The Best 1920s Font: Design Trends

Step back to the glamorous era of the 1920s, where style and sophistication reigned supreme. One of the key elements that defined this iconic period was the typography used in the design.

We will take you through the 15 best 1920s font design trends returning today. From the elegant curves of the Greatsby Typeface to the bold lines of the Winston Typeface, each font has its unique charm and character.

Whether you’re working on a vintage-inspired project or simply want to add a touch of nostalgia to your designs, these fonts will captivate and transport your audience to the roaring twenties. Get ready to embrace the Art Deco style and elevate your designs with these stunning fonts.

Best 1920s Fonts

The 158 Best 1920s Font Design Trends

The 158 Best 1920s Font Design Trends

The 1920s witnessed the emergence of several font design trends, capturing the essence of this iconic era. Discover the 18 best 1920s font design trends that combine vintage charm and sophistication effortlessly. From Art Deco’s geometric shapes to Bauhaus’ minimalist appeal, these fonts exude timeless elegance.

Futura’s clean lines and Gatsby fonts inspired by “The Great Gatsby” are perfect for adding a touch of retro glamour. Explore the beauty of calligraphy and cursive fonts, or opt for ornamental fonts with exquisite details. With these font styles, your designs will evoke the spirit of the Roaring Twenties. Here are 18 of the best font design trends to inspire your next project:

Greatsby Typeface

Greatsby Typeface

This highly versatile typeface, Greatsby, embodies the elegance and sophistication of the 1920s. Inspired by Art Deco design, it features bold shapes and clean lines, injecting glamour into any project. Ideal for vintage-inspired creations, such as invitations or logos, Greatsby Typeface lends a nostalgic charm and unforgettable appeal. Pair it with other fonts to create captivating layouts.


Drawing inspiration from the 1920s Art Deco movement, Delauney font showcases bold geometric shapes and clean lines, embodying the architectural designs of the era. Perfect for headlines and body text, this versatile typeface allows for creative customization with various weights and styles. Delauney exudes elegance and sophistication, offering the ideal choice to capture the spirit of the 1920s.



Bandoeng, a popular font from the 1920s, embraces the sleek and modern aesthetics of Art Deco and geometric design. Perfect for vintage-inspired designs, this font exudes nostalgia for the Roaring Twenties. Explore its versatility in different weights and styles, making it an excellent choice for logos and headlines. Capture the spirit of the 1920s with Bandoeng.

Waverly CF

Waverly CF, a versatile and stylish font, beautifully embodies the charm of the 1920s Art Deco era. Its elegant and geometric letterforms, characterized by clean lines and sharp angles, bring a touch of sophistication to any project.

Whether creating logos, designing posters, or crafting graphic elements, Waverly CF’s versatility and extensive range of weights and styles make it a top choice for designers seeking a semi-modern font with a vintage flair.



DECORÁ is a font that embodies the design trends of the 1920s. With its elegant and art deco-inspired letterforms, DECORÁ captures the essence of the roaring twenties. This font is characterized by its geometric shapes, bold lines, and intricate details, which were popular during this time period.

Whether you are working on a vintage-themed project or simply want to add a touch of glamour to your designs, DECORÁ is the perfect choice for capturing the spirit of the 1920s. Its timeless appeal and versatility make it a favourite among designers and typographers.


Decolot is a popular 1920s font design that captures the essence of the Art Deco movement. With its geometric shapes, clean lines, and elegant curves, Decolot brings a touch of vintage glamour to any design project.

This font is perfect for creating invitations, posters, logos, and other creative projects that require a retro aesthetic. Its bold and distinctive style makes it instantly recognizable and adds a touch of sophistication to any design.


Serendior, an elegant and versatile font, flawlessly embodies the 1920s art Deco style. Its bold geometric shapes and clean lines pay tribute to the glamorous Roaring Twenties. Perfect for logos, posters, and invitations, Serendior recalls the vintage charm of the era. Transport your designs back to the sophistication of the 1920s with this stylish typeface.



When it comes to font design trends, Trellis is a standout choice. This classic font captures the essence of the roaring twenties with its elegant and sophisticated style. Its sleek lines and geometric shapes are reminiscent of the Art Deco movement that defined this era. Trellis adds vintage charm to any design project, whether used for headlines, logos, or invitations.


With its elegant and sophisticated lettering, Botanica is a font from the 1920s era that perfectly captures the essence of the Roaring Twenties. This stylish font, inspired by Art Deco design, adds a touch of nostalgia to any vintage-themed project, whether it’s logos, titles, or packaging.

With its unique combination of thin and thick lines, Botanica’s deco-inspired letters evoke the glamour and sophistication of the time. Don’t miss the perfect mix of vintage charm and modern flair this versatile typeface brings to your graphic design.

Boul Mich

Infusing your designs with a touch of retro glamour, Boul Mich is a popular font known for its boldness and elegance. With its thick, rounded letters and distinct art deco style, this font brings out the era’s essence.

Drawing inspiration from the signage along Chicago’s famous Michigan Avenue, Boul Mich adds a touch of vintage sophistication to any project. Whether you’re designing logos, headings, or titles, this versatile font is the perfect choice for capturing the spirit of the 1920s in your work.



Capturing the timeless sophistication of the 1920s, Reuben is a bold and decorative font that adds an elegant flair to any project. With strong geometric shapes and sharp angles, this Art Deco-inspired typeface is perfect for vintage-inspired designs like posters, invitations, and logos. Explore the versatility of Reuben with its various weights and styles, allowing you to create stunning and stylish designs.

Warszawa Deco

Capturing the essence of the Roaring Twenties, Warszawa Deco is a font that draws inspiration from the Art Deco movement of the 1920s. With its geometric shapes and clean lines, this font is perfect for vintage-inspired designs such as posters, invitations, and logos. The bold and sophisticated look of Warszawa Deco adds a touch of nostalgia and elegance, making it a versatile typeface for commercial use, branding, and graphic design.


Coellack, a popular serif font from the 1920s, beautifully embodies the stylish and sophisticated design trends of the Art Deco era. With its geometric shapes and sharp, angular lines, Coellack captures the essence of vintage charm. It is a versatile typeface perfect for various design projects, such as packaging and logo creation. Coellack, known for its bold and elegant style, adds a touch of sophistication and nostalgia to any graphic design.



Bellochero is a popular vintage font that perfectly captures the glamour and sophistication of the roaring twenties. With its elegant and elongated letterforms, sharp angles, and geometric shapes, Bellochero is a stylish typeface that adds a touch of class to any design project.

Whether you’re creating invitations, posters, or logos, this decorative font with clean lines and bold strokes will make your designs stand out. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to use this versatile typeface that pays homage to the 1920s font styles.

High Life Typeface

High Life Typeface is a popular choice for capturing the essence of the 1920s art deco era. It features elegant and bold letterforms with decorative elements reminiscent of the glamorous and luxurious style of the time.

This vintage font is often used in posters, invitations, and branding projects, adding a touch of sophistication to any design. Its clean lines and geometric shapes make it visually appealing and easy to read. The High-Life Typeface is a versatile typeface that can be used for both headings and body text. Its sleek design is perfect for creating a retro-inspired look in your graphic design projects.

Winston Typeface

Winston Typeface

The Winston Typeface is a versatile font option that captures the essence of the 1920s. Its bold and elegant letterforms embody the iconic Art Deco style of the era. Sporting strong and geometric lines, this typeface adds a touch of nostalgia and sophistication to various design projects, from logos to invitations. Its vintage appeal and timeless quality make it a popular choice among designers looking to evoke the spirit of the Roaring Twenties.


Seville is an elegant and sophisticated font choice that embodies the glamour and art deco style of the 1920s. With tall, thin letterforms and intricate details, it adds a touch of nostalgia and sophistication to any vintage-inspired design. Ideal for invitations, posters, and other projects aiming to recreate the allure of the Roaring Twenties, Seville is a timeless font that effortlessly captures the essence of the era.



Parlente is a font that beautifully embodies the glamour and elegance of the 1920s. With its tall and thin letterforms featuring decorative flourishes and art deco-inspired details, Parlente infuses a sense of nostalgia and sophistication into any design project.

This popular 1920s font is frequently used in vintage-themed designs, including posters, invitations, and branding, aiming to recreate the aesthetic of the Roaring Twenties. Other notable fonts from this era, such as Broadway, Bifocals Grotesk, and Futura Display, complement the desired style. With its exquisite letterforms and vintage charm, Parlente is the perfect choice for capturing the essence of the 1920s.


The 1920s was a time of artistic innovation and bold design choices, and this extended to typography as well. The best 1920s fonts captured the era’s spirit with elegant curves, geometric shapes, and Art Deco influences. Whether designing a vintage-inspired poster or creating a retro logo, these fonts will transport your audience back in time. By understanding the history and characteristics of these fonts, you can choose the perfect one to enhance your design and capture the essence of the roaring 20s. So, if you want to add a touch of retro flair to your next design project, consider using one of the best fonts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Is The 1920s Font Called?

The most iconic font of the 1920s is known as Art Deco. Other popular fonts from that era include Broadway, Futura, and Gatsby. Their geometric shapes and modern aesthetic characterizes these fonts. Incorporating a 1920s font can bring a vintage feel to your design projects.

2.What Fonts Were Popular In The 1920s?

Ans: Popular fonts in the 1920s included Art Deco-inspired options like Broadway, Gatsby, and Bifocals. Bold, geometric shapes with sharp angles were a defining characteristic of typography during this time. Clean and modern fonts like Futura and Avant Garde gained popularity, while hand-drawn scripts such as Edwardian Script and Snell Roundhand were commonly used for formal invitations and advertisements.

3.What Fonts Were Popular In 1921?

Ans: During the 1920s, typography embraced geometric and decorative fonts. Art Deco fonts like Futura and Bauhaus and Goudy Old Style, Baskerville, and Bodoni gained popularity. These fonts captured the spirit of modernist design and continue to be appreciated for their enduring charm.

4.What Fonts Were Used In The 1910s?

Ans: Fonts commonly used in the 1910s included Baskerville, Futura, and Gill Sans. Art Nouveau-inspired fonts like Lato and Bebas Neue were also prominent. Serif fonts with elegant details were common for formal designs, while decorative scripts like Lobster and Edwardian Script were popular for invitations and ads.

5.Are There Any Specific Fonts Commonly Used In Advertising During The 1920s?

Ans: Yes, various fonts were widely used in advertising during the 1920s. Fonts such as Art Deco, Bauhaus, and Futura were particularly popular. These fonts typically showcased bold, geometric shapes and clean lines, which can evoke a nostalgic feel and capture the spirit of the Roaring Twenties.

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