Apple Font – Source, Meaning, Features & Uses

Apple is one of the most admired brands in the world. From iPhones to Macs, from MacBooks to iMacs, and from iPads to Apple Watches, their products have been used by many people around the globe.

However, very few people know about their font. Let’s get to know about Apple Font. There’s something about the sleek and simple lines of unbeatable Apple’s typography. From the company’s iconic logo to the lettering in their various apps and publications, Apple’s fonts are some of the most recognizable and iconic in the world. But what is the history behind these fonts, and how did they come to be?

In this article, we look at the history of Apple’s fonts and explore how they’ve become such an essential part of the company’s identity. Today we’ll look at Apple fonts – included in most Macs and iPhones since the early days. We’ll discuss their history, characteristics, and how to use them in your projects. Let’s take a look.

Apple Font

What Is Apple Font?

Apple is a sans-serif typeface designed by Jonathan Ive, James Murray and Eric Olson as the companion to Apple computers. It was introduced in 1998 with Mac OS 8 for Macintosh personal computers.

The font has been upgraded several times since then, each time introducing subtle changes to its design but still retaining an overall similarity visually across all releases of iOS devices running on any iPad or iPhone model made from 2012 onwards , particularly those based on Retina displays.

In 2009, Apple Inc.’s most recent operating systems for desktop computers and laptops were released — Mac OS X 10.7 (lion) and iOS 5 with a new font called San Francisco inside both their interfaces.

The san-serif family of fonts has been replaced by an earlier version of the typeface named Helvetica Neue in multiple configuration such as Arial Black or Helvetica Narrow on MacBook Pro , or for example in the iOS 7 operating system’s “Dock” application.

Fonts For Apple Platforms

Fonts are an essential part of any design and are especially crucial for Apple platforms like iOS and macOS. A few different types of fonts are available specifically for use on Apple platforms. They’re all designed to look great and be easy to use. One of the most popular fonts is Sans Serif, perfect for titles and headings.

It’s bold and easy to read and works well with traditional and modern designs. Another excellent font option is Helvetica Neue, which looks great on digital media but can also be used in print projects if you want a more traditional look. Finally, Arial Black is versatile and can be used for everything from menus to website text to phone texts. A few things to consider when choosing fonts for your projects are the typeface, size, and style.


There are a few different typefaces that work well for Apple platforms. For example, the Helvetica Neue typeface is popular due to its clean lines and modern look. However, you can also choose something more traditional, like Arial, if that’s what you’re looking for. 


You should always make sure to size your fonts properly to look good on all devices. For example, if you want your font to be big on an iPad screen but small on a phone screen, make sure to adjust the font size in your project settings. 


Remember the platform’s user interface (UI) when choosing a style for your fonts. For example, designing a website or app UI might want to use light or bold text styles to create a more inviting or polished experience. 

Overall, it’s important to choose fonts that look good on all devices and fit the design concept of your project perfectly. With the help of AI-powered software like FontLab Studio, getting everything set up just the way you need it is easy.

Apple Font Typeface

Apple had three typeface . These are given below:

1. Myriad: Apple introduced it with Mac OS 8 Pro Macintosh in 1998. It replaced News Gothic, which was widely used as a text-label font for non-Apple computers in the late 1980s and early 1990’s

But eventually faded away due to other similar fonts having much more modern designs such as Helvetica (whom Apple uses more noticeably instead), Avant Garde and Chicago.

2. Lucida Grande: Lucida Grande is not limited to Mac OS X but also used in other Apple product such as iWork, Safari, Mail and Pages. The font size may vary beyond that set by the user’s desktop display settings on Windows or macOS operating system (OS), because this can change automatically according to some factors:

The first issue we should be familiar with relates how applications will use fonts when working on remote resources which are unavailable locally at a given time . For example, some applications may be designed to display remote fonts that are larger or smaller in size than would otherwise be displayed if they were all localfonts (many local OS support scaling of font sizes beyond the supplied systemwide settings).

3. Helvetica Neue: Helvetica Neue is a geometric-serif family of fonts , originally designed by the Haas Type Foundry company bought in 1998 by Apple. The complete font package includes four weights, new symbols and italics with additional glyphs for languages such as Hebrew , Greek or Cyrillic . The original release was named “Helvetica New” until 2012 when it received its current name also referred to as Helvetica Neue Light. And also have one special apple font these are.



Avenir is a modern font family by Apple, which uses at the moment Neue Helvetica as underlay. It was designed with geometric design in mind and it has been added all types of decorative flourishes to give it an elegant look .

Avenir contains thirty-six characters including accents (Euro symbol) and ligatures such as that cross from English to French or numerals combining numbers 1–5 in various ways. This type is based on the latin encoding standard ISO 10646

Apple has its own typeface, but if we want to make a label or to print it text for websites and social media account. There is no shortcut than using what Apple does not have in their own fonts .

How Do I Install Apple Fonts On My Computer

How do I install apple fonts on my computer

  1. Download Apple webfonts
  2. Unzip file after install the font on your computer or create a shortcut to “Apple_Web-Marshall” in Font Book program that you have opened as administrator, rename it after installation as shown below and proceed without restarting Mac OS X . Later on, you won’t have to restart the Mac OS X computer after installing any typeface. Safari will automatically apply new webfonts as soon as they are available. Furthermore, the browser for your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) allows direct access to web fonts without an extra software installation step.
  1. If for some reason you want to download font but the website doesn’t provide a downloadable webfonts we suggest using Font Squirrel , where you can sample and install any Apple typefaces. Best Google Fonts or All Free Typefaces in Mac OS X 10.6+, Download/Install on your Computer, with discret keyboard shortcut iCommand + T .
  1. To check if your new font is working, open Quick Look and go to Format-> View Current Theme Fonts.
  2. You will see “Apple_Web-Marshall” listed as the webfont you have installed on Mac OS X 10.6+. Have fun trying all typefaces in Mac Osx!

How Do I Install Fonts On My iPhone Or iPad

  1. Visit the App Store and download Font Book. You must be logged in to use certain features of the Apple iOS (such as apps, calendars or iBooks). When you are done purchasing your software from iTunes you need to register with your Apple ID . If you downloaded a free font before 2010, Fonts installed on an iPhone/iPad were initially managed by third-party applications like Evolution now exist within iOS itself.
  1. Tap Settings icon on your home screen and select General, Accessibility . Tap/tap the Fonts tab in the left side.
  2. To install font you need to: (1) Tap & hold text field, then add new font list of fonts; (2) Find your desired iPhone app name or website address to download best choices(examples below), one by one; Solve ” Can’t find a Matching Revision.
  3. Finally, Tap & hold the “Add” button and you will see your new fonts listed in just a flash!

How Do I Install Apple Fonts On My Android Device

How Do I Install Apple Fonts On My Android Device

  1. Go to Play Store, search Android Market and download UseFonts application by Moshe Itgad .(In case you can’t find Install button on this page because font system is not installed for your device visit the XDA forum link below.) AFTER DOWNLOADING USEFONTS FONT MANAGEMENT APP IMPORTANCE: Try using these fonts by their respective registered trademark owner (examples given above) before choosing.
  1. Tap the UseFonts button to start adding fonts on your device. I got this font list as below picture:
  2. Tap & hold text field, then add new font list of fonts; Solve Can’t find a Matching Revision Error; Finally tap “Add” Button and you will see these additions listed in just a flash!

Change The Font Size

If you want to change the font size on your iPhone or iPad, you can go to Settings and then select General. You’ll find the Font Size option at the bottom of the screen. You can choose from various sizes, which will automatically adjust as you type.

There are a few ways to change the font size on your iPhone or iPad.

  •  Press and hold on to an app’s title bar, then drag the title bar up or down to change the font size.
  • Tap and hold on to the text in an app, then tap and drag to resize it.
  • Swipe left or right across any text in an app to change its size.

Make The Font Even Bigger

Fonts are a crucial part of any design; they can make a difference in the overall look and feel of your website or application. If you want to make your font even bigger, you can use Apple fonts. These fonts are created specifically for the Apple operating system and devices, so they look great on everything from iPhones to MacBooks.

Apple fonts are available in several styles, including Casual, Modern, Feminine, and Script. They’re also easy to use – drag and drop them onto your document or project, and they’ll automatically be incorporated into your layout.


The use of fonts on the iPhone and iPad is limited to those that are available through Apple’s App Store. However, if you have a third-party app installed on your device such as an Android phone or tablet, you can install additional fonts by downloading them from Google Play. I hope this guide has been helpful to you to know Apple Font.

Well, that’s all for today. We hope you enjoyed reading these interesting facts about Apple fonts. Please share your thoughts in the comment section and let us know if there are any other facts we might have missed. From the available options, you can choose from a variety of awesome fonts when designing an app or website that reflects Apple’s identity. Just don’t forget to use them with the right colors to create a fantastic design.

Frequently Asked Question

1.What Is The Difference Between Serif And Sans-serif Fonts?

Ans: Since two different kinds of fonts were designed, the general public has been using these terms to refer to them. Sans-serif fonts are ones that do not contain any small strokes (otherwise known as serifs),

While seriffed and sanstated fonts have some tiny ones on a slanted structure from one side or another point. Since sans-serif is easier for beginners, this guide uses it in referring mainly to sans-.

2.Is It A Good Idea To Use A Sans-serif Font In Logo Design?

Ans: I believe so. sans-serif fonts are easy to read and usually aren’t too busy, making them a great choice for corporate branding.. My portfolio is using sans-serif fonts, is this safe?…

Most sans-serifs support non-breaking options allowing you to set it a comparison of another font and make text sizing accordingly.

The most common are the seriffed or sanstated ones, but differences will certainly exist for each type so take care if your design needs precise settings that fit within one theme.

3.What Is The Best Font For Designing Logos?

Ans: It is impossible to gave a definite answer because this depends on which fonts have the most users, what they are used for and how it’s designed.

That being said: If you’re using pro font software, choose the one that has been chosen by the film industry as best suited for creating logos.

4.Which Typeface Is Better: Helvetica Or Arial?

Ans: You can’t compare Helvetica to Arial. Old school is better than new, and different design models have been built over the years depending on the moment in which they were born.

My opinion at this point : a sans-serif font like Futura, Helvetica and Univers are more suitable for design projects, especially if your goal is to get a well-known logo out of it.

5.What Font Is Closest To The Apple Font?

Ans: While it is impossible to identify which font is closest to the Apple font precisely, there are a few fonts that come close. Some of these fonts, Montserrat Lucida Grande.

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