A Quick Look At iOS 9 Font List

IOS 9 offers diverse fonts, including San Francisco, Helvetica Neue, and Arial. Users can also download additional fonts from the App Store or other sources.

The availability of fonts may vary depending on the iOS version and device being used. With every new update, iOS just keeps getting better and better. One of the exciting features of iOS 9 is its revamped font list. If you are a design enthusiast or simply someone who loves to explore new features, you surely want to know about it.

We will take a deep dive into the fonts on iOS 9. We will cover how to enable the new iOS 9 font list, how to change the font style, adjust the font size, and customize it for apps like email and Facebook. Additionally, we have listed down some popular iOS 9 font apps that you can check out. So if you are curious about the iOS 9 fonts and want to learn more, keep reading.

A Quick Look At iOS 9 Font List

How To Enable The New iOS 9 Font List?

How To Enable The New iOS 9 Font List

Enabling the iOS 9 font list is easy. It’s automatically enabled, and you can access it by going to Settings > Display & Brightness > Text Size. You can customize the font size and choose from various fonts, including the default San Francisco font.

Enabling the new font list in iOS 9 is a simple process. First, go to your device’s settings and select “General.” From there, scroll down and select “Accessibility.” Next, select “Bold Text” and toggle the switch to turn it on. Your device will then prompt you to restart for the changes to take effect.

Once your device has restarted, you should be able to see the new font list. This feature allows users to choose from various fonts and customize their device’s display to their liking. So, if you’re looking for a way to switch up your iPhone or iPad’s look, try the new font list.

System Font List On iOS 9

System Font List On iOS 9

IOS 9 provides a diverse range of fonts that can be used for various purposes. Apart from the default fonts like Helvetica Neue and Arial, additional fonts can be downloaded from third-party apps or the App Store, making it easier to personalize the device’s typography.

The new system font, San Francisco, optimized for legibility on small screens, has become the default font for iOS devices. Users can also choose different font weights and styles to create an impressive design. It’s worth mentioning that Apple WatchOS and MacOS now use San Francisco as their default font.

Comparing iOS 9 Fonts With Other Versions

IOS 9 introduces the San Francisco system font for better legibility on small screens. Replacing Helvetica Neue used since IOS 7; this update also adds Avenir, Baskerville, Courier, and several other fonts to the list. For optimal design and content creation in apps utilizing these fonts like keynote or typography-related ones like macOs or IOS devices in accordance with privacy policy use custom fonts from third-party apps downloaded from the app store.

Using iOS 9 Fonts On Iphone And Ipad

Using iOS 9 Fonts On Iphone And Ipad

Apple’s iOS 9 operating system has a diverse selection of fonts available for iPhone and iPad users to choose from when designing apps or working on projects. The default system font, San Francisco, is tailored to enhance screen legibility and is complemented by other popular choices, such as Helvetica Neue and Arial.

For more customization options, users can download custom fonts from the App Store or use third-party apps like Anyfont. To modify your font settings on iOS 9, access Settings > Display & Brightness > Text Size & Style. With its versatile array of serif and sans-serif options available at your fingertips, typography has never been easier.

Changing The Font Style On iOS 9

IOS 9 offers many font options, including serif and sans-serif varieties. To customize your device’s typography, you can choose from popular fonts like San Francisco, Neue, Helvetica, and more. Adjusting the font size is a breeze too.

Simply navigate to Settings > Display & Brightness > Text Size & Style to make changes to your liking. Remember that changing the font style can impact your device’s readability and overall aesthetic appeal. Take advantage of these features to make your iPhone or iPad truly yours.

Customizing Font Style On Apps Like Email And Facebook

Customizing fonts on third-party applications like email and Facebook is a cakewalk with iOS 9. Users can modify font styles and sizes within these apps to better their reading experience.

With popular choices such as San Francisco, Helvetica Neue, and Avenir available on iOS 9, attaining legibility is not an issue. One can access font settings via third-party applications or the Settings menu. Picking an appropriate font enhances visual appeal and legibility across social media platforms.

Changing Font Style For The Keyboard On iOS 9

Changing Font Style For The Keyboard On iOS 9

Customizing the keyboard font on iOS 9 is easy and offers a way to personalize your iPhone or iPad. To do so, navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Text Size > Larger Text.

From here, you can choose from several options like San Francisco, Helvetica Neue, and Noteworthy to give your device a fresh new look. While customizing the keyboard font within third-party apps might be different than system-wide settings, it is still possible to adjust them as per your preference. Remember that altering the default fonts may impact your device’s overall appearance and legibility.

Font Size Adjustment On iOS 9

Users can easily customize the font size and style on their iOS 9 device for improved legibility. Users can adjust the text size according to their preferences with a range of font sizes available. Additionally, enabling bold text and increasing contrast enhances readability.

Dynamic type empowers developers to create apps with adjustable font sizes, catering to a wider audience. These features are available in settings under ‘Display & Brightness’. By using the accessibility options provided by iOS 9, individuals can improve their experience with default and third-party apps like email, Google, Facebook, etc., without compromising privacy or data loss.

Icloud And iOS 9 Fonts

With iCloud, users can sync their own fonts across all their iOS devices. This new system-wide feature is a great way to customize your device’s typography. The font list in iOS 9 includes a wide range of options for different languages and scripts, such as Helvetica Neue, Chicago, and New York. Users can download third-party apps like AnyFont to install their own fonts onto their devices. Additionally, Apple has made changing the default font on iPhone, iPad, and even the Apple WatchOS easier.

Jailbreaking And iOS 9 Fonts

Jailbreaking your iOS 9 device can give you access to even more font options, but it also comes with potential risks, such as security issues and voided warranties. It’s important to carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks before jailbreaking your iOS device. Keep in mind that altering the default fonts may impact the overall appearance and legibility of your device.

Popular iOS 9 Font Apps

Several popular iOS 9 font apps are available for download, including iFont, Font Candy, and Frontier. These apps allow users to customize their device’s typography by offering a variety of fonts, styles, and effects. However, be cautious when downloading third-party apps as they may contain malware or compromise your data privacy. Always read reviews and research before installing any app on your device.

iOS 9 Fonts For iPod And Other Devices

Apple’s iOS 9 has many fonts for iPod and other Apple devices. San Francisco, Avenir, Helvetica Neue, and Palatino are the most popular. Developers can also add their own custom-designed fonts to their app’s resource bundle. Whether you’re designing an app or just want to personalize your device’s typography, iOS 9 makes it easy with its vast font options.

How To Disable The New Font List In iOS 9?

How To Disable The New Font List In iOS 9

If you want to turn off the new font list in iOS 9, access Settings and select General. Proceed to Accessibility and find “Button Shapes.” Turn off this option, but be aware that disabling it may affect other areas of your iOS 9 usage.

To disable the new font list in iOS 9, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast and turn on the “Reduce Transparency” option. This will revert the font list to its previous design.


iOS 9 uses San Francisco as its default system font, with options such as Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman, and Verdana also available. With updates, Apple regularly adds new fonts, and developers can create custom fonts for their apps.

IOS 9 offers an exciting range of fonts that can be used for various purposes. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily enable and customize the font style according to your preferences. Changing the size of the font is simple too. You can even install new fonts on your device using third-party applications.

However, if you prefer the older font styles or if you experience any issues with the new iOS 9 font list, it is always possible to disable it. To learn more about iOS 9 fonts and how to use them effectively, check out our in-depth guide on everything about iOS 9 fonts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What Font Does iOS 9 Use?

Ans. The default system font on iOS 9 is San Francisco, which Apple created for optimum legibility on their devices. Other font options include Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman, and Verdana.

2.Which Fonts Are Available In Ios?

Ans. IOS offers a variety of fonts, including popular options like Arial, Helvetica, and Times New Roman, as well as newer choices such as Avenir and Futura. With updates, Apple regularly adds new fonts, and developers can create custom fonts for their apps.

3.What Was The Old Iphone Font?

Ans. The default font for iOS until iOS 9 was called Helvetica. Apple replaced it with a new system font, San Francisco, designed to be more legible on smaller screens and at smaller sizes.

4.What Is The New iOS Font Called?

Ans. Apple’s new iOS font is San Francisco, designed specifically for their devices with a modern and clean appearance. The font has two variations – SF Pro and SF Compact – and can be adjusted to various sizes and weights.

5.What Font Settings Correspond To “Default” Font Styles In iSO 9?

Ans. In iOS 9, the default font style for body text is “San Francisco” at 17 points, while headings also use “San Francisco” but with different sizes. Users can adjust font size with “Dynamic Type.” Other available fonts include Helvetica, Arial, and Times New Roman.

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