font size is essential in terms of functionality and user experience with PyCharm IDE.

Pycharm Font Size For Javascript

Pycharm Font Size For Javascript

For those using PyCharm IDE, it’s essential to know how to change the font size, especially if you’re working extensively on JavaScript. Fortunately, JetBrains has simplified this task; you only need to access various font size options in the editor or font settings menu. By adjusting the font size in PyCharm, you’ll not only improve readability but also prevent eye strain while coding.

You can try different font sizes until you find one that suits your preferences. Additionally, if you prefer keyboard shortcuts, there are multiple ways to achieve this, such as ‘Ctrl + Mouse Wheel’ or ‘Alt + Scroll.’ By customizing the font size of PyCharm IDE, including the editor font and terminal, you can increase productivity while ensuring comfortable working conditions.

Permanently Changing Pycharm Font Size

Permanently Changing Pycharm Font Size

PyCharm IDE, developed by JetBrains, offers many customization options, from keyboard shortcuts to color schemes. One such change that can be made is adjusting the editor’s font size. By default, PyCharm has a relatively small-sized text which can be hard on the eyes during prolonged coding sessions.

However, this problem can easily be solved using either UI or a terminal in PyCharm. To do so, go to ‘Settings/Preferences,’ click on ‘Editor,’ and finally select ‘Font.’ Here you’ll have access to a slider that lets you choose any font size you prefer. Also available are numerous keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Up/Down or Alt + Scroll Wheel for fine-tuning the font size at your convenience.

Using The Action Tab

To adjust the font size in PyCharm IDE, you can use different options in the Action tab. PyCharm offers various options for changing the font size of the editor window, console window, or other components. A simple way to change it is through Pycharm’s settings menu.

Click on ‘Editor Font’ under ‘Appearance & Behavior,’ use the mouse wheel or Ctrl + Mouse scroll / Alt + J (for Linux) / Command + Mouse Scroll (for Mac), or simply type a numerical value between 8-32px as per your convenience.

You can also customize font sizes for Tabs and Python/HTML files in their own respective setting tabs. Additionally, keyboard shortcuts are available for these actions, such as Ctrl + ‘+/-‘ for zooming, or you can configure your shortcut keys via keymap settings.

Temporary Change In Font Size

To adjust the font size temporarily in PyCharm IDE, use simple keyboard shortcuts instead of navigating through advanced settings. Users can customize line spacing and choose from different font types according to their preferences. Finding the right balance between font size and visibility reduces eye strain and improves overall productivity. Experiment with different settings until you discover what works best for you.


Adjusting font size and style in PyCharm can significantly improve readability and reduce eye strain while coding. Experiment with different settings to find your optimal preferences. Changing Pycharm’s font size may seem minor, but it can greatly improve your coding experience and reduce eye strain. Whether you prefer a larger or smaller font size, there are various ways to customize it to your liking.

This guide covers all available options, from changing the default font size to customizing it for specific file types and even permanently changing it. These easy steps allow you to enhance your coding environment and work more efficiently and quickly. Remember that a clear and comfortable viewing experience can increase productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How Do I Zoom Out Text In Pycharm?

Ans: To decrease text size in PyCharm, use the “Ctrl” key and the “-” key or the “View” menu. Changing font size can enhance readability and lessen eye fatigue. Try different sizes to find your preference.

2.How Do I Change Font Size In Python?

Ans: To adjust the font size in Python, use the “font” parameter or “configure” method for specific widgets. To change the font size globally in PyCharm, go to Settings > Editor > Font and adjust the “Size” slider. Choosing a readable font size that doesn’t cause eye strain while coding is important.

3.How Do I Adjust My Font Size?

Ans: To change the font size in PyCharm, navigate to File -> Settings -> Editor -> Font and adjust the “Size” value. You can also choose a different font from the dropdown menu. Save changes by clicking “Apply” and “OK.”

4.What Font Is Used In Pycharm?

Ans: PyCharm has a default custom font named “JetBrains Mono,” designed for coding with monospaced characters. The font size and style can be customized in PyCharm’s settings, and users can install other fonts.

5.How To Change The Font Of Code In Pycharm?

Ans: To modify the code font in PyCharm, access File > Settings and select Editor > Font. Adjust the font size and family using the available options. You can customize additional settings, such as line spacing, from this menu.

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