How To Change The Color Of The Font Awesome Icon With Ease

Font Awesome is a popular icon library that provides designers and developers with a vast collection of scalable vector icons that can be easily customized.

Changing the color of Font Awesome icons is a common design task that requires a few steps. But it can be easily achieved with the right tools. We’ll show you how to change the color of Font Awesome icons effortlessly, whether you’re working on a website, mobile app, or any other digital project.

Introduce you to the basics of Font Awesome, including how to add the library to your project and access its icons. We’ll then dive into the different methods you can use to alter the color of the icons. Such as changing the CSS color property, using Font Awesome’s built-in classes, or adding custom styles to your CSS. We’ll also provide tips and tricks to ensure your Font Awesome icons look perfect in any context.

Color Of The Font Awesome Icon With Ease

What Is Font Awesome Icon?

What Is Font Awesome Icon

Font Awesome Icon is a popular icon set that provides scalable vector icons that can be customized and styled using CSS. With over 1,500 icons, Font Awesome has become a go-to resource for developers and designers who want to add high-quality icons to their websites or applications.

The icons are designed to be easily integrated into various web projects and can be used for personal and commercial purposes. Additionally, Font Awesome is constantly updating its library with new icons. Ensuring that users can always access the latest and greatest designs. Whether looking for social media icons or decorative elements, Font Awesome covers you.

7 Easy Ways To Change The Color Of Awesome Font Icon With Ease

7 Easy Ways To Change The Color Of Awesome Font Icon With Ease

Changing the color of Font Awesome icons can be a simple way to customize your website and make it stand out. Here are 7 easy ways to change the color of Font Awesome icons with Ease:

  1. Use the CSS color property to change the icon color.
  2. Use the fa-inverse class to create a white icon on a dark background.
  3. Add the fa-stack-1x class to stack two icons together and then use CSS to change the color.
  4. Use Font Awesome’s built-in color classes to change the icon color, such as fa-primary or fa-secondary.
  5. Inline SVG code to customize the icon’s color and size.
  6. Create your custom Font Awesome icon using an image editor like Adobe Illustrator or Sketch.
  7. Use a third-party tool like Icomoon or Iconjar to customize and manage your Font Awesome icons. With these simple methods, you can easily change the color of your Font Awesome icons and give your website a unique look that stands out.

Changing Fontawesome Color With CSS

Changing Fontawesome Color With CSS

There are many ways to customize the appearance of Font Awesome icons and change their colors. One option is to use CSS, which allows you to adjust the color and other properties like font size and background color. By targeting specific icons using their class names and utilizing pseudo-classes like “hover,” you can create dynamic color changes that enhance user experience.

In addition to these methods, you might consider using SVG editing tools or third-party plugins for even more advanced customization options. Remember that when making inline changes to an icon’s color, you can use inline styles or add CSS classes. With these tips and tricks in mind, you can easily modify the colors of your Font Awesome icons without any hassle.

Adding CSS Code In WordPress

Adding CSS Code In WordPress

To change the color of a Font Awesome icon in WordPress using CSS code, use the Inspect Element tool to locate your icon’s specific HTML element and class. After that, you can add custom CSS code either through inline CSS or by adding it to your WordPress theme’s stylesheet or using a plugin like Simple Custom CSS.

Remember to use the “color” property within the CSS code and test different background colors and font sizes. Ensure that all changes are compatible with various devices and platforms.

Adding CSS Code In Page Builders

Follow these simple steps to change the color of an awesome font icon using custom CSS in page builders. Firstly, select an appropriate HTML element or class selector for targeting a specific FontAwesome icon on your web page. Then use inline CSS or a custom CSS code editor to write your custom styles.

Ensure not to forget the “color” property, which allows you to change the color of your FontAwesome icon. Including additional properties like background color and border, the radius is also possible for more customization options. Once done with editing, save your work and preview changes using either Customizer or checking the live website.

Changing Font Awesome Color In Divi

Changing Font Awesome Color In Divi

Changing the color of Font Awesome icons in Divi is a simple process that can add a pop of color and personality to your website design. First, locate the module or section containing the Font Awesome icon you want to change. Then, navigate to the Design tab and select the Icon subcategory.

From here, you can choose a new color for your icon by selecting a pre-set color or entering a custom hex code. Save your changes and preview your website to ensure the new color complements your overall design aesthetic. With just a few clicks, you can transform the look and feel of your Divi website with custom-colored Font Awesome icons.

Changing Font Awesome Color In Elementor

Changing Font Awesome Color In Elementor

To modify the color of font awesome icons in Elementor, apply custom CSS code to a particular HTML element instead of modifying inline CSS within the HTML tag. Pinpoint the awesome font icon through either class or ID name and choose the required CSS property like font size or color of font awesome icon.

By editing this code as needed within your stylesheet, get it done without any limitations. Be sure to try out additional options like background color too! Once implemented, check for issues across various browsers and devices for optimum performance.


You now better understand how to change the color of your awesome font icons easily. Following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can customize your icons to match your website’s theme and make them stand out.

Whether you’re a web designer or just someone looking to add flair to your website, this guide is an excellent resource for mastering the art of icon customization. So why not put your newfound knowledge to the test and try changing the color of your font’s awesome icons today? With a little practice, you can create stunning designs that will impress your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Change Font Color In Font Awesome Icons?

To alter the color of Font Awesome icons, modify the “color” property using CSS. Use other CSS properties like “background-color” or “fill,” depending on how the icon is utilized. Remember to specifically target the icon class in your code to prevent affecting other webpage elements.

How Do I Make Font Awesome Icons White?

To make Font Awesome icons white, use the “fa-inverse” class or modify the CSS code in your stylesheet. You can set the “color” property to white or use “fill” for SVG icons. Remember to apply these changes selectively and not universally to all icons on your site.

Can You Edit Font Awesome Icons?

Font Awesome icons can be edited by targeting their class or ID in CSS. This allows for customization of size, color, and style. It’s important to adhere to Font Awesome’s licensing guidelines when using their icons.

How Do I Change The Color Of An Icon In HTML?

Changing an icon’s color in HTML can be done with CSS by adding a class to the element and using the “color” property. You can also use inline styling. Consider choosing a color that aligns with your site’s branding and design.

What Is Font Awesome, And How Can It Be Used In Web Design?

Font Awesome is a toolkit of scalable vector icons and fonts that web designers can use to enhance their websites. It’s compatible with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and offers a library of customizable icons. Font Awesome can improve user experience by making websites more visually appealing and easier to navigate.

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