Best Word Typewriter Fonts: A Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane

Typewriter fonts have a timeless appeal that can transport us back to a simpler era. Used primarily for official documents in the past, they’re now popular in the design world for their vintage or retro look.

Available in various styles, from clean and modern to rough and distressed, some popular word typewriter fonts include American Typewriter, Courier New, and Olivetti. Are you a fan of the nostalgic charm that typewriter fonts bring to your work? Do you want to give your documents a vintage feel or add a touch of professionalism to your designs? We will take a trip down memory lane and explore the world of typewriter fonts.

We’ll cover everything from what they are, popular ones in the market, how to use them on Word, and even where to download them. So sit back, relax, and prepare to type away with the best word typewriter fonts.

Best Word Typewriter Fonts

What Is A Typewriter Font?

Typewriter fonts are a typeface that resembles the text produced by an old-fashioned typewriter. These fonts can evoke nostalgia or vintage charm, making them popular in various design projects such as book covers, posters, and logos. Using typewriter fonts can add a unique and memorable touch to any design project.

With various styles ranging from clean and modern to rough and distressed, typewriter fonts enable designers to choose a style that complements the project’s theme. Moreover, these fonts are versatile and suitable for various design projects, making them a go-to choice for many designers.

Popular Word Typewriter Fonts

Typewriter fonts have been popular for decades, and many designers enjoy using them in their projects. Some popular word typewriter fonts include Courier, American Typewriter, and Prestige Elite. Each font has a unique style that adds character to any design project.

For instance, Courier is ideal for legal documents or screenplays, while American Typewriter can evoke nostalgia with its vintage look. There are plenty of options, whether you want a clean and simple font or a more distressed style.

1. Courier Prime

Courier Prime

Courier Prime is an excellent modern update to the classic Courier font, widely used in typewriters. Designed primarily for screenplays, it has become popular for various other applications. Its clean lines and high legibility make it the perfect option for long-form writing.

Additionally, Courier Prime allows users to achieve the nostalgic look and feel of a typewriter while still enjoying the benefits of modern technology. The font is available in regular and bold weights and can be downloaded for free.

2. Special Elite

Special Elite

Special Elite is a popular typewriter font that evokes a sense of nostalgia with its old-fashioned look. Its irregular letter spacing and uneven lines create an authentic vintage feel that adds character to your writing or designs.

This versatile font can be used for personal and commercial projects, and it’s readily available for download from various sources, including DaFont and Google Fonts. With Special Elite, you can add a touch of charm to your work while still enjoying the convenience of modern technology.

3. American Typewriter

American Typewriter

The timeless appearance of the American Typewriter makes it a popular choice for conveying vintage charm in modern-day design and writing. The font’s distinctive monospaced design adds character to any project, and its bold appearance can make text stand out on the page.

Due to its popularity, American Typewriter has been used in countless logos and advertisements over the years, cementing its place as a classic typewriter font that is still relevant today. American Typewriter is an excellent choice if you’re looking to add a nostalgic touch to your writing or want a font that stands out from the crowd.

4. Consolas Font Family

Consolas Font Family

Consolas is a widely used typewriter font that stands out for its clean and modern design. Created by Lucas de Groot in 2004, it is included in many Microsoft applications such as Word and PowerPoint. The font’s monospaced design ensures each character has the same horizontal space, just like a traditional typewriter.

This feature makes Consolas easily read at small sizes and suitable for both digital and print media. Additionally, Consolas includes special characters such as the pilcrow (paragraph symbol) and the degree symbol, making it a versatile option for various projects.

5. Lucida Console

Lucida Console is popular among typewriter fonts, especially in the tech industry. Its clean and modern appearance makes it easy to read on screens and printed materials. The font’s mono-spaced characters provide a traditional typewriter look but with a versatile touch.

Lucida Console is available in various weights and styles suitable for coding, creating reports, or designing presentations. Its simplicity and readability make it an excellent choice for those looking for a typewriter font that can adapt to various design needs.

6. Andale Mono Font Family

The Andale Mono Font Family is a versatile and popular choice for those who want to create a vintage look and feel in their documents. With its clean and easy-to-read appearance, it is suitable for both print and digital media. This monospaced font ensures that each character has the same amount of space on the page, giving your documents a traditional typewriter-like appearance.

The Andale Mono Font Family includes variations such as Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic, allowing for customization and flexibility. Furthermore, it is available in multiple languages, making it an ideal option for international users seeking typewriter fonts.

How To Use Typewriter Fonts On Word

When it comes to using typewriter fonts on Word, the process is relatively straightforward. First, you must download and install your desired font onto your computer. Once installed, open Microsoft Word and navigate to the font selection drop-down menu. From there, select the newly installed typewriter font.

When choosing a font size and style for your document, consider the purpose of your writing and the intended audience. A smaller font size may be suitable for a technical report or coding project but may be difficult to read in longer text passages. Additionally, formatting options such as adjusting line spacing or adding borders can further enhance the typewriter effect. For those looking for an even more authentic experience, options are available for adding typewriter sound effects as you type.

Installing Typewriter Fonts On Windows/Mac

Installing Typewriter Fonts On Windows/Mac

Adding a typewriter font to your Word document can add an extra dimension of nostalgia and visual appeal. However, before you can start using a typewriter font on Word, it must be installed on your computer’s operating system.

There are many websites where you can download typewriter fonts for free or purchase them. Once downloaded, installing the font is a straightforward process for both Windows and Mac users. For Windows users, navigate to Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Fonts, and drag and drop the downloaded font files into the Fonts folder.

For Mac users, double-click on the downloaded font file to open Font Book and follow the installation prompts. After installation, selecting the newly installed font from the formatting toolbar will allow you to use it in your Word document easily.

Pros And Cons Of Using Typewriter Fonts In Word

Using typewriter fonts in Word has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the main advantages is that they add a vintage and nostalgic feel to your document, making it stand out from others. However, some typewriter fonts can be difficult to read, especially for long paragraphs of text.

It’s important to choose wisely, as not all typewriter fonts are suitable for all types of documents or designs. While using them sparingly can make your document look unique, too much may make it appear unprofessional. Hence, striking the right balance is essential to create an impactful visual experience.

Best Sources For Downloading Typewriter Fonts

Best Sources For Downloading Typewriter Fonts

When it comes to downloading typewriter fonts, many sources are available online. However, not all sources are created equal, and choosing a reliable website that offers high-quality fonts is essential. Google Fonts is an excellent option for those who want access to a broad range of free typewriter fonts that can be easily downloaded.

DaFont is another popular choice, with a vast collection of free and paid typewriter fonts suitable for all design projects. FontSpace also offers a wide selection of free typewriter fonts for personal and commercial use, making it an excellent resource for designers on a budget.

For those seeking premium typewriter fonts, MyFonts is a paid font website with high-quality options from renowned designers, while Adobe Fonts provides access to a vast library of professional-grade typewriter fonts through a subscription-based service.



For those looking for a wide range of typewriter fonts, DaFont is an excellent source. With an interface that allows you to search for specific fonts or browse through categories. It’s easy to find the perfect font for your project.

Both vintage and modern typewriter fonts are available on the website, making it a versatile option. While most fonts are available for personal use, some may require a license for commercial use, so be sure to read and follow the terms of use before downloading any font.

Google Fonts

If you’re looking for a wide range of free typewriter fonts, Google Fonts is an excellent place to start. With popular options like Courier Prime, VT323, and IBM Plex Mono on the platform, you’re sure to find the right font for your needs.

One of the great features of Google Fonts is that it lets you preview your text in the chosen font before downloading it. Additionally, filters are available to facilitate your search by language, popularity, or category. Altogether, Google Fonts provides a hassle-free way to access a vast selection of high-quality typewriter-style fonts.


To sum up, typewriter fonts have charm and nostalgia that can transport you back to a bygone era. They are great for creating vintage designs or adding an old-school touch to modern projects. While they may not be suitable for every occasion, there are plenty of scenarios where they can add a unique flair to your work.

You can create something truly special with the right font and design elements. To experiment with typewriter fonts in Word, check out word typewriter font, our guide on installing them on your computer. And if you need some inspiration or want to browse different options, head over to DaFont or Google Fonts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What Font Is Closest To A Typewriter?

Ans: The font most commonly used to mimic a typewriter is Courier. Other similar fonts include American Typewriter, SF Mono, and Prestige Elite. Design projects often use these fonts to evoke a nostalgic or vintage feel. When choosing the right font for your project, consider the context and purpose of the design to ensure that the font fits with the overall aesthetic and message you want to convey.

2.Does MS Word Have A Typewriter Font?

Ans: Yes, MS Word does include a typewriter font called “Courier New.” This monospaced font mimics the look of old-fashioned typewriters and is popular for creating a vintage or retro feel in documents. Other popular typewriter fonts in MS Word include American Typewriter, Consolas, and Lucida Console.

3.What Font Looks Vintage In Microsoft Word?

Ans: If you’re looking for a vintage font in Microsoft Word, consider using Courier, American Typewriter, or Lucida Console. Avoid fonts like Papyrus and Comic Sans, as they do not give a vintage feel. Choosing a font with a serif can add to the vintage look of the text, and experimenting with font size and line spacing can also enhance the overall aesthetic.

4.How Do I Make Text Look Like A Typewriter?

Ans: To make text look like it was typed on a typewriter, use a typewriter font and add slight variations in letter spacing and line height for an authentic look. You can also consider using a monospace font where each character has the same amount of space. To enhance the effect, add subtle visual effects such as a paper texture or slightly fading the edges of the text. With these techniques, you can create text that looks like it was typed on a vintage typewriter.

5.What Font Is Typewriter Font In Microsoft Word?

Ans: The typewriter font in Microsoft Word is called “Courier New.” It is a monospaced font, meaning each character takes up the same space. Other popular typewriter fonts include American Typewriter, Consolas, and Lucida Console. These fonts are often used in design to evoke a vintage or retro feel.

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